Resemble me of same angst

Before programmer 9 years it doesn\’t matter promotes, later also in that way, I now is two years, before feeling a year to the level still is same, every sky class is angst, afflictive. . .

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45 thoughts on “Resemble me of same angst

  1. Have, special angst, sleep to be not worn in the evening everyday. From last year the end of the year begins to learn everyday brush a problem to read. Although still be angst but a lot of better, find new job in the plan recently go to big plant.

  2. Experience and account remaining sum, need to make sure one is growth at least, if backwater, that just is danger signal

  3. Aimless, compare with the person, the work is single, into not apply goes out, epidemic situation is unemployed… can cause anxiety, everybody the circumstance is differ, others can give you the proposal only, do good ego acknowledge, finally still is he adjust oneself.

  4. Learn to jump over angst more, turn from mobile end back end, learn to show even more more won’t the thing is too much

  5. @NjcyNzMzNDQ3 is too little still.

    @luckyrayyy influence Morpheus is a bit serious, can jump big plant is old man.

    I am in @zoharSoul two this years mix, main off hours was not used rise.

    @xiaofan2 should feel easy and comfortable to oneself hard then.

    @hitmanx my true now can duplicate stickup Baidu, study rises to also feel demanding

    @wvitas is quite good, least investment goes in, won’t think too much

    @opengps feels not bad originally, experience in that way, after the money in the home giving repay a debt before long before, the end that oneself order originally was deferred, begin worry.

    @disklover target is to go to game company, record of formal schooling gets stuck with the foundation, also be to be compared easily, the work is very single really now, do not have what technology content, be the unemployment before epidemic situation, than now suspense is much, nevertheless now also is afflictive, adjust slowly

  6. Did very old Php, epidemic situation discovers Php job chance is little little, turn Java do not have an advantage again. . .

  7. @cheeto goes to work to think with respect to such chaos now, brush algorithm to had felt demanding. .

    @asAnotherJack just turned come over to come slowly.

    @dongisking becomes long word or do not suggest to turn, unless interior turns.

  8. Do not know to experience likeness with mine, two jobs that I experience before are to begin to feel study speed quick start is quick, fast also extended eye shot (the first job contacted tiny service, container to change, Paas platform, Devops, the 2nd is truly complete carried out nimble development, and a few other and specific technologies) , but after the achievement move that studying new technology stack as familiar project ends basically, face everyday reduplicative business iteration, coessential the new requirement development that change loses working enthusiasm and power, awfuller is as to the system familiar, the design error that faces to had used long already large system, serious coupling, current situation that uses recessive condition in great quantities, want to reframe and be redesigned ability not equal to one’s ambition, this kind feels special torment and angst, and the disposition reason as a result of the individual, I used evasive method twice, but I also know this kind of practice can not solve a problem, do not know to be able to get below your card some inspire

  9. @fangcan is being planted again took pain to a bit however.

    @zooo angst says, it is drive to some people, but some are not carried jump over defect deeper, resemble above an old man says, rely on oneself to adjust.

    @leonardyang with a ha is breathed out, I had not achieved you this level, true. , nevertheless I meet future hard to know so much like you.

    @minglanyu does not know is he think too much, always feel oneself still did not promote.

    @phatzhong24 changes angst to be motivation. .

  10. Angst signs up for class of a net, net class great majority has curricular plan, learned to come to an end accordingly, oneself fumble technical way still is too hardly possible, get person of need lead the way!

  11. @fiypig profession program is very important, discover the perpendicular fractionize field that suits oneself, plunge into next go in to build poor dissimilation dominant position slowly, pass in learning a process to feedback, paragraph take rank will let oneself acquire achievement move, arouse oneself internal driving force, can see this share video:

  12. What @cheeto does is more jump over angst. . . Learn morer, what can feel to meet is less, learn the sea to suffer from a boat without limit. . .

  13. Why are you done do this work now? Do you have deep love for this road?
    Like to make game, learn or tried to make game? Since like, learn what to worry there is?
    Your angst what? What be afraid of?

  14. Programmer technique is admittedly main, but cannot stare at a technology only, the communication ability that also wants him attention and ponder over ability to wait.

  15. Angst resembles Mom of mother’s eldest sister same, also not be to have every day, now and then particularly serious

  16. Did not work at present, but not angst, the flower chooses time, practice issues exercise to benefit the internal organs. Go community makes contribution, will maintain technical susceptibility.

  17. Have worry, but because the technology cannot promote,not be. Because,be house price, because the body is bad, because of many years old 30 the likelihood cannot get used to the job of programmer. Confused to coming

  18. With carry do not promote not how old relation, the company should fall or fall, should be cut into parts or cut into parts, arrive to age should be optimized or be optimized.

    What you should think is: Look for a good hole.

  19. @whynimal cannot say is had deep love for, but it is the issue that wants to do, basically be study begins to take pain to, because be of become a monk late in life, of angst is to may be not washed out at any time.

    @CasualYours is really such

    Is @zshneedmoney old technique to be very popular quite

    @v2byy still basically is the relation because of money, bring about now very angst

    @komorbi still is really such, give oneself the cause, look for excuse to oneself again

    @anthow was fastened, such too negative energy

    @miao666 is too frequent recently, especially on the way home, the sort of mood thinks dead really

    If @hongyexiaoqing participates in community, the technology wants very good

    @SuperManNoPain some people are very optimistic

    @angryfish yes, follow you almost same think of a way

    @hoyixi missed a few good hole that he thinks, will still can be encountered

    @luomu24 reads grinding old man, can boil odd

  20. Feel him angst disease a few years, because went to a lot of hospital a few this years, saw a lot of doctors, made all sorts of inspections, the body does not have what problem.
    But still have a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, remnant psychology or mental division did not look, should be angst disease. Perhaps say plant nerve is disorder.

  21. @indingpig wants only appropriate turn go

    If @xzysaber sees the word of psychological spirit division, also wanted to take medicine almost, I feel main or rely on oneself to adjust.

  22. The life must have Passion, want method blossoms oneself life, obtain quite wonderful!
    Recommend item:
    1. participates in a contest, the heart that experience competition brings is jumpy. Such as brushs problem match, the antagonism such as ski moves.
    2. and favorite person do favorite business. This involves love, inexperienced.
    3. finds mission sense. Find ” the disciple as god, will complete body and mind dedicates the feeling of sacred ” , when detailed sees galaxy of mankind of < of Ci power case is glaring>

  23. @Brodybro can play a ball game every week of what, of course holiday is not to feel this anxiety, when go to work, connect especially diligent when, that is unripe really be inferior to dead. . .

  24. @fiypig learns together. I also am become a monk late in life does data analysis, I am had deep love for write code, also like to learn new language for instance Rust is mixed Kotlin. I think the product that makes you want directly at the same time learns at the same time, will learn through using requirement actually, can a bit more amused?

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