Preparation changes by oneself batteries, had changed MacBook Pro of tripartite batteries can you come in say a brand? The key is stability, add boat went almost, I looked to be like brand of it doesn\’t matter to be able to choose

Rmbp is not quite good change, need advocate board tear open come down, look to tear open solution video ahead of schedule, next photographs had better be patted to reserve in tearing open solution.
Batteries really brand of it doesn\’t matter, do not buy so-called former plant installs formerly went.

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28 thoughts on “Preparation changes by oneself batteries, had changed MacBook Pro of tripartite batteries can you come in say a brand? The key is stability, add boat went almost, I looked to be like brand of it doesn\’t matter to be able to choose

  1. Green gigantic just can use before long the experience of how terrible of it doesn’t matter, nevertheless the government says the bag is changed one year.
    Video watchs first before changing, understand probably difficulty circumstance, if feel,oneself do what will not look for major. Before tearing open, take a picture, especially screw part, of myself change come down much a screw.

  2. The RMBP that issues 12 years has been changed green gigantic can, batteries is double-faced glue is clingy, take need to order skill and force. The batteries that does not know the last few years installs means to have change.

  3. Be being changed is simple, tear open screw, do those glue next. Nevertheless tripartite batteries has a problem, when you are bought, also should ask, if be used,do not have report to close machine, can you still switch on the mobile phone? What I buy previously is green gigantic can, close cannot open after machine, saying is to a what thing was locked up. .

  4. @mm163 thanks your proposal, what do not cross me is the model of 2013, I saw video seem not to need to tear open advocate board.

  5. I saw @christin green gigantic can a lot of comment, a lot of say existence jumps electric appearance, some does not have report switch on the mobile phone not to leave repeatedly, do not know you were used have these problems.

  6. Menstruation is stuck. I should change battery together. Him plan buys, next it is informal that 50 RMBs search a little elder brother helps me change.

  7. @dicbldicbl is affirmative then, I just hope the batteries that looks for a point of safes is good, add boat I not quite care about.

  8. I am seeing @nyqsky now green gigantic can store of flagship of day cat government. Although flagship store is general customer service efficiency very poor

  9. @nyqsky #14 batteries was forced to throw, sought a long apple facility that follows company door face each other changed a battery, say be former outfit. Used 2 years many, do not have report to also can switch on the mobile phone, the batteries that does not know him is what channel, the information that keeping above follows him apple that is same, but n shows forbid, too cold when drop report very fast. . So I feel likely or go talent rely on chart, other can make do with only with.

  10. @nyqsky I also am those who change is green gigantic can, comment on an area at first jump report and involving plane issue also is to frighten me, still also did it finally nevertheless. After be being changed actually, just began to also happen really jump electric appearance, from the n of 80 suddenly for instance flashy attune arrives 60 much, the report that still has 20 becomes suddenly 1 close a little while next machine. Through my reflection and attempt, discovery should be to change new battery, systematic power source manages or learned old batteries information, bring about jump report and close the happening of machine, so I tried to become the operation of batteries calibration, namely batteries discharges 10 the following hind insert report to be full of, repeat 3 times so, next normal, full blood is renascent. Half an year was used after changing battery, everything is normal. The hope is helpful to the original poster.

  11. @revalue Beijing east self-supporting, I feel batteries needs normal supply of goods namely at the outset, beijing east self-supporting seem two. This problem, I am customer service sought again after doing batteries calibration 233, they say to be opposite, this operation need does

  12. After @nyqsky mount need before 3 times to discharge 10% be full of again. Used so long had not encountered jump report, replaced a system however instead more province report

  13. The course that @revalue changes battery can consult my Blog: (6) , cheng of Ifixit graph culture and education is very detailed, be batteries gooey a bit firm, had better besmear with organic dissolvent on slippery shovel the shovel comes down, I am unripe nevertheless break also break came down. . . A moment ago saw batteries health spend again, half an year is much, health is spent now 94% the left and right sides. Actually my individual not quite care about health to spend, the easy heart that uses daily is good

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