Rectify in Python model the biggest question?

Use Sys.maxsize gets maximum is: 9223372036854775807

But found when me bigger whole model when: Print(int(\”46804033442370000000640975\”)) python does not have any mistakes to this, however normal execution, is this why?

import sys

MAX_INT = sys.maxsize

 Shu  Chu :

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3 thoughts on “Rectify in Python model the biggest question?

  1. Because of Sys.maxsize this number is 2**64-1. It is the biggest integer inside common programming language.

    If Python is more than this common and integral size, arrive to count operation library greatly with respect to can automatic switch. So Python integer can calculate mostly more.

    P.S. Can see actually so, python did not consider from germ too much the function when moving is optimized, everything assures to use a sex easily first. Other language attune counts operation library to hold out a trouble greatly.

  2. Sys.maxsize
    An Integer Giving The Maximum Value A Variable Of Type Py_ssize_t Can Take. It ‘ S Usually 2**31 – 1 On A 32-bit Platform And 2**63 – 1 On A 64-bit Platform.

    Above is picked from Python documentation, can see this plaything and INT_MAX have nothing to do with at all.
    The plastics of Python is to grow indefinitely whole model, do not have maximum

  3. @aloxaf Python2 and 3 here behavior is different

    In Python2, the upper limit of Int is so big, when exceeding upper limit changeover of meeting concealed type is the Long type that does not have upper limit. Although be opposite the user is transparent, but seeing a kind is to be able to see of distinction.
    The Int in Python3 is true · does not have upper limit. In-house affirmation also has a similar mechanism, but won’t produce type changeover

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