Notion is newer yesterday, designed an oneself Emoji for Win and Android.

It is difficult to cater for all tastes, somebody likes somebody to be fed up with.

And my criterion is disgusting one party. The reason is as follows:

  • Notion design is tonal slant weak, the style slants young, good-sized (page icon) show not bad, but trumpet ( Nei Rong He link icon ) show, it is unsharpness that my individual feels, look I very at odds.

  • Emoji essence is a character, notion is born forcedly be born to change character picture, increase Http to request an amount, negative optimize.

    Original Notion does not calculate fast, insert one knife oneself even now.

  • The input follows show abhorrent. Press in Win 10win Jian + Ju Hao The Emoji face plate that v system carries oneself, what choice Emoji heel shows the look is medium inside finally is different, also be very at odds thing. TKDRF1.png

  • A good design, premise is not to disturb an user. But before Notion is updated, the feeling that did not consider an user updates the design that has thought oneself. Proposal Notion consults the development concept of tick detailed list — \” the chance that gives an user an option \” (\” welfare | 10 million person is being used, is App of this detailed list done after all be opposite what? \” Https://

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2 thoughts on “Notion Emoji

  1. I like the Emoji of Windows most, be Android next, malic Emoji or on the stereo wind of the century is very ugly

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