Such video website, can you support?

In view of at present the behavior of website of domestic Internet video, have a tentative idea, if build such video website, can you support?

Cent of video of 1, complete station is \” common video \” and \” video having price \” .
2, common video uploads video for the user, and the video that other website has generally. Common video has the ad that can skip after 5 seconds.
3, video having price has the video of copyright for the website, especially exclusive video, self-restrained program. Video having price has the ad of special form.
When does the advertisement of 4, special form basically have special: A, have view a technology compulsively, if detect,the user was not watched, can broadcast ad afresh ceaselessly; Grow when B, advertisement inspect video copyright cost to differ to come from 60 seconds 600 seconds; User of content of C, advertisement can choose, basically be choice category, for example car kind advertisement, hand swims advertisement of kind of advertisement, daily expense category; D, advertisement is interactive type advertisement; E, advertisement has before video is broadcasted only.
5, if the user does not hope to see ad, can become member paying fee, but the price outclass that pays fee is current other video website.

The cost of video website is very high, one of core is content cost, one is bandwidth cost
Unless have the gold of not poor money advocate father allowance, can accomplish otherwise such, had been the limit
If build such video website, can you defy actor cruel, love surprises art, Tecent video?

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99 thoughts on “Such video website, can you support?

  1. You offerred a tentative plan only, so where does this tentative idea attract the dot of the user to be in? Where does it defy the advantage of famous video website is in again? Might as well enumerate?

  2. Time of 1, economic user (life) : Common video has 5 seconds advertisement to be able to be jumped over only; Content of advertisement of video having price but the him choice, advertisement content that need not be forced to look to have nothing to do at all;
    2, better experience: Advertisement has before video begins only, other time, include a website each pages, the value does not have advertisement;
    3, economic money: All content are OK ” free ” watch;


  3. The key is advertisement not interesting, and still repeat broadcast, if your video website is all,advertisement is chosen through the sieve is to do laugh or original sees a 3/4 second also just as well, still calculated otherwise, do not have a characteristic to do before long

  4. The advantage of the person that did not mention pair of creation, for instance income is divided into taller, cost of examine and verify is low, dimension authority cost low

  5. Yourself chooses content of 1, advertisement; You can be chosen different ah, choose all the time for wool same?
    2, repeat broadcast did not see ad in you only and the ability when be being detected has. You do not see ad, did not come by game regulation namely.
    3, content is free, free, free!


  6. Do not upload video to come with the user gain
    The ad that 5 seconds can skip, nod bandwidth cost to offset only just
    Do not have any is opposite to achieve the author’s support so


  7. Should say, unless be content of the person that create outstanding, and ” exclusive ” accredit is broadcasted, won’t have additional support otherwise

  8. If other website has common video generally, don’t I go for what does B station look?
    The advertisement of video having price is watched compulsively do not have what, but do 600s too firm, and interactive still type means me to must be stared at cannot put backstage this but too Piao.
    Then I can choose the word of optional category for certain bikini but I see what won’t go buying only for certain, so you this advertisement put in with respect to what essence of life allows be not real cause to suffer on numerous body.
    On put together, whether is the video having price that will tell the largest block or you in me worth me to be forced to look seriously (of all sorts of length) advertisement.

  9. The mode that calculates original poster illusion succeeded, rival needs possibly one week to be able to be imitated only

  10. The advantage that @WEBUG B stands is to build generate electricity in feelings and video of many pilfer edition, below the give aid and support that still Fgo and net swim, the advertisement cost that can say B stands is Fgo the player gives out

  11. You can go to 1, common video of course other website looks, be not nodded for gain with this originally, not be actor cruel advocate hit UGC;
    Those who inspect video content grow to obtain cost when the advertisement of 2, video having price different and different, be not is 600 seconds;
    Do you put 3, ad tiring-room, advertisement advocate how can you give money?
    Does 4, meeting have bikini ad? May ~~
    5, if advertisement is the largest block, you can choose to pay fee.


  12. Can yourself of original poster we should like to ask see the ad of 60 seconds above? I can accept vitta only of 15 seconds less than, the advertisement of the video having price that you say what ghost, what kind of content is worth me to torment myself? Unless be the motion picture that I think to look or teleplay, but do by copyright you have what advantage?

