The cloud of new fund WIN MAX of GPD is evaluated (much graph early-warning)

Come above all plan of configuration of a piece of hardware presses down a building

Come above all plan of configuration of a piece of hardware presses down a building

Statement: All content come from the article B station UP advocate generation of Mu of red wine soup, I am only return without feelingWithout moneyCan rely on to love to generate electricity only the bearer that knock net class lives


Above all, this 10 acting I5 are low-pressure U, 15W of standard power comsumption, but here, leave factory set of acquiescent power comsumption is 25W. Next, exalted G7 is suffixal (dog head) the nucleus that represents this processor is shown is the strongest Wang Zhe in this series. Well-known, the nucleus shows the common fault that grabbing report is low-pressure U all the time, the paper face function of very much low-pressure U can drive a few popular nets completely swim (LOL, CSGO) certain even optimize good 3A to blow hard (need not play, but the GTA5 that cannot do not have absolutely) , but in the process of real play, the set of power comsumption wall as a result of dad of jotter manufacturer hole (the HP battle that for instance I am piling up a word 99, 20W of wall of power comsumption of 8 acting I7, silent frequency 2.2GHz, Farsighted frequency is as high as complete nucleus full load 1.9GHz) , bring about when the load that show clip is high, CPU frequency steeps fall, frame number is not stabilized extremely, game experience is to make user state of mind completely. At present this equipment also is done not have on the version of I7, the property that basically is low-pressure I7 is real too lose face, for 0. The function promotion of a few GHz is strong go up I7 (only expensive $80 oh) , consequence can be ash flying smoke destroys only. (CEO former word: Can, but not necessary)


At present this thing is adoption LP low-pressure memory, defer explodes watch, but frequency is very tall. Look tearing open machine video is at present board carry memory, insert groove without obligate memory


Medicinal powder hot

Thousands of RMB buys a bear\’s paw iron plate to burn a god implement this kind of thing there are plenty of such people (right, those who say is once millet, fast come out to take a beating) , 8 inches and of 25W leave factory power comsumption set looks quite fearsome apparently. But! This dot is not to give what INTEL does to come loose originally heat is comfortable match! ! !


Actually allegedly original engineer is on preparation Home AMD of R5 2500U, but because Home AMD does not have hand (do not have mainland agency) , bring about a technology support is extremely bad, and all sorts of strange Bug are much also, on last have no alternative Intel, home I agency is in Shenzhen, with GPD very close, technical support is very convenient, next really sweet (feel where seems to do turned over? )

Add boat

The half weight of WIN MAX is exceed a sousaphone by (opposite) batteries offers, but as a result of power comsumption set, the boat of tall laden add of this dot has 2-3 hour only. So big batteries and so short add boat time add the character of U of Home I low power comsumption to assure, what did you think of? Right, the power comsumption set of this machine can make sure you insert report use use with shift have equal function, namely the common fault of jotter of nonexistent great majority: Insert report to be like a tiger suddenly, cut off the power Song is like a dog. Defect. . . Is add boat time just as free falling body?


This is a function perfectly exceed small-sized jotter, there is condole to hit 15 inches in small body foolish big black wide strength, but its advantage and weakness are euqally apparent, the setting of domestic manufacturer also lets everybody be tasted to it accuse and misgive is held after carry out. Come from hardware configuration nevertheless say, this product also is the first of all at present, hope everybody is OK rational look upon, calm discussion.

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