Return country, go up too does the life of autarky have feasibility?

Epidemic situation influence, the life is not easy, enthusiasm is ground quickly did not have.
Often think of in one\’s childhood pa Mom has period of time to did not work before instead recently, my pa is planted in a few courtyards of smooth rice on green vegetables, cucumber, tomato, the vegetable such as aubergine, still raised a few chicken, enough and whole summer the family\’s dish, of own intensive cultivation yield than outside the vegetables and fruits that sell is on a lot of better, aubergine dissections one evaporate, scatter go up bit of soy sesame oil is very delicious.
What can yield anyway this year not quite, wanting to answer native place to change a kind of way of life all the time recently.
Work a few years assemble some of money, stabilize the word of conduct financial transactions at present, a month has 2500 yuan of income about. Native place countryside has a room to land uncultivated land is worn anyway, oneself are planted order dishes solve have a meal problem, able also dot considers the business that do. Seem or have a bit feasibility.

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99 thoughts on “Return country, go up too does the life of autarky have feasibility?

  1. Live at present in the country, the place that spend money is not much, besides buy all sorts of electron original, life of a 2500 month is OK nevertheless, raise the life to return need other income

  2. The life in the country unusual freedom is quiet, to me creativity increases many, time freedom, pressure is little also, creativity increases brought income OK also

  3. @subpo plum strange at least she already in the country the month is entered 1 million, become rich actually partial countryside still is a city, the key is where to suit you

  4. You should know to quit the job is monthly pay not just, those who abandon is the social security of high specified number

  5. @subpo is OK really, not flicker you
    Rural life is too easy and comfortable, the house is repaired, pull a reticle
    Kind order dishes, raise the duck that nod chicken, unripe egg is very fast, 10 chicken 3 duck, a 3 eggs that the mouth eats to be not dropped at all
    Do not raise goose to give birth to an egg to be returned slow gigantic can eat, the flesh is not delicious also, raised 10 last year
    Duck is different clever day him day goes out oneself come back

    You still can make money, buy bit of shrimp basket, ricefield eel basket has piscine shrimp every day, it is OK to eat to be not dropped go off with sells
    At that time bamboo shoot is everywhere, bittern rises, insolation
    Do not be afraid that it is OK to bask in go helping collect tea one day 200 in the evening settle accounts

    The mainest this kind of life is some more healthy, won’t stay up late, move everyday
    A few months had been experienced personally with respect to clear sense, unlike programmer makes strand dispiritedly

  6. @kop1989 #11
    @kkeiko #9
    How does so much person worry about @z281874655 #3 social security ah, I had broken off a friendship social security pretty became long, meet later of course on add. A year 100 farming close, with social security clause about the same, the medical treatment risk that increases 10 about a hundred fund one year is enough

  7. @subpo
    I hear of Liziqi for the first time: Very without feeling, feel the girl plays play antediluvian just.
    Look at look at: Emmmm, look a little while to close again, hey, how to still have.
    Now: Every time on YouTube nodded assist newly in the past. . . . .
    Her video watchs when be being closed to be in the home really very loosen.

  8. Countryside begins to go the person drove in the city, also meet at least first slowly curtilage base gives closed, hurry to a building li

  9. In my impression, countryside has a few problems:
    1, infrastructure is defective, for instance certain countryside returns meeting cut off the water supply, power cut from time to time.
    The ground outside 2, law. Attribute a hand block day basically, not was in argue not at all. It want to do bit of what thing likewise is difficult also to want to do bit of what thing likewise.

  10. Not quite good now operation, domestic countryside is bad to manage the land
    Want to get the word of the ground, if money can consider abroad to open a farm however
    Country there drive in past city now, good lid building takes the ground that comes out for nothing to sell

  11. Rural house and ground also are not you, do construction of new rural area to give you curtilage base was bought, the house that compensates for you and money cannot have come true what you want is pastoral

  12. @subpo if the body or psychology feels tired, take half an year one year the life with easy and comfortable time one paragraph pretty good also.

    Basically be must meet the life

  13. Very pretty good, be in next having a ground, regrettablly house is violated to build. Was torn open today. Bilk the good Zc of green water green hill completely

  14. Country of our native place’s biggest question is to do not have hill to do not have water, slow-witted move is uninteresting. Otherwise also can go back do 9 years

  15. If such, urban house is received with respect to nobody dish, affirmative meeting thinks method evicted you, tear open change and so on for instance

  16. Mom of @ohao my pa is in a country, I hear your word report to them, they answered a dialect, not quite good translation, it is the meaning of professed love of what one actually fears probably.

