Netease cloud music uploads the cloud dish song crosses period of time to be able to broadcast failure.

If inscribe. I guess is software cloud of user of can fixed scanning dish. Discover doubt is like have a problem (if do not have copyright) song, can let it broadcast failure, also do not make more explanation. Do not cross this also is me only to guess, do not have method test and verify. Does this kind of problem have settle way?

Additional, I want to know cloud music uploads the cloud dish API. Cite a case, I like B to stand some singer, want to be in him (she) when updating video automatic download > turn to upload Netease cloud for Mp3> > collect song sheet, one continuous line. Can you come true?

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17 thoughts on “Netease cloud music uploads the cloud dish song crosses period of time to be able to broadcast failure.

  1. Netease cloud dish I had tried two songs (different) the situation that after the song uploads, covers each other
    Main reason is Netease cloud the song that uploads to give you matchs singer libretto cover automatically to comment on an area to wait a moment
    Resemble Baidu cloud dish same, existence file second is passed, the advantage is to take up the space is little, defect is source file makes mistake be completely annihilated
    Can consider Pr to turn code

  2. When I pass @totoro625, also did not see its second is passed. Every song was experienced upload + turn the process of the code. But after listening 9 days for the most part with respect to genuflect.

  3. Netease cloud to the cloud dish should be to open an eye to close a key point, after all copyright is little, unapt the Yun Pange that deletes an user

  4. @wxsm #3 downloaded end of Win10 edition client to experiment designedly, the second passes the 79 song 3/4 that I save from the line, time was on December 25, 2020 16:57:25
    Saw this getting on put full musical Yun Panji quickly before incidentally nevertheless empty (be like: All song of Zhou Jielun remains a come to an agreement or understanding not to cry only; All song that Chen Xue coagulates not remnant)
    If be time,do not pass too long if loginning, why the song that I upload 13 years still is in. . .
    Conveniently one search
    / T/545447
    / T/562914
    / T/623259
    / T/624871
    / T/665297
    / T/669591
    / T/687261
    / T/671893#r_8976554
    No matter be the cloud dish the music of music or hard disk of your existence this locality can be deleted
    Oh, was opposite, the government had refuted a rumor (on July 9, 2019) , , , , , but did not have really
    Fortunately I hear this locality music only

  5. Oneself upload the cloud dish song won’t of cutout, even if do not have copyright still can listen, even the song that your search does not have copyright to but cannot see a criticism, if the cloud dish in have that song fitly, can read a review.
    Early nevertheless need not Netease cloud, turn Applemusic

  6. The cloud dish be deleted to do not have had encountered. Mainland of certain even song does not have some to also won’t be deleted.
    The cloud dish the risk that to Netease actually it doesn’t matter matters, you cannot share the thing inside again, can oneself listen. So also not necessary delete

  7. When next wears Zhou Jielun songs a few years ago, I uploaded a lot of, still can listen now, do not know you circumstance of the what there.

  8. @manami

    Everybody, my song was not deleted, be ” broadcast failure ” . Namely, the cloud dish inside still can see, but the dot leaves, play the hint that gives to broadcast failure, cut a song automatically next,

  9. @wxsm #10 is your network problem most probably, suggest attempt of a few networks issues much switch, perhaps uninstall reshipment.

  10. I trust only this locality. Put tripartite cloud dish where day does not have copyright broadcast not know clearly. Li Zhi’s song put Yun Panquan to do not have before

  11. Netease cloud music connects this locality cutout. The song that I make from other place also cutout
    Fortunately Uwp was done not have, buddhist monastic discipline edition of Netease cloud PC, this locality music basically hears only on computer, and begin alertly this kind of behavior

  12. @wxsm one by one eliminates.
    Did not contain the cloud for instance dish the song sheet of the song in has this kind of case. Perhaps apply trumpet test.
    Anyway this kind of condition that you say had not been encountered.

  13. I laughed at @proxychains, I download force the elder brother of elder brother not remnant. What song sheet gives cutout is clean.

  14. Netease cloud dish not stable

    I sometimes cutout perhaps uploaded
    List refresh can have randomly or without a few old uploading records

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