82 thoughts on “Unemployed 11 months

  1. @Justin13 states a mistake at that time. . . . I want to say worked after that, next the profession is front development

  2. Really difficult this year, all previous complete a course leads my class of 100% , draw near up to now graduation still has make an appointment with 1/3 to do not have intent working unit

  3. Turn to check an engineer all right at present, the study that take off hillock is quick 6 months, period of time is preparing to go toward development direction before, adjust direction later, take a test, the edge learns the interview such as the edge now, had undertaken interview 3 times, basic be cool because of him lack experience, do not want to abandon, hold to for some time again

  4. I am unemployment a year, nevertheless I am active unemployment. Money early blossoming is smooth, in taking land, debt 150 thousand. The money of project associate owed a month, do not cross them or be willing to continue to help development. So I applied for a job afresh recently.

  5. It doesn’t matter, my unemployment passes more than one year, do not work to rest to play well well, also hold out bright

  6. @Leonard treats individual condition, everybody the situation is not quite same, because all sorts of loan need to work rapidly,some likelihoods are.

  7. I just 12 months (one’s deceased father grind graphics half an year was not taken an examination of on, turn travel game development, also did not find all the time now work)

  8. unemployed half an year is much, prepare duty next week, although be,fall firewood enters but do not have method. Cannot if again

  9. Search: PHP develops development relying on chart, key bearing relies on chart! Have base salary, workplace: Hangzhou! Oneself are done outside bag business, oneself do poineering work more than 1 year, basically serve business! (if have intent friend, can add V (13282000190) illicit a little!

  10. Graduate on the horse one year, blame regular professional training thinks dry front is developed, the original poster can give bit of opinion not ╭ (╯ ^ ╰) ╮

  11. With front, unemployment is fast 5 months, cannot find really, be wrapped outside or very of Easy, make public endowment still also go

  12. Everybody is cheered. The life is not easy, hope to the card still can be replaced after everybody finds the job again.

  13. Fine agrarian rain is read, by this empty shelves promotes him, a better job seeks again when wait for big environment became good. Additional, now still is some go against business of situation bullish industry, and traditional business is gone to Internet transition, strive for win out from inside competition.

    Additional, can comb professional program afresh: https://www.v2ex.com/t/675647

  14. @laobingge my situation is not quite same, it is high school record of formal schooling at present, add unemployment 11 months, this resume is put where is not good-looking

  15. Should consider program simian hotel to receive work? I am not advertisement promote, I just also had used them, but at least I feel stronger than await one’s doom, what does must do

  16. High school record of formal schooling. . . Miserable. . . .
    This plays IT meaning. . Too take record of formal schooling. . . .

  17. @laragh you do not have even interview opportunity. . . . Ability rises from He Tan. .
    Can as a child company counterattack. . . Perhaps have noble is aided

  18. Just resign today a year, philosophy reads in the home a few months, drew circuit oneself along border land line, a few friends are recommended go going to work. Had not wanted good to go the job

  19. The person is hired outside @zshneedmoney #69, the lofty spirit of a nation is included outside, the bag also is the person on the person outside.

  20. Unemployment is so long what live firmly still is a great undertaking really big ah, if wife child still has a room to borrow what the car borrows, a week still says unemployment take a rest, the 2nd week begins confused.

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