  13. Their income mode, did not adjust so quickly
    Additional, be watched compulsively and interactive advertisement technology, but cannot be imitated casually


  14. 1, is ad of website of a few videoes there is now little at 60 seconds? Be mark matched already
    2, advertisement and pay fee, your must is chosen same ah, fish and bear’s paw cannot hold concurrently
    3, copyright is not inside discussion limits, and the advertisement of 60 seconds had explained is to be aimed at the content that has copyright only.


  15. Look to money directly not have to. Does have to consider ad? Father beautiful money should be become namely sacred.
    You are paying cost how to attract crowd paying fee to make great efforts, but must be kind to crowd paying fee.

    Actually I feel, alleged 5g times. For what must is the center changed distribute? Complete member is P2p better? If be achieved formerly,have profit, is cost of discharge of accrual serious offence not sweet? The person that a video sees is done more more kind more. New personality creation pays bit of discharge cost more just.

  16. “Be watched compulsively and ” of interactive advertisement technology, implementation of these two technologies is first-rate copy. . .
    The copyright that still you say discusses range no longer inside, my means flows to grind the case that presses you completely to fall in the competitor’s cash, are you what to confidence takes the content with reach better to attract an user?

  17. Travel, you must say to do not have a characteristic to be done not have, you are optional ~ @pod

    Be put in such website? Why cannot I see? @BadAngel

    Paying fee is option, your local tyrant need not care about money of course ah @nvkou

  18. You do not mind patent law, can be copied of course, do you feel to actor or actress video of cruel, Tecent, still love to surprise does art meeting break the law go copy?

    Additional, you do not know network video industry too, above these 3, do you feel they have grind the cash reserve in a bank that control to flow?


  19. Video industry has been red cannot again red the Red Sea. Actor loves to vacate is back gold advocate blood transfusion ability survives those who come down. Need not think more. And home respects knowledge far from. Rise as what major spends, suffer numerous drop quickly with welcome degree. This also is why the wolf of business hair battle that public date relies on sex country and the money of civilian pure.

  20. @wangkun025
    Won’t what is the reason? Be to had been been used to is even if to pay cost member to also want to see a member enjoy ad only now? Be still used to edition of direct download pilfer?

    Video industry looks is the Red Sea, but why do they need gold advocate does father give money ceaselessly? Why titles advertisement can from before most does ceaseless overlay reach 10 seconds now at least 60 seconds? Why is the website advertisement everywhere, pay cost member to also have even enjoy ad only? ?
    The reason is very simple, it is they do not have sufficient gain capacity. Further the reason is, what they use is traditional advertisement technique, can’t attract ad advocate to tall redound.
    As to the intellectual property problem that you say, now is better and better, big trend won’t change.

  21. You can choose to pay fee, pay cost to won’t have ad. Additional, the website is all do not have advertisement elsewhere, in the meantime, want you to pay fee only, won’t have ad completely, website of unlike other video, it is advertisement, even if everywhere it is to pay cost member to also want to see a member enjoy ad only, he Lai ” is the experience too poor ” ? ?


  22. Video website is good, with advertisement, strategy paying fee did not concern directly.

    Do content content to be king, my ghost blows the lamp to be put on Tecent video only, you want to see the membership that has to buy me, I pay cost strategy again rubbish, you also must come over.

    Content cent is planted, oneself are built, beautiful money is bought, the user is passed.

    Both capital is before king, one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight capital are a ticket only, still need to burn money ceaselessly from the back. The last now head UP advocate so much, also be to rely on capital to go completely grab props up, also spend even B station big price to foster.

    Anyhow video website is capital is king, not money is blamed

  23. Speak out you to may be not believed, I look forward to this to see UP of station of a B every day advocate advertisement video, if all advertisement can be accomplished so interesting, I am longing for look

  24. 1.If common video is random occurrence advertisement (be not every video to have ad namely, referenced P stands) , and content is interesting, and I am interested content has abound in at you this website, so I may look

    2.Have valence video, advertisement is too long really, major user had been used to B the station does not have advertising mode this kind, unless be the sort of you have exclusive copyright and very absorbing video, do not have competition ability otherwise

    3.The member pays cost price outclass website of current and other video
    Still catch up with actually similar, if do not have real effective demand, perhaps say absorbing point, by what should user of for no reason at all buy you is this dead expensive (website of relatively other video) member?
    The exclusive copyright video that you have me to want to look very much (for instance such-and-such film) ? Then I may be bought, but can is add expended?