    I thought, still be really, our village draws near according to hill water, village mouth has a stream, there is big vacant lot on brook beach, the person in Chang Youcheng comes barbecue picnic, but not special commercialize, eat at most have peasant family happy, hotel room is nonexistent, had had oppidan to come here farmhouse lodges, experience the country lives, but often cannot live two days to run, be unable to stand.

  17. I also think such, but be met so by family / neighbour / village person says to do not have prospect, do not go out to make money look, even if did not make money to also must be experienced outside. / spread out hand

  18. Premise is to do not have a child to need not return a room to borrow that to try hard hard to earned bit of money to arrive now four can pastoral
    It is not certain to have to work to often be returned all the time otherwise quite

  19. Unless,our native place gets the house that add up to a village and ordered a house to tore open the ground to close to still must spend money to buy Zf to you to you you already money is free do not suggest to go to a country

  20. Often answer native place to spend the New Year, the country is honest very no-go, small and the United States is nonexistent. How does besides child do, it is very difficult to rely on his to realize a class to promote now, our effort is to let prospective child stand in higher rank, not be like oneself this kind is cut at will the class of leek.

  21. New rural area is built, add up to a village and nod, it is really too hole, do not give us leek means of subsistence

  22. Can you follow person intercourse of countryside? Or, do you plan not to follow anybody intercourse? Not reality

  23. So much person is yearning I still hold out rustication accident.
    Pass home of grandmother of grandfather of grandma of the grandfather below section return to one’s native place too, it is my Mom makes me dry I work, relative to character also is some of very relaxed work, waited for more than 3 days I am about to break down. The individual is very the feeling that is fed up with the sort of body be pesteringed by housework to cannot think, comfortbly Numb. . .

  24. The problem is, you can live so how long. You are in a country, a person that can communicate is connected beside do not have.

  25. Native place countryside has a company recently, had enrolled the past, from me home town falls with respect to Cheng of 30 minutes of cars, I am considering to entered office in the past, the compensation that leave is the appearance of 7k, waited for me to go, I should be in V stand aside stick record

  26. Not, you still are faced with knot legitimate child, foster offspring, choose nursery school, choose elementary school, room learning an area waits a problem a moment, if your parents feels fourth,overcome of course did not say when me then sure.

  27. Agricultural word relies on a day to have a meal, a lot of dish in the village is brought about because of soup this year did not mature, some did not receive dig to be in the ground even.
    Short-term live in the country not bad, but still be,want prospective consider.

  28. I stayed a few years in the country, also can choose to go back at any time now half month, how to say, autarky does not have what problem, but this kind of person that lives to suit resist loneliness only, if the sort of always want to look for others to agree with, 29 days of people that are about to send a small gain or friend ring assured not to stay how long was overcome, the person is a social animal, great majority person does not escape to cross this ring, you are in the person quality all round the country in your eye likelihood on the low side, you also do not have too much collective topic with them, at ordinary times you also do not have what recreational activities, you think you can be slow-witted how long, the likelihood also pursues fresh at the beginning.

  29. Lead according to annual interest 4% in light of, every months 2500, it is 3W a year, appear need capital 75W. Consider the risk of the existence in the life, marry, yo, disease, provide for the aged, appear insufficient still.

  30. Still earn much dot to do an immigrant to buy a ground to build a room to be rectified casually; Be here whats are you

  31. Do not look for a girlfriend not to give birth to a child to do not have what other desire, is this senile life, you have a plenty of time experience later, now such old may regret?

  32. Your midnight such as XD wants to eat when an inn did not get the your midnight collywobbles such as moment all round the late food, when general orientation waiting for Zc changes, you had known

  33. Can there be what economy below popular science?
    Yu Libao of remaining sum treasure is good now drop is good drop

  34. Without medical treatment, did not teach, without legal system. Consider light sentence so, take an examination of an officeholder of villages and towns, this very good take an examination of with the city different, want so that rely on accrual to get along to rely on chart than you much.

  35. If consider to have a meal and sleep only, do not have illness so. But if consider medical treatment, child education is waited a moment, still should work so dry

  36. Is old elder brother how old? If do not have a family to be able to try, anyway the sample that life passes him to want, adjust appropriately not what is bad. It is a bit little that your money returns old nevertheless elder brother, still want ready-made to get one hair.

