Why Java interview is right among the development that likes to ask with respect to Redis

Be because is it too outstanding,?

Did not encounter ask Mq the thing inside, and Es.

Do not know why to like to ask this actually, the rock-bottom implementation that you ask pool of Cheng of Juc JVM line gather and so on I still compare understanding…

Feel actually interview comes suddenly interview goes with respect to those things, project experience is very main, next record of formal schooling, stability, crossed resume to close, after interview is passed, be in the problem in the budget that is not in a company.

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24 thoughts on “Why Java interview is right among the development that likes to ask with respect to Redis

  1. Redis is relatively other simpler, MQ practice is quite complex still, related technique is much also, for instance Kafka does message alignment to the technical dot of many deploy, configuration can ask, still can derive a problem to shed form calculation to big data

  2. Was @zhgg0 understood… be to say Redis development is simpler? Likelihood, those things that I say did not look a few days to forget…
    @SpringCC hum, use most is cache, a lot of people use even distributed lock, formation rarely. Look or get principle of careful careful research, the key of interview… do not know C language, I estimate official of a lot of interview what he also won’t understand is too much.
    @optional was used with respect to bring into contact with, ask not to understand a bit more greatly, hey… examination questions of the reverse side goes

  3. @leeg810312 hum, the problem of those application, can ask to use experience Duobuduo. Tell the truth very few and what my Mq uses is very simple, if he asks I do not reply what to give, mq of a lot of projects is not used, what does interview official know to pay no attention to so. Kafka is opposite and what character uses is much still dot

  4. Because this is most person,had contacted possibly among, although I feel the place that registers a center to need to take care is MQ, more

  5. @ab11800222 hum, what Zk can ask actually is more. But the person that actually distributed system knows really is too little

  6. @yeqizhang data structure does not know a language to also can understand. Interview should ask a principle for certain, carry Api on the back otherwise. Redis data structure so a few, still have abiding change, group, expire politic, can make an on-the-spot investigation, so everybody likes interview to ask this.

  7. Because of what use most.

    From at the beginning cache, to the alignment from the back, distributed lock, use relatively extensive.

    Conversely, be like and so on of ZooKeeper, ETCD, RabbitMQ, those who use is little much.

  8. @yeqizhang hum, see individual be fond of.

    Below different viewpoint of value, technical choice is different. For instance, I have before the colleague holds a good friend concurrently, he likes him turn from side to side namely. It is with alignment and distributed lock exemple, can use a database with the database, can use Redis use Redis. Advantage is the product is depended on little, disadvantage is whats are on the library, use go up to exist possibly to always always fare badly.

    My be fond of can solve with a code, do not use 2, can use among solve a problem, I not him do sth over and over again. If the company has ZK, then I use ZK, do not have some words, can suggest, hum, do we try otherwise ETCD?

    But the problem that you solve is changeless, alleged remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, that is those distributed common setting. It is we chose this only, sacrificed then that, that’s what it all adds up to. With me for, share last had analysed, code is a province, among be much. Although among these useful before, but if want to do Yun Qian to move, can encounter new trouble.

    Be met so even if meet, won’t also need not distress. Common problem, what had you come up against, had studied roughly, can solve with A, but can have B price, say to be clear about can.

    Wish interview is lucky.

    Hum, talk with experience of individual invite applications for a job. Actually interview is not, “Oh, you meet A problem, then you can enter office, come in to solve A next ” . Before total in the job meeting is come up against, you do not have the problem that encounter, has seen setting is done not have before coming up against. How can be you solved? Common strategy how? The cost of whether witting choice? The likelihood still has, viewpoint of value is everybody consistent? General roughly such.

  9. Because want to be solved with Redis and alignment,erupt simultaneously, redis still can do cache to rise to function apparent
    Other things are comparatively dispensable perhaps do not have a law direct system go up in business now

  10. Really outstanding. The browsing frequency on message alignment, distributed lock, page, person that I pay close attention to, person that knows possibly (should use MySQL to realize this function to want the head is big) , the thing that may still other need assures business atom sex can use it to be solved easily. And what Java needs is an alignment, because tall erupt simultaneously and multi-line Cheng is natural contradiction, but this different Java wants, so Java does bad thing to give the tool person of alignment of can high-powered implementation goes doing.

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