K notes the difference that notes with M bigger and bigger

Door mouth KM each one, the space is similar
K writes down macula to list as follows:
I what you like do not sell (Taco, 5)
Taste can newly to compare black makings (XX of XX stay of proceedings)
Mobile dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed gets one B, if,I write down the deal that often buys in M total prices 100, go K is written down have to small 150
When there is activity of bucket of half price fried chicken before, want to come to a pail, the accused knows to be not done, scamper (2) boiler (4) scamper
The particle discovers after a few days again sold without fried chicken bucket, scamper chicken can be bit odder
When waiting for a person, KFC bought a fried chicken to fill stomach yesterday, lute leg is so small that lute leg at first sight thinks it is wing root…
It is passerby from now on, do obeisance to do obeisance to you

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99 thoughts on “K notes the difference that notes with M bigger and bigger

  1. The chicken of M is not delicious, hamburger still goes, and I feel the chili of M has a problem, should be gigantic hot synthetic chili element, eat every time need have loose bowels

  2. I and the person beside pour @murmur #1 is the chicken of 5G chicken Yuan Chaoyuan flavour that feels M goes out newly this consistently. Look in my individual, bavin of mouthfeel of raw ingredient chicken and cortical the sense that gives a person always a kind of get damp

  3. Does nobody feel the wing of sweet hot chicken of KFC is very delicious?

    Level is very high, eat every time very delicious. .

    And the hot wing of Mcdonald’s, either general hot.

  4. Had eaten to put acerbity chicken platoon before, enrage so that all my things the dot buckle a table to went up to go at that time, in the future also had not gone again K is written down

  5. Do not know how this both piquancy comes, when eating actually hot degree of sense is common kind, but hot move is very sharp when pulling. Do not eat hard with the buttock into me?
    Under photograph comparing, of M hot degree a few taller ~

    I eat the raw ingredient chicken of KFC with respect to love, additional. . . Recommend an Up advocate ” rascally monkey loves cate ” , take you to open the gate ~ of new world

  6. Kendeji is tasted newly much, although do not have too big innovation, but be being compared with Mcdonald’s is strong simply several streets.

    Mcdonald’s all the year round is those a few products, this locality is changed also do not do, do not know to doing what?

    The potato that does not cross Mcdonald’s it is to compare other snack inn to want really some more delicious, may be used oil different? Still have salt.

    Hot wing I feel not bad, the inn that feels different is hot degree different, but I feel very OK, likelihood and I am Hunan person is concerned.

  7. The fort of hot drumstick of hot wing wheat that M writes down is hot really, eating every time is have loose bowels + 1 still have oral cavity ulcer

  8. Since the clerk quality that I discover K and quality (the age, appearance appearance) when having apparent difference than M, do not go K. K is age is old, and the manner is bad also. No matter,M is young men and women, and coverall also can compare K cleaner and neat.

  9. . . . Upstairs cannot eat so hot, I feel M hot wing is firm how just, the chicken of raw ingredient of & of the wing that bake of K is returned row

  10. What eat M at ordinary times is much, the it may not be a bad idea of 5G fried chicken that gives newly eats, kendeji is sweet nevertheless hot drumstick fort or invincibly

  11. Just wrote down small order to issue one sheet in M
    Not of element bully fort of double deck ox + in potato + in but 23
    Match Mai Le chicken along with the heart + sweet taro is sent 12
    Match double deck Ji Shibao along with the heart + pineapple is sent 12
    Chicken of wheat barley fragile juice 2 + potato case + in but 35

    Trashy any , 2 hamburger, 2 fried chicken, 2 potato, 2 coke, 2 cliques, 1 chicken piece, 82 of add up to

  12. I also do not like @murmur of M hot, the feeling resembles chemical complex. . .
    Besides potato and sweet canister and beef, did not feel other to be able to have compared K. . .

  13. Of KFC taste newly go up commonly line time is very short, and dining-room of generous of a few stream of people, basically 9 weeks with respect to be in short supply. It is so much of replenish onr’s stock probably, sell stop namely.

    But I feel KFC mainland is changed is those who do is good really, and cheap really, buy a check 30 money 90 days, breakfast lowest 3.6, choose 5 money to fluctuate commonly, with my appetite, midday is not hungry, afternoon tea two 10 yuan, add up 15 money, solved breakfast and lunch.

    Like raw ingredient chicken this is planted, walk along member quantity to peddle, can go to a 6.8 probably, be material benefit.

  14. Like the hot wing of M most, eat 4 the least every time, do not have have loose bowels.
    The K service of door mouth is true rubbish, die slow, dining-room is very dirty also.

  15. The hamburger potato of burger king sincerity is pretty good, k flogs besides raw ingredient chicken and egg this is expensive not delicious, m pretty good all the time

  16. Hot wing has the same feeling very much, like to eat very much before, family member wh whoever eats now feel too hot

  17. Telling truth burger king is really sweet outside be being nodded recently, sell with certificate formula of a kingly fort ability 30 write down M to write down eating bright than K much

  18. K is written down eat chicken, m writes down breakfast hamburger, as to prandial hamburger, still have store of a lot of hamburger.

  19. How is flesh of @chenyu8674 chicken breast done bavin, drumstick flesh ability is delicious, if be the lover that reduce a cost,eat pigeon breast meat with respect to the habit

  20. @chenyu8674 loves those who eat raw ingredient chicken to state this ability is the marrow of raw ingredient chicken. It is done with high-pressured blast boiler, similar half evaporate the mouthfeel of half blast.
    Nevertheless KFC also has raw ingredient chicken to be able to eat only, other is to do worse to eat more really.

