With psychological defence sex strong person gets along is what experience

See logistic and ambiguous, specious, different content every time, can feel very uncomfortable.

Very long did not contact \” psychological defense mechanism \” stated this.

Resemble going up I am in first phase \” the relation that tall affection business and memory shake \” medium introducing go to, \”Affection business \” it is discharge dealer is in what caption and cover use for discharge nevertheless \” discharge word \” , \”Affection business \” this concept is not true exist, attention \” affection business \” can\’t touch the essence of backside and truth.

Manage together, we talk today this \” psychological defense mechanism \” , it also is nevertheless \” discharge word \” , pay close attention to it, can not make people has essence of opportunity bring into contact with and real situation.

Alleged \” psychological defense mechanism \” , it is kind of automatic excessive responses nevertheless, say well and truly, its existence, because party lacks the acknowledge of the one a complete set of of systematize,be, bring about him to must be adopted \” excessive defence \” means will answer.

Change character, resemble what we mention first phase going up, \”The mood is alarm nevertheless, alarm rang our attention dot ought not to be to be put in control mood absolutely \” same, \”Psychological defense mechanism \” , \” defence sex character \” exist, also be kind of caution likewise, caution party lacks the acknowledge of this respect, and even do not walk to be answered properly to the dot, however at any cost, rather jade is broken.

People will encroach, tell oneself and another person, the encroachment of others lets him feel uncomfortable.

People will compare, tell oneself and another person, oneself are not compared with others, each of dedicated Yu Mou the domain of personal attention.

Afore-mentioned these two, do I say to you can understand so? In fact, understand these two words, first should the acknowledge of systematize makes bedding.

If the second understood afore-mentioned what are two saying, then you already can maintain via any intelligence maturity, occasion probably the mood is stable.

Or, if be interested, also can review on first phase, or the cognitive matting of the systematize that before last period offers:



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