  37. I feel in one’s heart of a lot of Chinese has rural madrigal of feelings.

    This issue has considered when epidemic situation is kept apart, actually necessary now hardware is not very much.

    1. residence. Bedroom, toilet, kitchen.
    2. infrastructure. Water, report, gas, net, warm (northward, but oneself come true) .
    3. food.
    The activity of 4. pastime. Chat, watch book, game, video. . .
    5. lash-up is ensured. The traffic of the hospital, cure is protected, lash-up capital.

    But should consider obstruction to have:
    1. family. Whether is the family member accepted, parents, spouse, child.
    2. environment public opinion. Whether can accept others do not approbate, censure even derisive.
    3. future develops. Whether to have negative effect to returning to duty field.

    Do decide afore-mentioned things, always feel so Gap had held out one year. . . . Also can think of the bottom wants to do what well.

  38. Is supporting those who return country urban person? Rural person shows now and then it go back a few days is OK to go back a few days, time grows to be overcome really.

    Return to one’s native place leaves a delegate: Abandon almost all recreational activities + gregarious. This feeling does not have a few people to be able to be accepted.

  39. Can ah come home wait for period of time to be summed up well below, set out again, after all the life of everybody is different, a person lives all one’s life, want to work work, need not too care about the outside, wait for enough come out again, do not have not be a road that suits oneself?

  40. Falling to also think return to one’s native place falls, how room already was torn open, the ground already was received, nowhere finds a place for oneself.

  41. Know the country’s newest land policy: 3 authority divide buy

    It is probably, should drive a city to the farmer in, land right of administration is OK buying and selling, center land finally to do mechanization to be produced greatly, industrialized perhaps.

    The times changed, answer did not go

  42. The relation that the country is the most complex is person and person lacks law, those strike with the palm of the hand of man of village bully, thief is accusing a lot of resource, eat photograph malformation. The means that uses a town plays, hard to avoid produces conflict with them.

  43. The country still compares spare time besides busy season, the vegetable that oneself plant does not take at all, oneself cook the place that also did not want beautiful money, fall ill have new farming close
    As to a serious illness, you also do not treat certainly in the country rise

  44. The life of @moqimoqide Liziqi anyway I had seen hardly, be a kind to look forward to, do not join staff with reality, contrary I am preferred China farming this plants brother, life of press close to

  45. Social security is mixed now link up with of registered permanent residence, the house property link up with of registered permanent residence, unless you were not ensured. The medical treatment that has included, oneself go to school. Be no good otherwise.

    In advance is emeritus, want to study I suggest you go treating the rich customer of Moneymustush really, religion how do you retire inside 10 years, still have Early Retirement Extreme, but it is the social circumstance that is based on American good-paying low cost. The mainland is no good.

  46. @ohao goose has intelligence too, my home has raised 2, mix almost dog these animals are about the same, can look after the house.

  47. You say @mcluyu this ability is the biggest question, resource is concentration of Xiang Dacheng city, very much likelihood envies slow rhythm of countryside, reality is too brutal.

    In one’s childhood, before the bottom is being done not have to issue administrative orgnaization to did not incorporate over there us, our town has 5 native place, face of a countryside has a few administrative village (an administrative village includes about 1000-2000 person, have about 1-30 a few little village) , almost every administrative village has an elementary school at least. I in one’s childhood, our village at that time besides central elementary school, still have the cent school of two low grade. So come down a town has 30 elementary school at least. Now, the country every before is common an elementary school (have low year only, 1-3 grade) , the child must Your Excellency now receive send, road too far, the car on the road is much now dangerous also. All pupil went to the town centrally, some sitting school bus, some adult are received every day send.

    On one hand the limitation of family planning, on one hand very much now the person that works outside is to take dot to go out.

    Whole country went out of cultivation. Cropland was not planted, nice a sector of an area is the bag goes out.

    The law is done not have before following 20 years, although what had, living condition has improvement, but how to feel not comfortable before. Other explicit country, daily communication also is a problem.
    The drop of this kind of mentally is too big.

  48. @taisenjay adds up to a village is too horrible really, seeming is to develop the area does.

    We are to fasten country region greatly, the ground is much but much is barren, the person is much also, give priority to upland, amalgamative need not worry almost, operation difficulty is too great.

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