Should distribute watch of a phone to the child?

Main function is: Phone + fixed position (mind at this o\’clock quite)
Sensory fixed position, violate child privacy a bit, it is the bank that is impassable in my heart.

As to prevent the child by abduct, pure belong to a bullshit. Trader in human beings sees your child takes this hand to fasten, can be others known?

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60 thoughts on “Should distribute watch of a phone to the child?

  1. You are guardian, mean you to want to be in charge of to the child’s every act, if guard the line on behavior all raise to the higher plane of principle,buckle on privacy head I feel inappropriate. (with upstairs, the idea of LZ and awareness are very good really)

    Having fixed position is to have fixed position, at ordinary times you need not look. If this plays meaning can decrease extremely one of children by the probability of abduct, I feel this also is worthiness.

  2. Prevent abduct effect is not big perhaps, it is very easy to prevent be lost effect or very big adult not to know child without navigation the dot be lost of be lost is harmed very easily

  3. The probability difference that dot be lost is found in the hour and sees luck find the time of meantime to be mixed to harm by abduct or quite big

  4. Encroach · of · of · of child privacy · this does not call understanding, it is · of · of sick · · is inferior to going to European Union or beauty apparently the · of · of debate · · that tall courtyard plays function of control of a parent

  5. My student basically hand one, it is communicate with the parent rise convenient, 2 it is the parent can where is monitoring to child person, the word child of 3 and him child can add a good friend, the good friend is communicated also go to the lavatory

  6. As long as the school is ambiguous object, should have.
    Violate privacy this I am to think so.
    1, he serves as pupil is complete incompetence person. His fixed position information is done not have actually ” privacy ” but character. Because even if does not locate, also real time palm dominates guardian his niche.
    Of this kind of 2, degree ” monitoring ” benefit is more than fraud.
    School of 3, its real learning also is a small society, children he also should have some, ability blends in everybody, have collective topic. Although follow the general trend is not correct certainly, but follow the general trend can more taking exercise the child, let child thrive.

  7. @None123
    Kidnap and sell Duobuduo not to know, but see those who wash treasure reunion system push send, children is missing information or pretty are much, lie between a few days basically to have.
    If be afraid of,have an accident, a watch can locate still is necessary.

  8. Fixed position is useful still, know the place is kidnapped to which at least, 3 grade are the following should privacy of it doesn’t matter, high grade with respect to not need

  9. Guardian has tutelar responsibility, so by the position of guardian, behoove is known by guardian, do not have privacy issue so.
    If your child does not think you know his place, this is big question.
    Like be like exam achievement, also be privacy, also without giving thought to?
    This does not attribute private matters one wants to hide!
    Temperature is about high to see a doctor, weight is overweight want too gently to notice, do these also calculate violate privacy?
    You are parents, it is his guardian, not be the parents of others!
    Additional, the child that expresses to wearing a hand, trader in human beings needs to pay bigger cost, it is to be able to be reduced by the probability of settle on.

  10. Others has, your child is done not have, meet what be repelled, very big to child influence very big, hope because,you do not want a few specious reason, cause beyond recall negative effect to the child.

  11. What be afraid of, don’t you have Gps public security to be lost than returning difference to run now in those days? Pure he wants to install force that gives him to buy

  12. Privacy this thing, you teach the toilet on the child, bathe calculate violate privacy? This thing always lets the child impossibly teach oneself.

    Before child intelligence behavior has not mature, his itself should do not have this demand, if the parent forces this kind of privacy gives him, is the parent that is additionally one kind of form it seems that absolute?

  13. You should say privacy, before phone watch more violate privacy, can take a picture secretly secretly recording, the brand that chooses really now fortunately take out these functions, can communicate only breath of post a letter and examine fixed position, arrive home school have remind.
    To the child originally a few grade use this thing, was brought up to be able to use a mobile phone. There is what privacy before intelligence is immature, be the United States also is the ability after 6 years old does not let opposite sex parents bathe. The teacher still decorates exercise to keep a diary, is that teacher sees student diary also to violate privacy? What how to look to know to be written moralisticly is good?
    Said again, go to school receive send, fixed position will go is the school, which come what is so eventful.

  14. Watch locates the error may exceed 100 meters, cannot be found in the city.
    Phone watch meets nurturance child vie psychology.

  15. @reus you this is did not guide correctly… it is to vie unexpectedly psychology. You say to be taken on hand of a child that thing is able what, play game? See time?
    Honest ground buys a functional machine to put satchel inside better.

  16. Support is more than object, the definition of 14 years old in resembling discussing criminal law now is same, at present 14 years old belong person of not complete responsibility, of responsibility be short of break what also should bring the other side such as privacy likewise to be short of break.
    I think to this age paragraph the following child, guardian is responsible the place that also the right knows the child, but do not do not have privacy on behalf of the child.
    If the parent is the purpose with monitoring child, I think this is unbalanced.

  17. Privacy this concept is wealthy person uses prevaricate poor only. Because the poor’s privacy is without a meaning.
    As to the distance maintaining between the family member is another problem.

  18. Does @loading vie what ah? Not was to say the teacher wants to contact the parent sometimes in front, also be hand, hand thing, how do you see vie? Everybody has, you are done not have, dot psychology burden is met absolutely some, why. The time that is not corporeal deficient, can a broken watch vie rise?

  19. Should, if mind the word of fixed position problem,can buy a Nuojiya functional machine.
    Actually fixed position function is in what when him child learns up and down, still be necessary, have what electron crawl, arrived home to send an announcement, arrive school hair announcement, gave what problem to be able to discover in time.
    Actually above these functional mobile phones can be accomplished, the action of make it watch was not lost so easily namely. . .

