16 thoughts on “Is working hind bad really to search female (male) friend?

  1. With simple ” after the job ” 3 words did not concern really.
    3 buildings had said in front at 3 o’clock, continue downstairs compensatory

  2. Do in the school very good look for a girlfriend (boy friend) like,

    Nevertheless, the school and society, evaluation level is different also.

  3. The word says, after programmer works lone not much, the colleague beside is basic it is to have a girlfriend, and colour cost is not low

  4. Depend on working environment opposite sex Duobuduo, anyway if issued a class to still must go out technically to look for a girlfriend,I feel too tired.

  5. Encounter to like, and two people are together live very in harmony, not be an easy thing originally. Greater part person is lifetime spends below the circumstance that does not have love, you should accept this fact.

  6. A n experienced person tells you, the girlfriend is bad to search, friend of female artillery piece is quite much, the key is that common saying: Implement had lived not to stick a person greatly

  7. @ttleWhite actually, I raise a dog, taking a dog to go out to play at ordinary times, organic meeting meets many girls that like a dog, think method adds small letter next, in understanding it is lone, basically be willing to add you of small letter is lone, basically also can come out about, eat a meal, see evening performance movie as far as possible (search particularly far from her home) , look for an excuse to say too late, outer live one evening with respect to success will come when conditions are ripe. Basically did not refuse to this pace, can go up.

    How to explore is the other side the woman that follows a gender? Stand by intentionally at ordinary times, make some of human body contact, it is OK to do not revolt, of revolt do not spend effort immediately, that is wasteful time, immediately 88 ~

    Attention, nobody is amative talent, those who want wide net, 10 wish you add you of small letter, 4 go up to had calculated to you very successful

    Still have, oneself condition is very fundamental, what you grow is handsome (not handsome go face-lifting, male now face-lifting is not curious) , rich, do figure or dress have savour (must there be an on 10 thousand yuan watch on the hand at least? ) , must occupy at least. Otherwise the first pace adds small letter to be able to be rejected.
    The woman is as Philistine as the man become reconciled color, outside taking a fancy to a man to not have with respect to this at 3 o’clock.

    Of course, you had had a girlfriend, perhaps married, calculated, play return play, you are lone and informal do, nobody censures you in moral level. . . . Otherwise, have some of cannot be justified or explained away.

  8. It is some more difficult to gave zoo nature to hit hunt #16 building of 6 fly. Raise a dog to be able to attract a girl really but lease a building do not have that condition to raise commonly

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