Want to begin to prepare bridal matters concerned, two one bring shame on, have elder to you can give bit of a n experienced person experience? Acknowledgment


Oneself female, happy last year get card, the company fears wanting to do marriage banquet actually, but him parents insists to want to have feeling of a ceremony.

I two resident in south, already nonego home town, also not be his home town.

Money of assemble of a job buys two people room, bilateral and average household also supported hard,

Did not want to go in for pomp, anyhow is to wantTall sex price is compared a bit.

Colleague friend otherwise has not married beside, otherwise is costlier the sort of cannot consult,

Will ask authority so, gather next information. Acknowledgment everybody

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99 thoughts on “Want to begin to prepare bridal matters concerned, two one bring shame on, have elder to you can give bit of a n experienced person experience? Acknowledgment

  1. If think point ceremony feels, look for a marriage to celebrate, I recommend marriage give up quite Zhoudafu, style is much. Plunge drop my individual does not like. Also can use a holiday on marriage banquet.
    If do not seek ceremonial sense, do acknowledge banquet, look for a dish to taste good place, everybody together happy breathe out happy it is OK to breathe out
    Marriage gauze is illuminated be in directly comment on on it is OK to look. Can oneself tell later period, do not want P too

  2. 1. answers native place to do, rent a public house, look for a marriage to celebrate a company again, marriage room unlike puts the home in, can put a bit more advanced public house, so about the same OK; PS: Follow you at the beginning same, also be determined do not want to do wedding, but escape lay nevertheless, still did, good take all technological process not easily.
    2. ring can clean out treasure to go up to be bought casually, a few yuan a pair, it is good that he like;
    3. marriage follows the manner like you at the beginning according to me, go later some shadow building patted public praise first, still hold out rejoice go patting;
    4. can look for the friend of native place to seek advice, this is very important. Actually bridal to preparation, I also am one bring shame on two, after asking a few friends, arrange us the whole technological process there.

  3. Below complement, the rate that marriage gauze reflects P is OK what accuse and communicate, I do not have requirement P, do one’s best is true.

  4. 1. does not want to buy get Buddhist monastic discipline to also do not need to hire, buy a wedding below 9 collect syncretic of 9 packets of mail (bought really namely plunge drop, on wedding general also need not really) . Want bought word really, reply downstairs.
    2. masses is commented on on look for a grading tall atelier is basic OK

  5. #3 @ShadowFiendYan
    #4 @zy20031012
    #7 @jiezhi

    Good, upstairs thank the proposal of everybody.

    The word says 9 it is OK to return 9 buy a holiday ah, grow new knowledge

  6. 1, ring is done not have necessary must be ” plunge drop ” , even if is 5 money on ground booth ” 1 carat is gotten greatly ” , when marrying also nobody sees. If want again practical, want a dot to commemorate a meaning again, can consider trumpet jewel ” to Buddhist monastic discipline ” .

    2, marry to nod you to have very great prejudice and information difference according to this. What imagine with you is different, “Take a bit commemoration day ” often be equal at manufacture in a rough way, yourself is done not have soon the sort of. Common commercial marriage gauze photographs also won’t the yourself of P is not known, it is OK the level that oneself choose P and of the style that cover a department. Want to seek advice more. ‘

    Do not like to illuminate really marry according to this flow, can choose the bridal cameraman with strong capability. But ability must ambitious, bridal photography is a lot of more difficult than marriage gauze photography a level.

  7. #9 @kenshinhu

    Be in what where buy excuse me, a pair 1000?

    Discover the problem may not say to be clear about, plunge drop this affirmation is unused, the marriage give up of two people still should buy a pair.
    Just not be clear that whether this also is brand excessive price, probably is inglorious very good also?

  8. #11 @kop1989

    Thank the information that you share. Marry illuminate this to understand not quite really, the review that read everybody went up many knowledge.

    It is clear that ring was not stated that in the problem, also cannot find a place to revise now.
    Original idea is to get collect of Buddhist monastic discipline to closed not to want with, marriage give up bought two people to be worn daily.

  9. Did not do wine, without relevant experience.

    Marry be illuminated in Pu Ji to pat, general, after watching electronic grade, did not look basically, also did not wash come out.

