Poineering failure applies for a job a bit result after 3 months suffer a defeat

I rose in the profession last year period when abdication does poineering work (the bag outside be being received namely actually is done) , tell the truth without gain what money. The client is difficult serve, zhang period is long, all sorts of problems. Did not encounter what technology problem instead.
The decision cannot continue so again this year, begin to apply for a job next, who knew to search fast 3 months do not have results all the time. Although say me,stopped one year to did not go to work. But anyhow also has 7 years to also have big plant experience, the thing B case that make is enough also. Nevertheless the likelihood is 30 much, record of formal schooling also not up to much, really nobody wanted, reason of together with epidemic situation, itself demand is atrophic also.
Be in I very angst when, it is OK to have a client says suddenly with me Offer gives me a long-range job. And tell the truth, I am short of of his requirement. But he broke rules I this opportunity.
Before the bag outside doing, often see the interior chicken broth on the net, the bag outside saying what is done knows a lot of clients, perhaps make money of big project gain. True oneself start work when do, just discover, the client is very difficult normally serve, making money is very difficult imagination more. Also prepare to abandon accordingly.
So turn via this peak loop, I realise again however, everybody favorable circumstances is different, may major figure I such, make development old, but contact business affairs without the opportunity, operation, with the work that compares business affairs. Find such opportunity very hard also. After all a turnip a hole. Although the bag outside doing has a lot of uncertainty, but the work that is doing move and person contact with really, contact with the person that is to say much, have a few new opportunities more or less.
Of course, I am firm now the job next, also cannot certainly the destiny that says this job can turn round me, but in seeking the difficult position that is less than the job, this nots less than really at provide timely help.
Long-winded one pile, I think those who say is:
1.Everybody should draw my lesson, when immersing oneself in the job, also should look up see a way, do not walk along blind lane like me;
The 2 jobs that contact with the person are met sealedder than doing screw to have more possibility. The interior chicken broth on the net probably poisonous, but benefit somewhat probably again?

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37 thoughts on “Poineering failure applies for a job a bit result after 3 months suffer a defeat

  1. When @fhsan is going to work before me, classics regular meeting ponders over me those colleagues, ox of their or technology forces, or business ox forces, or state of mind is very good. But I am qualified however do same thing with them. Feel oneself do not have what next but of blind BB.
    The person of effort is most, lucky person is minority. Try hard again lucky person is rare.

  2. The bag outside now is worse and worse to do, the part-time job that accepts before me and you are same, the technology is not a problem, basically be other the thing that dispute over trifles, the heart is tired. From the back flat did not receive, direct subcontract gives others, do a favor to receive a small red parcel to return pretty happy

  3. @revalue my all along is very capricious, it is naked demit, never also had been anxious for the job. Did not think of to be grown this. . .

  4. @revalue so, like me this is planted is not excellent person. Should know awe-stricken. When luck can have beautiful light always also very much again.

  5. Story of what of original poster backside. Who doesn’t have a thing to come out outside doing, be wrapped. It is environmental place approach just comes out for certain

    Yes, added friend of a few V recently, it is 30+ , be to do not have way really, work alone receive bill.

    Even of big plant personnel is such, other mix poorlier

  6. [May major figure I such, make development old, but contact business affairs without the opportunity, operation, with the work that compares business affairs]

    If Xiaogong manages, the · · · of very easy still contact

  7. Had tried, very marvellous.

    Otherwise the truth is a truth from beginning to end.

    Know this matter to want absolutely bend forward row.

    I feel this is a good experience.

  8. Leave one’s post do poineering work the bag outside do, still be inferior to continueing to work really, spoken parts in an opera is wrapped outside is to give a client to work just, and the 5 risk that the client need not run you again one gold. . .

    Good without business accounting do poineering work and work between expectant profit is poor, do not suggest to jump out.

    Be full of uncertainty do poineering work, more fasten adventure, unless oneself put food enough.

  9. @revalue eyes blazing like torches-blazing with anger, you this brother not simple.
    30 begin special worry later, the feeling made old development and anticipate without what achieve oneself, where is the Ceiling that can see oneself.
    Add on duty field a few people and thing to hold out sick person.
    Place is defeated with becoming broken pitcher simply later fall.

  10. Xiaogong of look down upon manages before @across, look small now the company still is quite pretty good actually, the big plant chance that photograph contrast is screw man completely is a lot of more.

  11. Pure technology pretty is passive, unless be in,domain of a certain perpendicular fractionize accomplishs the head. Still had better want develop to serve the ability of user client directly showpiece, wait like sale, operation, big company learns to be an upright person, small company learns to work.

