Is in the salary of Java 1.5w of Shanghai back end need met some of what technology? To what degree?

Want to change the job, but the technique that does not know Shanghai takes the salary of 1.5w to need what level now

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15 thoughts on “Is in the salary of Java 1.5w of Shanghai back end need met some of what technology? To what degree?

  1. Ask these doing not have what meaning, same technology, the different position pay that is in different company is different also. You are inferior to asking directly, some branch of some company, want to need what kind of technology probably.

  2. Look with respect to my individual additionally. Is 15k like the base pay that is a normal and intermediate programmer? Graduate 9 years normally, did a few projects to be able to be taken seriously to

  3. Is duty hind still before duty? The word Java before duty is enrolled since general 12K, can write simple page to add CRUD to have 15K for certain independently. 965 position are this prices almost, if 996, the likelihood is added again 30% to 50% .

  4. @gz911122
    Be in Shanghai together, I also feel most person lives in different world in I and comment.
    12-15 is not tall really, understand with respect to me but also still a lot of take 7-10

  5. @newGamingLife

    Yes. . The feeling is not a world, feel the word of eliminate big plant, be in medium or small company, 15k is basic the ability some that is 3 years of more mature above.
    The company of 996 does not calculate.

  6. @gz911122 is mixed besides big plant 996, basic not quite overwork traditional industry small company, the position of 15K is very much, the demand is very low also. Working fixed number of years is a few longer, can do ” technical manager ” , can take 20K. So-called technology manager, it is simple project management and technical assault fortified positions, solve difficulty miscellaneous disease sometimes, talk about demand with the client even.

  7. This variance does not have law answer greatly very much

    You understand evening spelling evening is this year’s unripe compensation understood

  8. @gz911122 still wants those who see a company. Consider the two development salary in close of level of same home company possible in Shanghai a lot of poorer. Nevertheless 18-20 is a bank. It is a bit difficult that upgrade goes to did not choose true time. (also be to find new job likely very too little, accurate to neither one of industry compensation level understand)

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