Lock of solution of face of mobile phone person is held out occasionally really chicken ribs, I offer a new mutual plan

It is actually so return a responsibility, say to go to the lavatory above all on lock of solution of beyond question dactylogram is the most convenient, because need not angle of bureau be confined to ah the light (part) ah of what, want to come how how.
But the glove is worn namely when my individual feels dactylogram solves Suo Wei to be bothered when helper of other perhaps setting is wetter. .

Above reachs the circumstance of consensus to fall, ,
At present most homebred machine is dactylogram + the plan that person face double solution locks up, but used dactylogram solution lock should be below the setting of 90% above actually, lock of person face solution just is in bright screen when apprentice adds power comsumption. .
So I feel to should offer a new plan: Identify person face a pushbutton that changes Cheng Suobing to go up, when dactylogram identifying is difficult every pushbutton sparks again person face identifies. . . . Perhaps be more intelligence a few, when dactylogram fails for many times open person face identifies auxiliary. . . .

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29 thoughts on “Lock of solution of face of mobile phone person is held out occasionally really chicken ribs, I offer a new mutual plan

  1. There is the mobile phone of dactylogram for the most part now, it is identify person face and dactylogram at the same time when solution is locked up, match to be able to solve a lock.
    So what reason abandons this kind of plan, choose you this kind of more troubled program?

  2. Experience of bilateral case user is very good, manufacturer why bring owls to Athens? The manufacturer need not care about sequel again boat of add of that a bit batteries, be only too anxious to batteries has died to let you have the power that exchanges a mobile phone rapidly.

  3. Do not have face of person of dactylogram of necessary SamSung S9 to go
    Regular habit dactylogram solves a lock
    The mobile phone is taken to shine automatically if wearing a glove screen person face solves a lock
    Wear a glove to wore a mouth to overspread take iris of mobile phone bright screen to solve a lock
    Trashy too other mobile phone does not know other what circumstance

  4. If SamSung mobile phone is direct Smart Lock of open mobile phone is more convenient if forgetting to say to have SamSung intelligence facility how to want not to know an individual to did not feel a company as to manufacturer of mobile phone of add boat problem / have in the home wireless charge board disappear noisy

  5. Millet informs bright screen is to won’t spark what person face identifies, only the hand moves bright screen to just meet open person facial identifying, OK also of course direct setting

  6. This plan still innovates not quite. Should continue down train of thought, if dactylogram fails for many times, open person face identifies; So if person face identifies failure, open sound instruction identifies; If sound instruction identifies failure, open design solves a lock; If design explains lock failure, test and verify of open Pass Code; If Pass Code test and verify fails, open serves trade account test and verify; If serve failure of trade account test and verify, test and verify of open safety problem; If safe problem test and verify fails, that is brushed rapidly brush a hand, retry try dactylogram

  7. @monkey110 #6 the function that this is the buy inside Google Play Services actually. Generally speaking, in outfit Google is covered kind of former unripe Android above, the Trusted Agents inside security setting is ticked off on Google Smart Lock can be used.

  8. If these two means that solve a lock are bad to use, should be to raise the 3rd kind of kind that solve a lock, for instance sound solves a lock. . .

  9. Compare facial solution lock actually, I still like iris to solve a lock.

    Iris>Malic countenance>Dactylogram of key of Suo Ni side>Install eminent countenance>Openly key-press dactylogram>Screen of = of rear key-press dactylogram leaves fingerprint

  10. That original poster is too annual without the experience the time that dactylogram has an in part at least because of cost off a skin is different, identify the case that does not come out completely.

  11. @Johnny168 can defeat solution this with recording.
    And if give sound to solve a lock, affirmative meeting somebody sets the comic dialogue of a paragraph of Guo Degang to Suo Bing.

  12. The original poster can see the algorithm solving a lock of the dactylogram below Mate20 Pro screen, mate30 does not have understanding.

  13. Face of almost complete without me of the dactylogram below screen choose and employ persons. But is dactylogram more convenient than person face really? (astonish)

    “But used dactylogram solution lock should be below the setting of 90% above actually “
    Does this word have data to prop up?

    Other outsider face identifies make a few more original the mobile phone that does not support lock of this kind of solution supported through upgrading (pure software comes true) , but the dactylogram below screen is no good.

  14. When feeling by what the user solves a lock in no-go dactylogram, still ask to nod what go up by screen is facial identifying pushbutton is more the solution of actor, what which come is self-confident?

  15. Still think what plan, carry screen wakes up report of that bit of bad news to still add power comsumption in vain, this takes off trousers fart is pulled really

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