Suit to control the Windows version that uses on machine in labour

If inscribe, do not recommend Linux, the client won\’t be used, our program also is developed according to Windows.

At present in what use is Ltsc2019. Want a save worry, do not need the version that the client worries about. Stability does not have too strong demand, also do not need to switch on the mobile phone for long use

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14 thoughts on “Suit to control the Windows version that uses on machine in labour

  1. Does labour accuse machine and operating system what to concerns? Be direct did an interface lid written guarantee on screen? The operating system contact with of client need and low layer?

  2. @msg7086 program runs on the operating system, if the operating system is not stable, cannot some day switch on the mobile phone suddenly? When be perhaps being used update compulsively? The user does not need and contact with of operating system ground floor, the operating system that so ability need can achieve maintenance-free as far as possible

  3. The industry that has seen some traffic unit accused equipment to use Windows XP, embedded XP, windows7 and embedded Windows 7

  4. @MonoLogueChi maintenance-free, is that with you the client in the requirement won’t use Linux to conflict? Maintenance-free why should care a client to be able to be used.

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