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If our company young associate spends in other channel deliver, do not repeat deliver please oh ~~

Mission of bright ox iatrical is to make the mankind more healthy. We aim to pass the new technology such as cloud computation, big data, artificial intelligence to combine medical treatment health industry business innovates, compose builds modes of life and relation to their environment of solution of wisdom medical treatment, provide product of science and technology, service and operation for hospital, doctor, patient, healthy crowd. Our wish scene be \” my doctor \” meticulously, \”My hospital \” nowhere is absent.

Base: Mailbox of Hangzhou resume deliver: [Email Protected] remembers indicating in post headline place and post oh ~

Advanced front engineer


Post duty: The 1, front that achieves high quality according to product requirement is developed and safeguard; Use gender and the abidance that the user experiences 2, easily to improve; Design of framework of 3, front and research of technology of Web forward position and new technology survey;

Hold a post requirement: 1, strong front base, experience of relevant front work 3+ years, change to front project with modular development has certain experience; The React of 2, perfectness mainstream develops framework; Community of 3, Github is active, have source project experience to add cent; The whole of 4, familiar Internet or software product realizes a process, include to analyse a product to release from demand, the person that have experience of independent products plan is preferential; 5, outstanding logistic analysis ability, language conveys ability, train of thought is open, responsibility heart is strong; 6, stronger responsibility heart and executive force, good group efforts consciousness, obedient job is arranged; 7, be happy to share, study consciousness is strong.

Advanced Java engineer


Post duty 1. In characteristic group, the whole set such as the framework that basically is in charge of back end system, design, development, test works; 2. In characteristic group, be in charge of the other job that needs to finish user story place; 3. Participate in technical difficult problem to tackle key problem, constituent technology is accumulated wait for the job; 4. Senior engineer needs those who finish main business module and core frame to build come true with encode; Discover and solve the technical problem of business system, assure systematic function and stability. Hold a post requirement 1. Perfectness Java process designing, have good code habit, requirement structure is clear, name a standard, logic is strong, code redundancy rate is low, master Sprint Boot adroitly; 2. 3 years above uses Struts2/Spring/Hibernate/iBatis/MyBatis or similar frame has the experience of systematic development; Senior engineer needs above photograph 5 years to pass experience; 3. Master the mainstream database such as Oracle, Mysql adroitly, can undertake database process designing adroitly; 4. Be familiar with the installation deploy of mainstream Web server and working principle, master commonly used Shell command adroitly; Familiar Python, Ruby, Go at least one kind of language; 5. Use the Jquery code that has Js adroitly to write; 6. Had participated in at least one therein large project, internet product develops experience, have background of medical treatment industry first consideration; 7. TDD develops experience, had used the nimble frame such as Scrum first consideration; 8. Senior engineer needs to be familiar with medical treatment business to apply HIS or EMR, wait for the job with finishing design of business fractionation, database, code to examine. 9. Senior engineer needs to have the good capacity that build a model, grasp design pattern, among familiar and common tiny service, distributed cache, message, database and load are balanced wait for a technology; 10. Have ability of spirit of efforts of more powerful group, study and sense of responsibility, to reach group goal, can assume group place actively to want finished other job, the maintenance that develops an environment for instance, test.

Advanced test engineer


Post duty 1. The design measures try out exemple, the manual test that has product function character and exploration sex check; 2. Build and safeguard test environment; 3. With product and development joint development checks and accept a test to use exemple; 4. Undertake the UI automation of main business setting; 5. Build and perfect automation to check frame (the test staff that needs 1-2 name to have this technical ability; 3-4 name need not have this technical ability) ; 6. Write problem report and test report, assist development to personnel affirms and dog Bug; 7. Develop group member as Scrum, place of the inter block that finish wants finished other job; 8. The improvement that participates in software to test technology and standard and make. Hold a post requirement 1. Record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, 3 years above checks experience, 1 year above WEB checks experience (what ability highlights is OK and proper relax requirement) ; 2. Adroitness control checks technology and method, include to measure try out exemple to design; 3. Master automation to test a technology, be like: Cucumber/RF, selenium, webdriver, 4 TestNG. Be familiar with data of Linux, Mysql; 5. Master a kind of language at least, for instance Python/Java/Perl/Ruby; 6. Have stronger study capacity, can understand inside reasonable time limits and be familiar with software demand and business system; 7. System of familiar hospital information, familiar ATDD is preferential, have nimble group working experience is first; 8. Have spirit of efforts of more powerful group and sense of responsibility, meticulous and have patience, to reach group goal, can assume group place actively to want finished other job, develop environmental maintenance for instance; 9. Good analytic ability and communication ability, be brave in to assume responsibility.

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