  10. Married last year, marriage gauze goes with wife city of Suzhou marriage gauze bought 5 clotheses, gross 3000 the left and right sides, marriage gauze illuminates those who look for a friend to pat, like a bit truer, do not like shadow building P too over- the sort of. Wear a ball to take patted, marriage gauze patted, pat in Shanghai sculpture park. Him photograph washs on the net. Wedding does in native place, because time is too urgent, did not appear on the stage finally, flow is very simple. It is OK to feel a lot of things oneself start work, have commemorative sense more

  11. Mo Sang gets understanding, I marry buy get Buddhist monastic discipline and platinic gold to Buddhist monastic discipline, accumulate ash for ages, platinic gold still

  12. @AnnaXia marriage give up can buy cheap place, marry use in flow, later optional. Marry according to want be and so on of atelier of marriage gauze photography only, patting a day is inescapable, day of general smaller part is indoor most day outdoor (you also can raise a requirement according to actual condition) , casing of make it photograph and book are their main profit, so most the formula of at least also can let packets of you are big packet, p graph asks to come according to you, acquiescent they also won’t of P very exaggerative (bridal after all can have at the door that day Yi Labao, umbriferous want to broadcast, book also has a lot of guest to be able to break up in sign in stage break up) . Ostentation and extravagance basically visits father and mother, be in charge of be being communicated with respective parents severally, son of a respectful form of address for an old person marries daughter-in-law, daughter to get married always is to want to have a ceremony (be equivalent to clear accusing each close friends)

  13. To plunging drop not so the individual is bought to be versed in complex goes if caring about, naked eye of artificial synthesis diamond is essential below present technology resolution does not come out

  14. Where of such the girl that be the same as a paragraph looks for the original poster. .

    Fear with the company, exceeding do not want to make wedding, alas

  15. Ring is done not have necessary plunge drop. Marry according to need to consider to fall well however, choose oneself to want as far as possible.

  16. The marriage drop that wedding used that day does two 925 silver casually go, the first it is on the stage nobody looks so that see, the 2nd if was lost,be do not feel distressed (bridal spot is really too Tm became random I am opposite to now flow was to be broken basically that day recall state) . What should wear at ordinary times truly is OK buy slowly. The big affirmation that plunge drop should be put lock up in the home or give those who had believed is custodial.
    Marriage gauze is illuminated actually about the same, do not want P too of firm went with atelier come to an agreement or understanding directly.
    Give otherly marriage celebrate company one continuous line.

  17. About ring, what do not have necessary blame to want actually is to plunge drop in that way, not much also now the person is worn at ordinary times plunge drop. Upstairs resembling pair of mentioned give up is more contracted, dot of belt of a circle is broken auger, simpler even also have with respect to a circle. Old Feng Xiang goes before (blame advertisement is breathed out, other had not bought also do not know) bought pair of ring, saying is do not like to be able to change at any time later the ring that is the same as price, feel or had held out. Do not cross me or do not like to wear, too hinderous.

    Marriage gauze is illuminated should consider to fall well really, it is tiredder (very tired really) , it is every service again different. The choice of OK and referenced friend, and also say like upstairs, a lot of things can be communicated, the opinion that presses you first comes, do not know yield cameraman proposal again.

    Other can simple also say like upstairs, search marriage celebrate a company to be able to hold a lot of hearts less. After all family one continuous line serves, professional.

    What need an attention finally is the custom when both sides marriage habitual problem, the likelihood is general about the same, but a lot of little detail want to notice, if cultured word must look for bilateral elder this,communicate well.

    Zhu Xingfu, after all all one’s life thing, tired dot is bit tiredder, want to also can feel very significant later.

  18. A n experienced person, female, got Buddhist monastic discipline to buy, had not worn, marry to was worn that day only, wear usually unaccustomed (basically be marriage hind fat =() , do housework to work to always feel hinderous, according to oneself the habit comes, bought vegetable group to husband, he still likes to wear quite, taking all the time had not picked, he is thinner nevertheless, did not know when to be lost later, bought group of a vegetable to be being worn again now
    Bridal word held the drill native place in me to do in the home, his home town did, holding what heart basically is parents worries about work, I two attended, wedding returns working city the following day. Of bridal and main consideration is classmate friend will attend accommodation to entertain still have the manners that accompany a hand, other did not hold what heart, simpler, according to marriage celebrate flow to go OK

  19. Proposal happy candy is fond of candy him store to buy a box directly, oneself carry candy. Delicious again not expensive

  20. Ring can get a holiday + 1
    Did my wife do a pair false Baogeli (it? Unexpectedly fade… remain fresh in one’s memory)

    You consider yourself to have fete only first, did not greet kiss this link, greet must seek professional group in person.

