Reckon individual small signal revises a function to you can be opened after September?

Before two days have so card: / T/676689

Additional, small letter has so an announcement, is estimation to cooperate the function that can small signal revise?

\” the ability that divide Zhang adjusts an announcement \”
Small letter of respect pays business door / partner:
Small letter pays a businessman to divide Zhang function to will pass small signal to add an individual to receive debit to divide Zhang at rising to support no longer on July 1, withhold the kind that carries Openid to add only. In the meantime, will enter small signal to undertake dividing Zhang to the individual through passing at supporting no longer since September 8. The individual that has added through small signal to the history divides Zhang to receive debit, be deleted as soon as possible please and add afresh through the means of user Openid.
This second adjust involve a businessman to distribute Zhang product only, with small letter Zhang function turns to have nothing to do between the user.
Small letter pays a group
On May 9, 2020

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6 thoughts on “Reckon individual small signal revises a function to you can be opened after September?

  1. @cooloo #2 installs what latest edition small letter can open forcibly after eminent Root to conceal an interface, can revise Id. Server function was shut now, had changed not know clearly

  2. Should go out eventually? The small letter ID that changes because of high school moment too blame mainstream, the face is done not have to use really after undergraduate course graduates, changed finally new small believe

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