Post of new personality hair, offer choice

2.shopee 3.lazada of 1. Tecent music

Shopee of lowest of total package TME always is wrapped highest should turn language Lazada last year sectional grade 3.25

Old man people how to choose

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15 thoughts on “Post of new personality hair, offer choice

  1. The blue card old man that follows flying customer is same, the new personality of V2 the first post is Offer the choice also is old man.

  2. Tecent music: Firewood of N K * 16 (N<20)Firewood of Shopee N K * 15 (20<n<25)Since firewood of Lazada N K * 14 (22<n<25)

  3. Really difficult, above all Lazada can eliminate.
    If you do not have big plant clue, go Shopee is pretty good perhaps.
    If you are right big plant has hold read aloud, so you can choose to go TME, but Tme works overtime much, can let you suspect again at the outset choice.
    On the other hand, if chose Shopee, can be opposite again Tme bear in mind constantly, it is especially in Shopee by the word of hole, meet only more accurate.

  4. Is knowing this year’s survival be company move?

    This year’s unfamiliar word is pretty good Offer these a few, the tendency from 1, 3 be chosen, because to this year’s before one’s death income difference of two years is not big, the difference of this a few K can not live to yours quality generation is direct and influence, from the 2nd begin income the 3rd year to just can pull open a distance. And the aureola of big platform finds new job in your first time job tremendous influence arrives since the meeting, bring pretty good redound thereby.

    If the company is enrolled from 2, 3 be chosen, the compensation of 1 is basic to the person that a company enrols it is to persuade to retreat, and the 2, difference of 3 also is not a bit money that this comes out more (actually difference of it doesn’t matter) however you are choosing Shopee foreign enterprise to won’t work overtime possibly so much, still choose the platform in A to increase to differred on your profession career.

    Choosing my nature to me of course is to choose 3. The technical system of Lazada is mixed actually the internal technical system in A is consistent, cast income not to talk, if not be brim branch, the attempt stays one year inside, what you can experience inside is different.

  5. Lazada is Ali wholy-owned subsidiary, technical inn all changes a that in A.
    Like big plant- ->Lazada
    Like foreign enterprise atmosphere- ->Shopee

  6. Can foretaste tries decision-making balance watch
    Here lifts an example to breath out

    Tecent Shopee Lazada
    Pay 3 5 4
    Language 4 2 4
    Foreground 4 4 2
    Other? ? ?
    Other? ? ?
    Always divide 11+ ? 11+ ? 10+ ?

  7. Money works overtime more little Shopee
    See individual viewpoint of value it is very important that some people aux would rather money does not think overwork Work Life Balance less
    Some people 007 want money only all right more

  8. Do not have big plant personal details before @shawnlly company is enrolled 5 years, if economic condition and domestic condition allow, the proposal goes Lazada is slow-witted at least one year, have profit possibly to your professional career, the case that cites a move having system this a lot of people say epidemic situation the sea casts resume to do not have a reply, and of BAT pull a hook to go up to ten invite actively every week.

  9. @fantastic3125 head also be in actually be approved gradually, if also can consider if a sectional prospect is good. The household sector of a particularly good branch and BAT or some go all out.

    Put eye as far as possible when consider some more long-term, for instance first this year’s although give tall, but first go up firewood is very slow, in BAT after arriving two years, also kept balance commonly, and the halo effect of platform also can have certain excessive price effect below certain circumstance. If pay gap passes nature alternative,differ of course.

    Particularly good head branch > the BAT branch of the brim; Other it is BAT advantage bigger. If be a head household sector is below the case with compensation not big difference I am not quite the proposal is this year’s be born, especially new the business that rise, rich finance affairs is free say additionally. Both the difference on system and the influence to technical eye shot is being developed in new personality is very big.

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