30 thoughts on “What should the first day of front do into duty

  1. The project runs to look for a module every time to see code be familiar with frame and configuration next casually

  2. Install a system, build an environment, be familiar with company environment, have a meal which, the toilet is in. About the same the first day went. . .

  3. Regular corporation has the word of IT branch, use outfit system far from, also install a development tool, version to control a tool, activation employee account and mail, ascend company system to begin see documentation

  4. See a company, for instance some companies:
    The first day, rise the back of likes and dislikes of appearance of full name appearance of leaders of all levels first, do not sit elevator when see the leader is not known.

  5. Still use want? It is of course the first day first project group was taught. Doing not have the project group that education does directly is not good project group
    The first week, do not think other, install machine and education namely
    The 2nd week begins to be about to do a thing

  6. The first day? It is all sorts of flow of familiar company of course, the other time of a week should be to be familiar with a project; Next the 2nd week begins to work. Be familiar with business first draw up the code that come can be used?

  7. Groom into duty, company mission, wish scene, viewpoint of value;
    HR of hurry-scurry open all sorts of attributive to you, IM is pulled group, entrance guard accredit, industry card, sign all sorts of files and agreement wildly, teach you to order office meal;
    Familiar group interior develops standard, technological process;
    Got office computer, configure development environment, can run the project, can come off work today.

  8. Observation works in the same place, resemble going like the zoo. Get the work and rest that understands this group of animals

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