Old brother, how to fry an US stock to open an account? ?

There is bit of spare cash in the hand recently, want to go US stock try one\’s luck, small Niu Ting says all commission charge is avoided completely, you had been used, it is normal APP, is there a risk? Still have tiger negotiable security how? Whether recommend, many thanks!

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20 thoughts on “Old brother, how to fry an US stock to open an account? ?

  1. The proposal makes money to old brother batch directly, discharge all link intermediate, benefit masses. / dog head

  2. Go up first snowball understands, poundage of US stock intermediary is not low, especially home’s famous a few that. Preach manages, if be in,home is to be cut the word of leek, still should not play an US stock so. What heaven can not be there, it is a flock of hunger crafty evil wolf

  3. Does @neoblackcap whole world still have than China more cut leek? Does health beauty carry case on the head 600 thousand?

  4. Webull is not recommended. True gold solid silver still is put in large certificate business reliable. The fine letter that oneself use (Charles Schwab) , upstairs mention be filled with appear and TD is pretty good also.

    A dare not touch, do become an US stock, basically buy exponential fund, save worry. Came down 4 years to also break up 1 times much.

  5. Treasure of crude oil of the travel in @neoblackcap is futures, not be a stock. It is not clear to play a way, was cut who to blame? And in also be to have very big responsibility all right.

  6. The rich route that uses all the time is arrogant
    Open estimation to compare a trouble now
    Capital turns not to know to be returned now with bank of Hong Kong the people’s livelihood before can so do

  7. In the final analysis is frame-up compasses, does the United States know Chinese id card, these certificate business just take the place of you are operated, what use actually is the identity

  8. Buying an US stock normally should have capacity of American pay taxes, do not know those domestic platform are the means operation that runs with era, and duty is how to be done decide…

  9. The crude oil treasure of the travel in @lln133208 has an accident to depend on bourse of family United States updating the price at all, can be negative price. I cite this case is to want to show the United States hole of the finance there must be more, american money market does not send money technically to you. Was cut more miserably in the past casually

  10. @lln133208 with a ha is breathed out, then I do not hamper you make money. I just speak my understanding, the banker charity that if feel,that group of people of wall street compare country is kind, be at ease go making money, the US stock does not have harden board, also can buy that day sold that day piece, do do for nothing much OK. Should compare A by the truth very make money much

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