    The word of fete, statistic probably number, look for a hotel to arrange a right time.
    One desk 10 people, order with restaurant gross how many desk (the company fears should doing not have a lot of desks)

    Should send happy candy? Recommend buy from 1688.com, petty gain some

  21. Time: Marriage celebrate, hotel, motorcade, photography, photograph picture, chairing have schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, shift to an earlier date at least please 3 months above, it is above of half an year commonly

    Place: Confirm bridal place (whether should do door wine)

    Guest: Consider invitation person, the number that computation can show up probably, order how many desk next (general meeting has one desk) , seek how old office clearly so

    Wearing: Ring, 3 gold worried about least of all, it is very cheap to get Buddhist monastic discipline to be bought from the net (but must measure good finger thickness) , marriage gauze, beautiful standing grain, tire these hire can

    Marriage celebrate: Have marriage celebrate App, carry a company to seek the case that he likes directly, do not emphasize sexual price to compare. Marriage celebrate meeting side you order flow, negotiate detail, can also the partner helps you look for gauze of hotel, motorcade, marriage, photography, photograph picture, chair. Better company can have those who had jumped over companionate perhaps. Good budget is made in him heart can.

    Marry according to: Marry according to metropolis P, pat indoor, outdoor 2 can, see case choose likewise

    Accommodation: Choose as far as possible around marriage room, when booking a room, go having a look in the room can

    Other thing: An one portion detailed list that should buy, clean out treasure to be able to solve a lot of problems

    Budget: Hotel + marriage celebrating is big head, it is to marry next illuminate, motorcade (the car that also can look for a friend) , smoke wine, accommodation and recompense, 3 gold and plunging drop is he must not calculate be inside

    Plan: Write a specification, arrangement what is doing, the family that helps to moment imprints each.

    Finally: Wedding is the thing with two familial families, announcement, arrangement wants appropriate.

  22. Marriage gauze is illuminated is to marry actually relatives and friends looked that day, other time puts a cabinet to take land, when my classmate marries, marriage gauze is illuminated did not come out, also do not have what influence

  23. Patted marriage gauze to illuminate also had not looked to press one’s store of valuables again after when marrying, kin looks namely

  24. To Buddhist monastic discipline, dot of platinic gold belt is broken auger went almost, 2000 about the same
    Additional: Admiring & blessing

  25. @zy20031012 remembers my classmate goes shadow building makes a field trip, the client complains his work in the same placing at that time, say him P Cheng Zhourun was sent. . . With a ha breath out breath out

  26. Congratulation. Since Lz wants to hire plunge drop, say like upstairs then, buy individual project complex, cheap.

  27. The word of Suzhou can help you aggregate, the marriage that also can help you seek a petty gain is celebrated. . .

    Other 37 buildings write already very detailed. . .

  28. To Buddhist monastic discipline – bridal exchange ring is used. If be worn at ordinary times, can go jewelry store looks; If be not worn at ordinary times,be for the ceremony only, clean out treasure 9.9 even the one pile of 5.9.
    Plunge drop – when proposing a toast, reveal with. The search that clean out treasure ” ring of Mo Sang stone ” , with plunging drop ablaze, 200 less than are done calm.

  29. Of the word electron edition that if the demand is not high,marriage gauze illuminates go
    Those a few days of direct Chang Liang place the word wedding that there is tablet in the home to let relatives and friends look
    Big picture is true trouble, brush rise also trouble

  30. The year before last year marries.
    Get card: This did not say more.
    Pat marriage according to: It is important souvenir after all, so we to marriage the budget that take is taller, achieved 1W, looked for the Supreme Being a few the most massive shadow superstructures, do ahead of schedule sufficient after the homework rather in negotiate of building of a shadow, those who search is the cameraman with higher level. Take a picture spent time of a day to be finished. Anthology piece when shadow building can be promoted to you let you increase fund, if if you show hesitation,agreeing to compromise, they often are met to finish KPI depreciate oneself case or give more things. Yi Labao can be used at marriage banquet, the two people that a proper measure takes each in bilateral home join the draw a frame round that take a picture, other tangible products are dispensable; Craft of large famous shadow Lou Jingxiu is first-rate, what P must admit not to come out is general it is little picture building; The proposal serves as negotiation condition and shadow building sale to talk things over to trade those needless tangible product into essence of life to repair the forehead to spend with increasing some of fund, next all photographs take electronic edition, have edition of substance of need make it later at any time redo went.
    Marriage banquet: Waste man power and money even hole classmate, we did not plan to do marriage banquet at the beginning, nevertheless parents hopes can fete kin and fellow worker of what, basically be parents is being managed so, look for a restaurant, place on ten pieces of desks, the marriage that looks for a place celebrates a company, did a simple setting and simple bridal ceremony to go. What we choose is the wedding of Chinese style, did not get ceremony of Buddhist monastic discipline.
    Honeymoon travels: This is a grand opera, still do not have epidemic situation in those days, we went Thailand, qing Dynasty strides Su Mei island to arrive again Bangkok, recommend the hotel of Buri Rasa Village of Su Mei island strongly, 5 stars class, at that time is a day 800, whole feels same to the hotel home of form a complete set may want one day 1500 at least, the service is super and close, the seafood basket dinner of the hotel is very pretty good also. And the Fisherman of Su Mei island ‘ S Village night fair is the best night fair in the night fair that I feel 3 places, the night fair of other place basically is a tourist completely, and Fisherman ‘ the have at least in part on S Village is local, the thing is local thing, the problem that slaughter a guest is done not have so serious.

