Want to consult the uniqueness that how discriminates an user efficiently to upload data

Demand is as follows

  1. The processing of data wants as far as possible efficient, handling capacity wants as far as possible big
  2. The user uploads data, but it is exclusive that need assures this data, need is discriminated come out and answer an user to inform immediately already repeated
  3. This has the data that restrains exclusively, data bulk is greater

Cite a case

The second reduces an activityBegin, the sheet below the user buys goods, found order order to be sent next trade in the system, but order bugle call is not made by the system, however byHim user is inputted(although this demand is very strange, but assume he must so do) , the meeting after the sheet below the success has record issueing sheet, soNeed to be answered immediatelyInform its to whether issue only success to the user

Demand 1+3, go to directly lose inside Redis, abiding change lose let him write Db slowly into alignment, without giving thought to exclusive, shuttle is breathed out! But behavior alignment program is later period reentry travel is abiding change, cannot discriminate data so exclusive this strange demand

Demand 2+3, lose inside past Db directly was over, shuttle is breathed out! But this setting is to be able to appear tall concurrent circumstance, the processing capability of Db cannot satisfy demand 1.

Demand 2+1, what I think of is to use the cache such as Redis to serve, go in the order number stuff that all trading, judge data with respect to can efficient implementation so exclusive. But memory is costlier, order year in year out left data bulk tremendous, may satisfy demand 3?

Want to be consulted have a solution, be Redis machine pile comes is shuttle breathed out?

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14 thoughts on “Want to consult the uniqueness that how discriminates an user efficiently to upload data

  1. It is OK that cloth grand filters judgement Key affirmation is nonexistent
    Defect is returned possibly however without odd numbers actually namely already existed

  2. The Bloomfilter that uses Redis went, from the word that build, redis has free Bloomfilter Module to be able to load. I A Liyun’s remember also having.

    If do not want to manage plug-in unit, with Redisson client end, there also is the Bloomfilter that is based on Redis inside.
    Bloomfilter checked discovery to repeat, because the likelihood is false positive, see business need, can go again in Db test and verify.

  3. Had done tell me the address, my lot falls sheet, hope specific power consumption uses up your order order. Give you the product a lesson

  4. @zxyroy #2
    Probably a few ten million are some, be like Bloomfilter to won’t have too big problem as before nevertheless, I will try tomorrow

  5. @lpts007 #5
    Waited for me to run to tell you again later, I still do not want to be an upright person fleshy carry dimension

  6. This kind of tall intercurrent need considers to issue design of idempotent sex interface, the Requestid that lets request to be aimed at same request is done identical return processing, tiring-room is carried out only one second

  7. The system of order of a few ten million do you run will this ask program? The company of such dimensions does not have super ace assume personal command actually, a bit unscientific!

  8. Demand survey: Our portfolio is very large, tall intercurrent, big data, distributed framework, gao Ke is used should do.
    Develop platoon period: Nimble development, fast iteration, can use go, change again from the back.
    The line on deploy: Current business data is done not have so big, use deploy of a server first, save cost.

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