The closest proceed with PS4, beg game to recommend ~

PC and Switch are taken to play game all the time before. What often boils 5, koradji 3, interstellar, assassin credo, saierda has played. Beg those who recommend a few PS4.

Already proceed with beautiful end, mysterious maritime space 4, ares, wolf

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82 thoughts on “The closest proceed with PS4, beg game to recommend ~

  1. @Jealee 2333 connects a wolf to say again first, in those days by black mood 3 persuade to had been retreated completely, haing Hahaha

  2. Played those who molopolize first, beautiful end, divine sea whole set, big cousin 2, death is hard and fast, benevolence king 2

  3. Mission call is contemporary war, this mission call is done well, operation it may not be a bad idea, had played half an year
    Do not cross me not to employ theater of operation

  4. Edition of PC of @kidult big cousin is connected passed a plan next beautiful end 1, 2 order play. Additionally Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 paying close attention to all the time, kink PC still is PS4

  5. Gut to can see Detroit change person; The FPS on PS4 is not little, can go trying battleground of 4 and so on, what nevertheless handle plays FPS individual to think or did not bolt rat comes is comfortable.

  6. @jadehare wants to be like the thing that plays without ability of PS5 of what have to, a lot of PS4 went. And just went out affirmation is very expensive

  7. @StarUDream is connected on big cousin PC had closed, detroit has seen Up advocate the cloud is connected close. Spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct and death can join ~ of detailed list of purchase in advance aground

  8. Peaceful calm fall from the sky 2 seem to hitting fracture now, single person the plot of a play is very goodDq achieves world young player of the 2 worlds that like day of type and me do not miss this
    Be out of shape King Kong destroys soldier G1 style be out of shape King Kong game

  9. The word spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that likes super hero is absolutely overflow

  10. @neroliuxx is overflowed power like quite all the time. But like IronMan and Thor most… anyhow did not say, on arrangement!

  11. DJMax Respect (before on Steam, but the server often is broken
    Goddess different Wen Lu 5
    Full Body of beautiful jade of triumphant a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument (July the Switch on the last ten-day of a month
    Gravitational and swimmy 2

  12. @buffett1111 hum, if playing, be to play these a few first for certain… after all I also have a few game to eat ash again, breath out breath out

  13. The proposal can open a Psn, there is privilege recently.
    Every month can send game, did not leave originally, the result was mixed last year sent this year a lot of those who want to buy with what had bought.
    What this month sends is mission call World War II and front of strategic defense initiative.

  14. Will see PS5 at present without what exclusive game, because epidemic situation ghost knows to want to jump,additionally the ticket arrives when to go… … just gave affirmation besides very expensive, alarming wait for the word that after going out, feels to should be bought to buy again


  15. Two Zhou Qiangang connected goddess different Wen Lu 5, cross interest to come without delay to now. . . .
    Have one’s mind stuffed with is P5 the world

  16. P5 is really OK, still have FF7R, the word of hematic source looked to like to this kind, amusing is amusing, it is frame number optimizes ancestral dish

  17. @Sfilata #69
    It is good to was bought did not buy me to be able to persuade you to wait Hahahaha a moment for certain amusedly
    Molopolizing is function of Ps4 of one and the same upper limit also is

  18. @Immortal does not have a thing to do not have a thing, wait for put on sale say again. Anyhow thank is old elder brother

  19. Although Ps4 played many game, mostly impression of it doesn’t matter, feeling giving a person also in that way, beautiful end is good, it is flow too short, 3 days are connected closed. P5 plays from the back drowsy, when going down to hit the subway especially.

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