Perc 6/i array gets stuck

The computer room has server of stage DELL R710, these two days sign up for all the time

A Bus Fatal Error Was Detected On A Component At Bus 0 Device 4 Function 0.

A Bus Fatal Error Was Detected On A Component At Bus 3 Device 0 Function 0.
Google saw check of next saying Perc 6/i array have trouble, switch on the mobile phone the Ctrl+R when self check still can see Raid 5 is normal
The machine protects too.
1. thinks he buys a card of Perc 6/i array to be changed in some treasure. It is OK to buy the array card that is the same as model to be changed directly, what what should notice is there? Is hard disk data missing?
Need not 2. receive array card to switch on the mobile phone the system that start? So is data of operation hard disk missing?
At present data still does not have backup. The machine is very flabby calm. Restart from time to time. Also do not back up
Old man has the experience of this respect? Acknowledgment

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22 thoughts on “Perc 6/i array gets stuck

  1. This has experience.
    1, direct bought change, sure. Won’t lose data, because have on Raid information hard disk.
    2, do not accept array card, cannot start, hard disk data won’t be lost

  2. Above all, the result of your Google is incorrect

    If, “A few Device of Bus a few Function a few ” the number is these two groups all the time, be to get stuck bad likely, you still must be checked after all is Raid card; If the number often runs, should be advocate board chip set perhaps expands card inserts groovy problem

  3. @julyclyde acknowledgment. The circumstance is now seeing in the Idrac webpage of Dell is all the time these two groups

  4. @defunct9 thanks old man.
    Is 1 li changed a few what should do to operate? Be being bought after all is new card. Meet what write Raid configuration automatically to new Carrie from hard disk?

  5. Dial array card afresh insert try, have again can try to do the smallest change a test, leave card of CPU memory array and hard disk to switch on the mobile phone only
    If you are willing to give cost after the server wearing Er that I can give you to introduce your place comes to make work

  6. @realpg is afraid that Raid 5 data is missing. Wanting to change piece go up euqally calculated, 6i is brummagem really, a few money

  7. 1, yes, buy with model it is OK to be changed. Can hint you send existing Foreign to configure, guide according to clew Raid is configured can. Data won’t be missing, bold but cautious.
    Not 2, OK, can start far from, also won’t lose data.

  8. @zunxiongchen #12

    A few expensive… walk along those who measure cache of this cassette batteries to fold 10 yuan of H700 a few

    But forgot to say to change H700 to want to change a line, I look up R710/R510 6i to change the line PN of H700, general store has sell

    To RAID5, h700 exchanges the card of 1G cache, function promotes apparent

  9. @zunxiongchen #17
    Basically, want array to be done not have bad only, foreign Config can guide, array blocks model version to have nothing to do, but cannot take the place of differ a too serious new card data to guide old card, and encounter the RAID level that does not support.

    Additional, after guiding, a few careful configuration had better match afresh, guide defend main array concern basically only, similar Cache Policy, io Policy this kind of congener maybe can accede

    H700 is Dell 11 acting server choose outfit, also have the interlining card that follows 6i same specification, have 1G and 512M cache edition additionally, of 1G can use SSD cache function. The interface on the card of H700 is MINISAS, 6i is old Sas interface, your server backboard is Minisas,

    Change H700 to want to change the wire that both ends is Minisas 6g interface so, this has length of former outfit wire to take a line appropriate, I had not checked PN, you can ask those who sell array card directly.

  10. This information sees from where, r710 can join IDRAC interface manages directly, dell IDRAC root/calvin
    Hardware case can see after going in, the word that affirming is array card from clean out treasure to search with model / it is OK to be the same as PN
    Report changes below electrify is finished

  11. I write down @realpg LSI is newly to get stuck should can guide the RAID of old card is defined.
    Trashy nevertheless it is not quite clear to cross 6i be LSI.

  12. There is one small to put above Zuo row card, can of take implement the above puts Zuo to look, if not be the Yu of Zuo reason,push Shu the Zuo of H700 of direct lists card.
    Additionally R710 is to have interface of Sata2 of of board Zuo (receive smooth Zuo to use originally) , but need receive Sata hard Bao just can use Zuo . If you do not care about function OK also Yu Yu looks. . .

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