  25. @xy2020
    AB station does not have advertisement, look technically a drama and toward period the film
    Mooc, the knowledge that I am willing to be curricular form pays fee
    The film goes the cinema looks
    Do not see program of homebred drama He Xuanxiu
    I am not you the cause client of this website

    If you can take a net to fly Dishini the copyright of HBO, so the video website that I also am willing to be you pays fee
    What time has done an announcement, expect

  26. And come round to say with respect to eye, what advertising video website doesn’t say ” better experience ” , b station does not have advertisement

    Otherwise you do an investigation to contrast, it ask at present which user experiences the video website on market is better to ask at present which user experiences the video website on market

    Station of big probability B is met win

  27. Capital does not have a bottom line, of video website shameless also do not have a bottom line, grow ceaselessly for benefit! Took off user trousers them dare!

  28. It is the idea of a meaning having a place, I still think of if some advertisement are the advertisement of incentive property, is, resemble game App in same, look to get gold coin, gold coin is OK with will do other business

  29. Interactive type advertisement, I was spat. I do not think interactive video look. 60-600s, the ox forces. How do you assure to have valence video quality. No matter be to see user of white go whoring still pay charge door, it is the high quality content that read. How to say, this is the Nf that a mainland changes, the suture in creation is strange.

  30. Content is king, video having price is true ” have price ” and can find on this one platform only, so no matter be,pay fee or see advertisement can be accepted.
    Conversely, false ” have price ” video is free and whole journey also does not want to look without advertisement.

  31. Advertisement adds barrage, and not very restricts speech, should meet very interesting. Advertisement puts advertisement division, can answer put and comment on. B station has paragraph of time to have the ad that can send barrage, and advertisement area has all the time
    What actually I basically feel disgusted is advertisement of spread its tail and brainwashing are pushed send, if paying fee, not be too expensive can accept. But the website beyond B station eats the photograph is too ugly

  32. The person of whole journey and advise is right line, that is you feel your thing is ideal, if people says, be to putting P.
    Since go so,be done, others is to cheating you, your product is very actually arrogant force.

  33. If do not have exclusive copyright above do not hold water
    The place with lower cost watchs this kind of pattern and people can is not worth attract others quite

  34. All-around be aed string of 1 hit by B station, unless burn money to buy outright the Up of one pile solely advocate (so do you have so much money and B station to burn? ) , who goes otherwise do you see ad then?

  35. Additional, actor cruel, love is strange art, Tecent video these are the copyright that rely on drama of this movie and TV, so the issue came, how many copyright do you have to let others go do you see ad then? Especially B station also bought a lot of copyright now, is old member not as popular as you?

  36. @xy2020

    You this model taps a head decision-making ah

    Other do not sayA, have view a technology compulsively, if detect,the user was not watched, can broadcast ad afresh ceaselessly;
    Didn’t the user see you broadcast advertisement to to who look?

    Do not want what to thinking dry actor cruel, love is strange art, Tecent
    Product conception when include this to go slanted, resembling is a car like hitting Hanlanda with respect to condole. . . . .

    These walk along video website to today, those who lean is a large number of devoted resource, the user that education gives uses a convention
    Not be website system and product logic and systematic design

    The cost with video the additionally biggest website depends on copyright throwing, have ability of high grade resource long-term keep user
    Design this kind of system what you should consult more is Nf and Yt these
    Improve the quality of the product, simplify flow, learn and using cost just is correct path

    Must not learn domestic product logic
    A L I P A Y of purse of a mobile phone wishs to fill in the associated service of whole Alibaba go in
    Software of a video, all sorts of borrowing of money, purse is gone to completely in a place of strategic importance

  37. Video website is the place that emphasizes “C” , no matter be UGC advocate hit Bilibili or PGC advocate hit other website, it is resource conversation.