    Want to do poineering work, early days opens horizon to big company, later period still should seek a small company, the screw that degrades easily to go up into big company automation line otherwise.

  12. @laobingge is right, if in that way special passivity, especially 30+ on have next old having small, when energy and time begin to be not worth. Can begin to strand angry. If be determined to be bound dead,go up in a company, come up somehow saying also is very dangerous.

  13. You open @arthas2234 it is good that the company is in charge of accepting the order, look for a PM, it is OK also to send a bag to go out next, it look for a few people to do is OK also to look for a few people to do. Such mode, feasible? What because I look,experience wraps outside a few share him to do is final turned his director into business, specific work loses others to do.

  14. See everybody mention small company, say next my experience, perhaps can give you reference. I am firm also full 30, small now company works more than 3 years, do an enterprise to carry, the company also has station of his peace of complete set software to now from equipment of buy in and sell at a profit, sale also is a year taller than a year, development is OK still. But salary still sends according to the standard, the boss also says to be willing to separate an aspect by cake later too a little, hope more money casts development period to go up in development now. As to future how, I also do not know, human nature and economic environment everybody does not know this kind of thing, head of the connections since the analysis is to, as a result an an epidemic situation, policy can give your Ka Ca to come.

    At the same time to extend income, also to try other possibility, I contacted a few good fellow students that play, probably 5, 6, group group of a nominal uses off hours to receive outside bag, because everybody does not work overtime, also want to earn bit of pin money. Earn credit from the small bill that receives thousands of at the beginning, stabilized a client to also have bigger project now, good when lunar income is higher than salary, have bill all the time, at the same time a little the project manager with a bit bigger good with respect to need project throws huge energy, one does not take care to collapse with respect to building blocks, do not say tail section was done not have, do bad imprest to still go back even, although had not produced this kind of situation, but I am gingerly all the time in this process.

    At that time I feel this plays idea is basic cannot full-time do, a person cannot receive large sheet, action person is received big onefold bad to rest very easily with respect to capital shedding dish, it is possible also in a certain bill by client photograph in make a meteoric rise, but this odds follows game about the same, I do not wish to bet. After all my amateur is done, still have one’s job income, difficult serve serve slowly, procrastinate time is a bit more for a long time just, qian Zao arrives to evening the question is not big. Also do not know how to do now, can make a move treats one condition.

  15. @neilq my feeling looks for a client to follow like looking for a boss, still should see a person. Some clients are easy not ink marks, and very enthusiastic introduces new client to you. Some bosses return firm than miser, demanding is awful. But overall for, it is difficult to look for the client that relies on chart not to look for the boss that relies on chart to want, why, in the company you have superior, some is a lot of more likely even layer, not certain each your boss appreciate you. After all this thing loves with Tan Lian same, the person’s be fond of is very subjective.
    Of course, follow employer firm to do appear on the market 9 years time with respect to money freedom, make it partner includes outside doing, there is case beside these. Good luck really very important.
    I actually very envy you, tell the truth, want to seek a job that does not work overtime, too difficult. Once work overtime every day, go without energy at all turn from side to side is other thing, eye shot, thinking, person arteries and veins is restricted dead. Bind completely with the company be on a chariot.

  16. Friend, can you add V illicit to chat? I here also be to oneself do poineering work the bag outside doing, but business is OK still, basically be the technology that did not rely on chart, want to look for an ability pretty good, the key is the person’s reliable PHP technology. If yourself has stable and reliable job, can help recommend the technology with a good moral quality! (V can be added if going to the lavatory (13282000190) communication result seeks a help, acknowledgment! !

  17. Quite good, I now also 30+ , angst is affirmative. I also use off hours to do now a few outside bag, do not want to bind inside a company, the bag outside wanting to use accepts responsibility of contact support of the people more.

  18. Since @bing0 set out, be cheered, total meeting has a favourable turn, warm water of total have an easy time boils frog and be tormented a few years by the angst of full meal hungry feed half a lifetime.

  19. Front / Node.js/Electron/Python free profession person add V (with user name) , field of small company energy resources, requirement is specific, modular the task and pay, future has work for a long time.

  20. @dodo2012 is stupefied did not understand you to say. Outside working, be responsible for a task unit until it is completed foolish (′ _ ` . )

  21. @leonidas makes three-year institution of higher learning 5 years, spoken parts in an opera is strengthen edition junior high school to be born. . .

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