The security of design lock screen how

Be pure number code actually, it is nine dot commonly, with speed of family expenses computer, enumerate 9 digit pure figure to need how long
Can better with form of other lock screen

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8 thoughts on “The security of design lock screen how

  1. Decode although difficulty is smaller than pure number than because geometry is successional,be being brought about, but design is remembered more easily than the number, just be popular main reason.
    As to the fall of security, it is to rely on the safe time after the mistake to increase will come true, first time wrong password needs interval 5 minutes, the 2nd 15 minutes, the 3rd 60 minutes. . . Come so, enumerate the law is insignificant

  2. 9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1=362880 second, but the key is, you cannot be accomplished on equipment enumerate, trial and error arrives after certain level, prohibited trying.

    Successive N second mistake, await 1 minute, again wrong N second, await 10 minutes, it is 1 hour next, the lock is dead.

    Here was restricted, rate is again rapid trashy also, if do not have this time limitation, that is very fast.

    It is the page that climbs other website, 360 thousand, a second, also just 60 / minute * 60 minute / hour of hour * 24 / day = 86400 second / day

    Actually informal a computer, one second can become operation a few times.

  3. What the time that family expenses computer enumerates 9 digit and Suo Bing of the design that defeat solution need time to do not have any dependency. IPhone Suo Bing counts word password with respect to 6, FBI also needs have the aid of the help ability of exterior and safe personage defeats solution. Nevertheless millet has an apple in that way personal integrity, it is a problem.

  4. @opengps
    Do not remember seeing where before
    Use Root or debug mode of what, derive the corresponding file that saves a password first, enumerate this file next can, avoided a mistake directly locking time

  5. @gtheone1 has done the test of an App before. Tiring-room is changed word of every check the number, arrange string to refer according to order next. Enumerating can find a code. But lock up what how screen works not to know. If can derive file, after enumerating, compare one by one right, should also can go. But although the file exists, also do not know to be able to be added close.

  6. Actually the mobile phone locks up screen password these are to prevent gentleman not to prevent a mean person, security should look to say by who

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