  31. Ring has the sort of silver-colored ring to set get as long as small a few money, follow it seems that auger drop is almost same, I am in we here gem city bought one lot.
    Look more clean out treasure to go up, the thing that you mean can be found almost.
    Marriage gauze is illuminated pat a few hang up to go in room illuminative, the luxurious formula that pats before me, seem to had not been taken, pile case bottom. Electronic photograph still can be patted more of a few.
    The bridal flow in the home gives entirely parents, below your place and the program of husband and wife that honeymoon travels.
    Bless the original poster sincerely, hundred years close very much, live to old age in conjugal bliss!

  32. Went out to just ran get married courtesy in May, the original poster’s idea and I am very similar, the hope can give help on:

    1.Banquet of running water of Home LG country, essential and trashy on plunge drop, did not buy also did not hire
    2.Of the VCA that buys to Buddhist monastic discipline, vegetable group, expert simply, silk is affected none beat code

  33. Lie groove, hire plunge drop?
    The good girl with scarce really LZ. . Nod an assist
    Wish newly-married is happy, hundred years close very much!

  34. Leave in the home marriage celebrate a company, the marriage that I feel the original poster looks for a place to rely on chart celebrates a company to be able to omit you a lot of things, want to be held commonly only the price is very actually cheap if doing, the marriage that important is place celebrates a company to be able to give you a lot of proposals, a lot of new personality consider the issue that be less than. PS: Must rely on chart to breath out, do not rely on of chart hole

  35. Answer bilateral parents native place to do, when doll, parents says how you are done, sexual price is compared highest.

  36. The word that is in Hangzhou can help you recommend a marriage that relies on chart to celebrate a company.

    Every city can have such company, it is good that one searchs in place, can have complete set plan. Your all and custom-built demand is OK and contented oh.

  37. Just got married, oneself male, will sum up below, plunge drop this thing is intelligence quotient duty originally, I and this my wife reach consensus, bought a 3k casually finally so, have a meaning, if marriage gauze is illuminated, wife looked for the small studio of a Yunnan on the net, the effect that comes out actually is very good, cost 7k left and right sides, this should be in whole wedding in preparing, think most value also a when least chamfer nods, marriage if celebrating, have actual capable to have the word of time can Diy, belong to solid search marriage celebrating is huge hole, we looked for not to include compere 1.2w

  38. Look for a marriage that relies on chart to celebrate, look for a friend that relies on chart or kin, you give money, they handle affairs.

  39. Same, nevertheless my second half of the year wants busy marriage. Good the boy friend that admires the original poster

  40. October portion marries
    Plunge drop: Reach with the object consistent, do not buy plunge drop, buy a golden bracelet, she is preferred wear a bracelet, be gold even keep a cost.
    Marry according to: Will pat tomorrow, more than 4000.
    Bridal: 51 times native place prepared, decided hotel and marriage to celebrate; Hotel: One desk 1088; Marriage celebrate: An all adding probably 10 thousand.

  41. Buy get Buddhist monastic discipline to regret. Still be inferior to gold. Do not want platinic gold. Of gold good-looking. Of platinic gold not good-looking and also do not keep a cost. Gold can look and so on of week of great good fortune.

  42. Alas, resemble LZ such girl is true not much ha, actually I am to be willing quite below bridal good easy to handle, feast of what as far as possible not grandiose waste, of course the girl makes sense wedding orders the car on preemptive room simply also is possible, have money later fill again do a grand bridal compensation to play a girl.

  43. My home is ring be those who buy is naughty on treasure one pair, marry illuminating is comment on in the masses get on a cheaper when look, when sample of follow-up nevertheless hair is illuminated, need looks careful, raise your opinion to them. What do in the country is bridal, also did not ask marriage celebrate and photograph, everything conforms to the principle of simplicity.

