Is budgetary 1w controlled advocate do video to pack old man people help see next black apples configure?


1. basically makes use scene is to do video to pack, with Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci, AE, C4D+octane this kind of software is compared much, want to preview, apply colours to a drawing time is a few faster.

2. shows clip must N gets stuck, cannot use graph effective framework show clip. (because want to use Octane plug-in unit)

3. hard disk cannot be 981 series

4. shows screen wants color more accurate the sort of

5. can play game now and then, GTA5, civilized, bizarre life of what.

Deploy program at present:

Lead plane: I7 8700

Show clip: GTX 1070ti of huge rock radium

Memory: Corsair avenger DDR4 3200 16G*2

Advocate board: Ability fine Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro

Radiator: Owl Noctua NH-D15

Solid state hard disk: Western data SN750 1T

Power source: 600W of Great Wall power source

Box: Divide form craft Define C

Box fan: Owl NF-A14

Indication screen: Er LV273HQPX 1 of AOC Lu Wa

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13 thoughts on “Is budgetary 1w controlled advocate do video to pack old man people help see next black apples configure?

  1. OCtane X is the closest already inside measure supportive AMD to show clip. Below the consideration wait-and-see first?

  2. So saying basically is Nvidia has abandoned MacOS drive developing, do so you still need to be gone to dead in choose N to get stuck?

  3. @wclebb is right, supportive A got stuck

    @yuguantou 1w can go up 97k, medicinal powder piece 2300 the left and right sides

    Brother is about immediately 10.16, perhaps new software may support 10.13.6 have bit of egg to ache, convenient dot upgrades after still getting stuck with A

    Does Z390 Aorus Pro seem to have WIFI version only?

    9700K + Z390 AORUS Elite is enough, suit petty gain, many bits 3000

    Power source: 600W of Great Wall power source? ? ? Change a good place power source, do not differ that 200

  4. This can get stuck with A word with right @wclebb from last year the bottom is wait-and-see to now with a ha breath out

  5. If use the card of core of RX 570 Vega, do not install 10.15 systems, install 10.14.6, 10.15 what to install normal thinking spends FCPX this kind of software is lazy do not work

  6. @yuguantou congress of developer of this month Apple, can have 10.16 introductions, preview edition may be fast also

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