Talk about the thing that everybody applies for a job recently

The company cuts down the member of persons employed during epidemic situation, up to now two months still is to did not find proper job, do not know everybody now is what circumstance, those who hope to have identical experience come in talk about present prices!

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20 thoughts on “Talk about the thing that everybody applies for a job recently

  1. Blame program is simian, state-owend enterprise of duty this locality is joined after ending north to bleach small half an year of Idle coming home before New Year, fall firewood 3 into, morning is late 8:30 5 noon break two hours, the girl on the side begins to clear away a bag 4:30 everyday. Into duty a many month still is in faineant condition at present, the feeling goes to work and be in the home at a loose end is about the same. Preparation takes an examination of textual research book two this years to read on-the-job hind find new job.

  2. Just saw the premier in news say western some city (Chengdu) the booth that opened 36 thousand mobile small retailer, solved the obtain employment of nearly 100 thousand people.

    Obtain employment environment is very bad now, can obtain employment first obtain employment ( ) , perhaps wait in cruel job or electric duck community search seek long-range job, do not have proper job really, with respect to the fine then agrarian rain is read, multiplying a winter to fill to oneself, cold winter will go eventually: / T/675647

  3. The person outside @juded thinks, the person inside feels dull. . . Dull when cannot learn to nod other thing to perhaps be done do homework. . .

  4. Coordinate Beijing. Took last week leave one’s post proof. Cast circuit resume to have 2 interview only, be in next week about, difficult

  5. Is @wxm also the reason because of epidemic situation? I was to cast many, interview gets an opportunity to have hardly!

  6. Doesn’t @juded #10 have thing doing to you can do other issue? How to still have into the state-owend enterprise? Do those who take an examination of still rely on a relation to enter?

  7. @pkxutao is OK, the style is different also between the state-owend enterprise nevertheless. I am belonged to this more optional, some are no good, pressure is greater.
    Mode of state-owend enterprise invite applications for a job is fixedder now, announcement – written examination – interview – fair show. Written examination is property of pass a barrier, the key still is interview, resume must leave to be become basically a little again almost. The state-owend enterprise is the contract is made now, not need concerns.

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