Is Prometheus give an alarm regular (Rule) support is short of in data is condition of give an alarm maintained not to produce change when breaking?

An Alert is in Prometheus after Active, if regulation shows line out showed data to be short of mediumly,break, the meeting is direct this Alert Inactive, method avoids this appearance? Data is short of Alert still maintains to be in Active condition when breaking.

Because of the problem that is carried by monitoring, can appear now and then data is short of break, for instance original should foothold of 1 minute of a number, suddenly some minute is nodded without data, this kind of phenomenon can happen one day a certain number of second, cause give an alarm frequent be shut, deeply its are irritated.

Have temporarily solution, what inquire the index in Rule to cycle is installed namely is a bit longer, set for instance for 5 minutes, 5 minutes of probability that do not have data are very low, but the understanding that can affect staff of general use dimension so, they are very fathomless this is logistic.

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