  44. #36 @ETiV

    Hahaha, false ring fade, your husband and wife two very lovely ah if ~ remembered buying a holiday, the attention leaves a possibility to turn over

    #71 @aliensb

    Is can asking which atelier, on the net search has a lot of, it is so good that your wife raises atelier eye, do not know to choose a proposal ah ~

    The record leaves the comment message that leaf through,

    1.Mosangshi can be used if getting Buddhist monastic discipline to want to replace, 200 100 the left and right sides is done calm;

    2.Should buy to Buddhist monastic discipline buy gold, see the brand recommends at present have: Zhou Dafu, old Feng Xiang, VCA, recommend element the circle is convenient and daily;

    3.The marriage that relies on chart is celebrated, cameraman is very important.

  45. #86 @troycode

    Convenient the reason that says next regretting? 8k marriage gauze reflects this price, on multi-purpose building a few comments should consider quality pretty good

  46. Want ceremonial feeling to recommend cathedral to solve. Can apply for cathedral (need looks marry whether does both sides accord with a condition) , it is friendship price commonly (do not exceed 5000) . Offer have choir, emcee.

    Do not buy plunge drop, intelligence quotient duty. Marriage gauze is illuminated also is day hole, get the album with some of photograph small make it that oneself pat.

    Zhu Hao.

  47. Plunge drop very simple. Clean out treasure to buy a search ” water is gotten ” also do not buy too poor. Also do not buy too big. Too poor be afraid that wedding fell off that day, too great a person of good sense sees be a holiday.

  48. The country is in the home is OK manage the sort of land, have 3 evening 3 days the sort of, feel atmosphere has been held out, be economical. Too not northward popularity is troubled by marriage is a bit troublesome

  49. Thank pair of ring that lucky Lin buys, altogether spent 8k.
    Married October, had not searched take a picture and marriage celebrate a company, because still reducing weight, thin many jins 10, distance target still differs 10 jins, afflictive.
    Wedding does not know to say what is good to me what the company fears, be afraid of so that be no good.

  50. @AnnaXia quality is pretty good, the service is very good also, take the album after coming home to also had not looked again namely, up to now more than 200 pieces of negative had not fallen. . .

  51. Look for a marriage to celebrate do decide majority flow, remain let a family member prepare to go
    Marry marriage drop is average that day use a holiday, true be afraid of lose

  52. #90 @miao666
    The thank reminds, be troubled by marriage is consuetudinary do not know really. Say to them ahead of schedule to moment, must not be troubled by marriage, who is troubled by the fury that receives me with respect to preparation.

    #91 @Smash
    You are very marvellous hey, had decreased 10 jins. Reduce weight at following a reason here condition, see magical P graph technology can save me, with a ha breath out haing ~ to marry anyway I want happy, the bride of thin thin beautiful beauty is very good, small fat but happy bride is very good also. Wish you wedding is happy and successful ~

    #92 @troycode
    Such oh, of more than 100 pieces of 2 so much, thank your information

  53. Before two months just had bought the idea that gets Buddhist monastic discipline to say me to the object

    The first phase: Get Buddhist monastic discipline what to is used, go to work wearing inconvenience, next wearing the move is no-go, why major schoolgirl must buy, this is not be a stone, it is advertisement completely boast the intelligence quotient tax that hiss comes out, bought person is fool. This is a girlfriend when just putting forward to want my idea

    The 2nd phase: Begin to get the thing related Buddhist monastic discipline in the inquiry on the net, think the point of view that adopts a schoolgirl knows their think of a way, since he wants affirmation,be useful. The result no more than that fish comes to two kinds 1. Of love indicative (express to look not to understand, still be intelligence quotient duty) 2. The object likes to buy her 3. Meaning of a kind of souvenir (be similar to 1 feeling or intelligence quotient duty)

    The 3rd phase: Thinking in the heart is the object likes to be bought bought a Zhoudafu of 559 to plunge drop finally next the girlfriend is very happy I am very happy also

    The 4th phase: Buying what see the object is happy later to wearing what the United States also holds out in the heart to think understanding advertisement also says rightly also is not intelligence quotient duty later is to use only explore the hardest rock to record in those days the mood is similar to at that time hear some song to think of a certain

    The idea that if the original poster follows a target,above is the idea with an average simian order merely also does not have necessary kink consistently two people just are the most important getting Buddhist monastic discipline just records stone to wish 99 like album

  54. “Get what Buddhist monastic discipline can hire, or which cheaper ” is touched so that cry, resemble the original poster such reasonable, do not vie, the virtuous girl of compact housekeeping is rare animal really, zhu Bai head grows old together

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