    With advertisement of what irrespective, otherwise Tecent they are early closed down, your content is good, feed me to eat excrement I also eat, your content is bad, ACFun, advertisement is done not have, the video of average user 1080P60 looks casually, all the same half-dead.

  38. Strong ” mode innovates “

    The originality of website of a video, do not carry the person that how to attract high grade content to create, do not carry how to let an user see more and high grade content.

    Solving an user how to saw advertisement make great efforts better. The user comes is not to see ad.
    P station content is good, the advertisement that somebody cold-shoulders him his pay fee.

  39. I suggest when to the basis pays those who expend an user to use, grow, come his member that month expends settle accounts. Some is for instance round-the-clock 24 hours those who watch collect fees upper limit month of 100 yuan of / , a some months just collect fees 24 hours 5 yuan. Such I think to compare fairness. Welcome to adopt.

  40. Set out from oneself demand the demand that goes considering an user is the one big error with the common person that do poineering work, you the commercial pattern key of this video website is in advertisement, the biggest question is to cannot achieve PMF (product market matchs) , start namely level content is insufficient (locate without content even) below the circumstance, the user can be in see leave inside advertising 3s, won’t go choosing to want the ad that see, also won’t wait for 5s (Youtube just is willing to wait for 5s) , won’t pay fee more. Look from your description additionally, you spend severe underestimate to the Cheng burning money of video website, did not send advantage or big plant setting first and below the case that does not make pilfer edition content, pay fee + advertisement this also is to bleed ceaselessly add big probability to be not taken to financing, final cannot the ending of operation.

  41. Do not support. Watch ad compulsively this one direct PASS. Not be to wish to not be willing to do a few give exchange valuable the problem of video, look in me however any detecting the thing that the user is doing what is the act that violates privacy behave like a hooligan.
    Do not say to just detect whether seeing ad, do not do absolutely other detect. Each Internet firms still say not to violate privacy absolutely, are you believed?

  42. “A, have view a technology compulsively “
    1, won’t support;
    Not 2, OK antagonism;
    “2, better experience: Advertisement has before video begins only, other time, include a website each pages, the value does not have advertisement; Other time, include a website each pages, the value does not have advertisement;;
    Tell the truth I aux would rather where you are advertisement, do not have before video only – – , such you can become a resource that has flow to stand however. Vivid likelihood (lead probably) more current than you conception is a bit longer (having valence video of course is other station original with respect to some drama, make big point a lawsuit closed down, before that earn more as far as possible)

  43. 600S ad time, why to want waste 10 minutes to see your ad, your video is entire network alone, if not be, aux would rather go the ad that other station sees 60S, the video website of edition of the pilfer on the net is much also go

  44. I also thought, similar those who share copyright is numerous prepare mode
    Copyright price can be taken before the line on content, be based on this copyright price + operation cost + profit, apportion views charge into the drama anthology of reasonable price interval, one-time pay cost to be able to view all drama market and without advertisement, next apportionment of expenses of every months of recount, return return price difference, a certain number of conditions (for example time, floor level of apportionment of expenses, affirmatory profit upper limit) hind, stop share, open and free watch but can have ad, member paying fee can watch content freely to do not have advertisement (do not include embedded ad) ; perhaps maintains share floor level to be not opened watch freely
    Such content just had get one’s own back, platform just manages operation cost and gain, advertisement just is pressed need to put in, the user obtained content and service
    Above is based on an user to pay cost apiration, copyright consciousness, addition of economy of vermicelli made from bean starch, do not know to be able to have a place namely too too Utopian

  45. Below STP strategy understanding? The market of original poster fractionize and target market are what, stand like B love of a drama, Tecent is strange art movement of station of homebred drama, P piece etc.
    Feel you are carrying the function of the website all the time, but the content that video website is truly important is him. Is love strange art what why be scolded is so miserable or all the time does someone look? Matter with its advertisement?

  46. Do not have capital dominant position not to look to give any window without mode advantage without technical advantage.

    Unless you can put the video of elder sister of Japanese eldest sister, so everything is not a problem. Dietary men and women, cannot solve the plan of pain spot is no point.

