10 thoughts on “Think a monitor to beg dozen wake

  1. A good monitor at least uses 2 years + use a circumstance to deduct money everyday by you next actually not much money. I cheat myself to buy so.

  2. What advantage is there? Why to want to buy? Probably search, if protect the word of the eye really,I also think buy

  3. Cheaper than supporting the Eizo of self-correcting brightness likewise, interface is rich.
    Just do not support Type-c or thunder 3.

  4. @tamlok #4 casts face plate to say the price is not actual. . .
    @Soar360 #1 is secondhand not quite be at ease
    @5dang #3 does not have 16 inches of Mbp, be like an influence not quite
    The major of class of @black11black #6 introduction designs screen, suit me this kind likes to see 4k, like Gao Hua to pledge
    @guisheng #5 age is old, did not rise egoistically
    @jing7851260 #9 picks up the value is little recently, over- a few days look again

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