The old man that has RN development looks my ~

Home is famous subsidiary of money of fair collect fund enrols shift to carry a controller now, platform is stable, compensation 40w-80w can talk, area of Base Beijing rising sun

Post duty
The 1, development chief that serves as Ios or Android platform, assume demand analysis, products plan, frame to build, the work that environment of functional development, production defends;
2, master cross platform to develop experience (React Native) , can participate in the frame of systematic Web front to design, function is developed and be safeguarded;
Compose of 3, responsible interface is built, compatible and optimize, develop personnel with design personnel and tiring-room cooperate in coordination;
4, reframe continuously and improve front technology platform, promote an user the experience ceaselessly.
Hold a post condition
Major graduates related 1, computer, undergraduate course reachs above record of formal schooling;
Shift of 5 years of 2, above carries development experience, have large and medium-sized project React-native develops experience actually;
3, outstanding Javascript basic skill, use the front technology such as HTML, Css adroitly;
4, skilled React undertakes the project is developed, complete React project develops experience, include framework, encode, standard to make; A kind of technology of familiar VUE, KOAJS, AngularJS, EggJS or a variety of;
Familiar and 5, commonly used compose builds a tool (Gulp and Webpack) , bag management implement (Bower and Npm) ;
6, job is active and active, responsibility heart is strong, fight pressure capability is strong, have stronger study capacity, have good group cooperative spirit, communicate harmonious ability and job to boost capacity.

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