  47. You connect @Sxxiong #70 this set original market has not played
    The quantity is peddled do essence of life to calculate cost + explicit price won’ts do at all, can do essence of life to calculate cost only + automation gathering (can be imprest cost)

  48. Estimation is rusty. The original poster. You should look compulsively this, even interactive. 600 seconds are 6 minutes. You do not consider present ad look, can leave other open a window to brush water to waiting. You this extortionary want others to look. Estimation wants to be scolded miserable

  49. . . . Do not have high grade content to molopolize, ad business does not wish in you this destroys a place wasteful money

  50. Although you go trying, of course, the target user that has decided you group, make good survey can.
    Although fail also it doesn’t matter, it is the product that oneself go to trying to do after all, always can acquire a place what

  51. Idea is good, proposal original poster does the website first, absolutely condole hits home portals of any a video, forecast 3 years of Neinasidake to appear on the market, 5 years Neikegan drops YouTube, nai flies.
    What, your user is not willing even 600 seconds advertisement to look, why do I offer video resource to give you then? This user is no good, I watch video freely to you, do you see bit of ad how? How?

  52. Breathing out Hahahahahahahahaha to look is not to know video discharge bandwidth wants how many money. . The 5 seconds jump to do not have money to play not to turn at all too

  53. Most person did not understand the essence with video website difficult gain!

    Can compulsive advertisement make money? Advertiser comes from where, advertisement effect how, advertisement suffers numerous crowd how to differentiate, these are domestic video websites is short board. Advertisement advocate do not earn money, devoted little
    Why can Youtube rely on advertisement gain? Depend on system of cereal song advertisement, the client that comes for years is accumulated, data is accumulated, the technology is accumulated, can essence of life chooses target user definitely, advertisement effect good

  54. My support is crucial not be of use.
    All websites are the mainest is content. You need to do those who decide is the person that content is offerred merely, chicken had egg nature slowly much.
    A few existent websites are done not have it is to rely on watched average user to prop up rise.

    And does content come how?
    Copyright video: Do you burn film teleplay money burns cross Tecent video, love to surprise art, cruel of Sohu, actor? Animation burns relevantly cross B station, love to surprise art, cruel of A station, actor?
    The individual starts a writer: What do you rely on to stand B, is those who shake sound, quick worker, A to stand medium on the environment that the small person that create attracts you?

    Had pondered over these your websites to be become, tecent love is strange art Ssssssvip is scolded again, some people should be bought or bought.

  55. Won’t support for certain, 600s advertisement return support having what, directly from advertisement main fund was not over

  56. The form of have grandiose aims but puny abilities that can saying is V station model is odd think of clever thought Hahahahaha
    Hitting a word a long time to feel groove nods really too much it is a long story to return is to keep this word only Xi Xi

  57. The original poster is a talent. Since so self-confident, care why again whether persuade another person? Want to persuade another person, talk about a problem to seek advice from an opinion again why?

    Be enmeshed in the great innovation of narcissism, the likelihood knocks even the Nasidake after 3 years the bell to appear on the market the hotel had thought the Qing Gongyan in the evening that day. Do not consider substantially from the product alone only, what did this bring after all? What problem to solve?

    Pattern of this kind of so called trade innovates already by ” clever ” the Chinese plays rotted. The cheapest innovation is commercial pattern innovation.

  58. The meaning that @xy2020 sees you of 404 do not calculate cough up?
    So the issue came: Home since had B station, a station came bad to make, what do you take to compete?

  59. @ohao has experience greatly. . The product logic that does not know home was worn what path, nobody is done small and the United States is big and complete. One pays a function to give birth to the service that lays a family barrel forcedly to be put. . . You are put kind of tree, put a commonweal I still understand constrainedly. But 7788 inessential things are too much… look at irritated. Dare give a thin body edition. . .

  60. Say these are done not have how old with, in home, want you to agree to break money to buy copyright only, had better a few compare fire sow copyright alone, consider all sorts of advertisement disgusting and collect fees, in light of somebody of total also meeting. But on the contrary, these you are done not have, then you calculate do not have advertisement, estimate rare also person to come. Attract an user to depend on considering the benefit of the user, and the interest that does not depend on him consideration. All sorts of domestic software are to execute Wen Shui to boil frog strategy, come up so like you with respect to all sorts of limitation, I am not valued.

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