  21. The hamburger that M writes down is delicious, gigantic Aiangesibao and not of element bully (not of element bully the formula wants only 22 simply too conscience)
    The hamburger that K writes down does not like, have a fort crossing an ox gigantic insipid, of keck the sort of. Suck shows raw ingredient chicken likes
    Overall feeling M is written down compare K to write down low-cost and the service is better

  22. Turn topic of fart of excrement make water.

    The fried chicken hamburger of K is delicious still, but M really cheaper.

  23. Kfc has raw ingredient chicken, other dot of collocation of what of the wing that bake still also goes, m is written down it is good to go knowing to eat what every time, this plants hamburger staple food except

  24. I and work in the same placing have golden arched door only I go every time arch eats only of 12 deserve to buy two double deck along with the heart Ji Shihan fort + medium zero + so big chicken is discharged + small Xindeyi compares freeboard with respect to 24 sexes price in all

  25. It is cheap to feel M is written down all the time delicious, and also did not feel to meet have loose bowels (because never have hot dog head) . Be in nevertheless we here K summary is far over M is written down and hit advertisement more

  26. I do not have @bubuyu #4 thing Ye…

    Did not eat KFC several years, what like exclusively is egg whip, other category is delicious without M. Return gigantic expensive

  27. M bluff is written down than mobile K expensive several times, medium the letter does an activity to discount appearance then, become oneself really a card. Taste M is to compare K to have safeguard of course, all sorts of M products always feel some closer year will shrink smaller more, do not know what because burger king exists,arise is illusive.

  28. Since walk into burger king, from now on Km is passerby. . . Emperor fort, the leg with sweet any of several hot spice plants, gallinaceous box. . . That, bittern boils scamper (2) boiler (4) , the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics? ?

  29. I have @murmur the industry is relevant information, chili element is not complex, will condense through extract, really gigantic hot, but natural still.

  30. K and M had eaten, feel K pretty suits me, what I can eat is smooth, nodded in M before gigantic without bully formula, eat two not to want to eat again

  31. At the beginning I order meal with small order, eat a little while, mcdonald’s public date can have an evaluation to push send, what an operation sends 5 money is medium potato certificate, change with integral next board burn + in but certificate, add up I remember probably many bits 20, still must nod to bar, small order have more than is needed this two certificate, this two activities were done not have later.

    Again next, mcdonald’s gave 3 formulas of 22 money, namely the formula of correspondence of 3 kinds of hamburger, did not know to have now.

    Now, I nod Mcdonald’s board burn a formula + chicken of Mai Mai fragile juice, more than 40, very bright.

    Anyhow, m is true petty gain.

  32. Like the hot wing of M very much, and I feel is not very hot, it is OK to can have hot person normally accept, that sensory it’s nothing that is K instead tastes

  33. Since Kendeji was not had been to again after 2015. Chinese K is to won’t go.
    Go commonly burger king eats beef kind fort, go M eats chicken kind.
    But the discrepancy of the inn service quality of different burger king and product is great really is unusual.

  34. KFC wants a mobile phone to nod sheet into inn, connecting car dining-room is; M writes down somebody accost, it is a Qing Dynasty shedding simply.

  35. Can buy Mcdonald’s breakfast formula to eat, to my individual, breakfast hamburger is more delicious than prandial hamburger

    Did not change favourable strength to older burger king recently too

  36. The individual chooses: Mcdonald’s: Or of fort of wheat hot drumstick board carbonado leg fort / wing of wheat hot chicken Kendeji: Old Beijing chicken coils / gallinaceous rice is beautiful / the egg flogs

  37. You are blown hold the post of you to blow you black hold the post of you Hei Jingong door points to raw ingredient chicken without suck, so I or choice agree make chicken

  38. Him poor does:
    9.5kg inscription base platoon of dazzle hot drumstick, 260
    12kg fine potato, 148
    300ml pyxis installs coke 96 bottles, 128
    Boiler of gas flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil 200 degrees, drumstick discharges two sides 8 minutes each, when fried chicken leg is discharged incidentally chips
    Coke is written down ice is well
    Buy bit of lettuce, break water of in a state of excitement of a few leaf every time, rise drumstick platoon bag eat, do not deserve lettuce also goes
    Biscuit did not want, do not love, not full word is much scamper drumstick platoon, or scamper dot earths up a root, again the potato of deal of big potato of much perhaps flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, anyway cheap

    Inscription radical is Mcdonald’s supplier, taste is no problem
    Need not queue up, need not wear the eat such as guaze mask, won’t eat cool hamburger and soft potato

    600, control 3 times every week, buy before the Spring Festival, drumstick platoon eats now, return remnant a lot of potato
    Hear drumstick of cany any of several hot spice plants discharges it may not be a bad idea to eat, already fell odd

  39. Choice of @leisummer United States is too much, eat these two why? Fried chicken eats Popeyes and Jollibee, after going back to the motherland, I think all the time eat

  40. One of these day the series of sweet bittern barbecue that be seized by a whim ordered KFC, within an inch of did not eat spit cough up, estimation must rest again ability can buy a large half an year

  41. I record impression to M very good, gave half an year of traffic accident suspend one’s schooling in one’s childhood, 18 lines small town is written down without M at that time and K is written down, next I am making a noise to want to eat, the family member takes me, taking what wheelchair goes.
    Impression is very deep is K after be being written down also nobody canal, everybody this how appearance how appearance, regular point eat takes technological process, wheelchair inconvenience, the person that help does not have.
    But M writes down my true Jing, when going in, can help carry me go in, sitting wheelchair is not quite good the table with sit regular moved a table to me, choose infant formula, counterjumper sees me take errant idea to like which toy, gave me one a complete set of directly, next elder sister of counterjumper young lady still accompanies me to play, face still use pat stand so that close to I and blue La Lu to illuminate a piece. The photograph still is staying to now.

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