17 thoughts on “The process designing robot that buys in Apple Store gets the mail that retreat sheet

  1. Seem the line falls at that time also is the wrong price that is the same as government-owned net, do not know how that part can be handled

  2. Do this let a country blow how to blow?
    (I also use malic device, mental partner does not search uneasy, come to pull black)

  3. @natashahollyz although I also am fruit pink, but the apple has many policy and abroad abhorrent. Fall for instance of frequency problem handle

  4. The sale policy proclaimed in writing of @natashahollyz #3 apple kept the processing kind below price mistake circumstance. Malic processing does not have what problem.

  5. Is @goodhongrui adding up to other company to did not say? So can good-tempered to other company not? Partner hello, partner adieu

  6. @natashahollyz

    Also identify BUG sheet with respect to domestic report chamber of commerce actually

    Day cat chops sheet to compensate for strength now also make down, besides Beijing east self-supporting possible meeting hair, other perhaps platform chops tripartite basically also odd

    Abroad cable business is consistent did not discover BUG delivered goods admit, discovered cut sheet, also not be the apple is done so

  7. @levineet price autograph also sticks wrong price this is very strange, the happening of this is whole thing arrives fall next heavy curtain lasted only in the shop on the line of Apple Store a few hours, the valence autograph of inn of curiosity straight battalion is when to stick go up

  8. Want to go on 2020 horses, still take abroad how to say a thing now, can say only. . . Glance calendar
    Which still have abroad now so multivalent case became complex deliver goods, basic it is discover for a short while cut sheet, and relevant provision and law are very perfect, it doesn’t matter can collect cheap thing.

    Of course, everything is development, want to succeed in Amazon get sth others ignored for instance now so, basic it is those who used Amazon warehouse is efficient, come over in systematic response namely, had baled delivery of cargo from storage, that successful half.

    Of course, everything is developing, for instance Germany, roll out a service before DHL a few years to the businessman, want to do not have deliver only, at any time can break down recovers wrap up. The year before last year brushed mobile phone of a few special offer, it is such ducks flew quickly again to the mouth

  9. The time of development of a thing grew @DeutschXP to be able to be perfected ceaselessly, normal phenomenon. Corresponding we get it may not be a bad idea, break it may not be a bad idea, happy and best.

  10. Do not know how many next odd total amount have. Ground of be generous at other people’s expense is told, apple this responsibility is insufficient atmosphere. But the popular science that saw a net go up, such doing that also should be the problem that do not have what.

    Went seeing an eye know till me this problem… of Mom simply a host of demons dancing in riotous revelry-rogues of all kinds running wild. The apple chops sheet to follow to want to be investigated what to concerns by antitrust immediately

  11. Price of @ohiu Apple Store should be to pass what employee holds facilities close an account that, should be unified data

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