IPhone charges desultory

Equipment IPhone11, systematic Ios13.5.1, when charging, classics him regular meeting disconnects to charge afresh again, one charges the process can occur ten times probably, but either all the time such, a month can produce this kind of situation a few times only, thinking before me is to charge the mouth has a problem, but I was changed wireless charge to still can happen, has somebody encountered similar situation

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10 thoughts on “IPhone charges desultory

  1. + 1. I think interface is bad all the time, still changed a line. But after restarting cannot reproduction. Pass a few days to begin again.

  2. + when 1 13.5.1 charges, clew sound often charges since the noise, screen is not bright. Changed former outfit line + former outfit head, tripartite line, wireless charge metropolis reproduction.

  3. @dobelee
    So looking should be common fault, but my search have ago had appeared of this problem, do not have recently, do not know how should solve

  4. The IPhone11 with this calorific love on my hand did not appear this circumstance, 18W PD head mixes used a less known and inferior brand line of tripartite of Mfi attestation C2L

  5. How does XS overcome head and line to still had changed battery, did not appear Ios14 Beta3 of this kind of circumstance

  6. Changed wireless charge to as before the problem still holds out a trouble, I think is only end is inserted have a problem

  7. IOS13 has this problem really, charge the meeting in road is noisy, IOS14 is used to now to do not have this problem

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