  20. The privacy of @qof3990 poor is not to be without a meaning. Be divulged passively and be being divulged actively is different. Do you feel you can be not being cheated, the information of how many person should arrive directly below the circumstance that does not force? The cost that I consider as a poor to strive for privacy is too high, be obliged to abandon. And some things cannot abandon easily quite, than hoping like kind of one person oneself make loving the record is uploaded watch to others on P station

  21. That server carries dimension is afraid of is not get shake with fear alive everyday.
    Want you not to look only, the circumstance without what object leaves that him child this insurance that is extreme circumstance only, when you realize this problem, the problem is solved.

  22. It is good to want to be able to ensure be being bought is not to eat ash only, of my home almost 3 days of two fill report, never mention it phone watch, buy the electronic cat eye that prevents a thief to a long time had not filled report at the outset repeatedly

  23. I object quite however, for what previously we need not pass tool of this kind of fixed position to grow with respect to can healthy safety, is present child no good? The curiosity of besides child is very strong, having this thing to be afraid of is not respect of meeting the other side the face is influential

  24. One grade lets a child a person goes outside, or it is a person is being waited for in the home, be in abroad break the law. This problem that you say is a problem far from. The child should be in of you or dependable person grow below company continuously, is not to pass alleged intelligence hand to express long-range monitoring.

  25. Must be bought, did not go with the function that violates privacy,
    Cite a real case: Child exercise is written or a person is in a village to play with the child downstairs on the weekend, wanted to have a meal, or feel he should come home, how do you look for him? Oneself issue a building to search,

  26. Receive above, whole phone watch, I was used below this kind of circumstance, other condition did not let the child has been taken

  27. There is a school on company margin, I noticed designedly, the hand with this kind of true list. Want a bit magical really, very difficult imagination is homebred the sort of advertisement does with what establish speech Wang Shi when annuity, look in me having bit of humourous goods actually even so breathtaking have an amount… but the Apple Watch that myself uses is told actually true 90% also take see a time, the child makes a list, the function became much play to vie even in that, the function still does not see a bell less namely. If come up to thinking watch = positioner, the individual is not to feel to be accepted well, motive is too impure. You say a mobile phone, think next from the child looks to be in over there the mobile phone that searchs me, this kind of function it is good that I feel to want to inform ability beforehand.

  28. Observe according to me, phone watch child uses more it is to call. See fellow little boy often finish class to phone mom.
    Privacy issue, I felt to buy this with child come to an agreement or understanding ahead of schedule, it what can father mother do is good that what can father mother do, inform ahead of schedule, channel had friendly relations, do not calculate violate privacy.

  29. It is OK to call, fixed position had better not be done.
    If be met feel you violate his privacy by child discovery, a bit more additional, the original poster can see crayon small new this one market, also be the positioner about giving a child:

  30. Upstairs so much does IT is thinking fixed position of this kind of watch serves safe?
    More than parent can see the position of children, who still can see complete the imagination by you.

  31. @hellos is breathed out, hear the original poster to say to watch of child outfit fixed position I thought of this one collect

  32. Use now and then use as on the belt phone connection is OK, fixed position calculated, forbid, saying is Gps, it is actually base station location, very forbid.

  33. @Qiss
    @tcpdump was hanged charge treasure is no good, the plumbic acerbity batteries with a so old lead plane of hang a few computer just may maintain a year.

  34. Think of a doggerel in spite of oneself: Mental person thinking is wide, joy of mental retardation children is much.
    Everyman feels this plays namely idea is basic cannot play game, a phone when the child leaves the line of sight hits the past to be able to be contacted.
    And cheap still, just a little of 100, a few have.

  35. This says privacy is not quite appropriate, the age is particularly small (did not go up elementary school) necessarily adult is accompanied, and phone of n/COL the head of a family swat asks this accompanied adult is taking the child where to go to now, this person that accompany also should be informed.

    The age is largish (pupil) , perhaps meet a person go to kin or classmate home playing, but should tell the parent originally, when the parent asks where the child is, also should reply according to the facts, because this does not calculate privacy this probably.

  36. This watch does the person that carries beautiful on the back high with the back step by step to do in those days namely, don’t you know?

  37. The phone also can locate, also have privacy problem so?

    Buying phone watch key is convenient:

    When playing not to know to come back outside ursine child, hit a phone to come back.

  38. Treat actual condition, one grade bought myself child elementary school of a little gift, but discover it doesn’t matter is used at present, and meeting influence still learns yes. Because sit of school bus, the place is so bit righter, I am contacted before watch arrives home namely at ordinary times. And I used a year to come down to discover little gift this kind homebred watch charge for the making of sth. , performance is quite poor. The price is returned 1600 much. If cast fixed position for, I would rather help the child buy an Apple Watch.

    I discover the child is thrown in satchel at present, I ask why he is worn, he says not to like to wear. Fixed position violates privacy this benevolence person see benevolence, before I feel the child is in 16 years old, be to should get of parents take care of, special still be in elementary school phase, my dissatisfactory place to watch is inside be mingled with the thing of too much and too much brainwashing, the App inside a watch lets person bristle with anger more, and what true communication part does again is very sodden.

    If just need a phone function, intense proposal buys an Apple Watch, the little gift of 1600, who does buy foolish, anyway I regret! ! !

  39. Useful, you are followed impossibly at any time quarter it is beside him, let his person do bit of small business occasionally, let him go to a certain place waiting for you first, it is very common Case.

  40. The teacher won’t let the child take. Attention of can dispersive child, when going out to play, can take, go to school even if

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