Interview uses Zoom, of small letter video, be afraid of await the person that choose online check? ?

Is interview official after all how think? ? ? Without the method of method?

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21 thoughts on “Interview uses Zoom, of small letter video, be afraid of await the person that choose online check? ?

  1. Bit stricter word should meet those who ask have two seat numbers photograph those who resemble a head. Another photographs requirement resembling a head to take your side, the upper part of the body enters lens entirely.

  2. It is efficiency problem actually, if the edge searchs an edge to solve a problem, answer freely with dab (it is impracticable actually) , also be a talent

  3. It which check is so good to which check check. Should you take an exam? You can accomplish successive interlocution can a minute in find the solution. Next doesn’t the look leave interview officer? This kind of skill itself is very fierce

  4. The person that interview asks when the problem enters blind lane, I am to let interview tries to look up, see him solve the method of the problem usually incidentally

  5. If you ask the problem is can immediately online fish comes, might as well review next titles that you give to have a sense.
    Face examination questions should be OK by shallow into discuss greatly, is not like fill a vacancy,
    “What is object-oriented character? “What is object-oriented character??
    “Enclose successive much condition “
    “The answer is right “
    What do such interview have to use, you might as well ask
    “Are you based on object-oriented thought to design those module? Specific how come true? What problem did object-oriented amid solve? Whether be necessary? Whether be necessary??
    Such problem should not can check now.

  6. OK, candidate of reach a standard of interview official standard Chabucha won’t have too big effect to evaluating a result. . .

  7. If show the rate that check to be able to catch up with the speed that the person that must be familiar with answers by memory, the competence of this person also is to be different from general strong, enrol coming in also is those who be no problem

  8. After interview of the person that think of an interview is over, groove is spat to say I manage how interview official didn’t ask a technology the question such as the foundation in Boss (it is bedcover actually the question that tries an official beat cannot reply) . Ask technical principle the likelihood to a lot of people have bottom line title to prepare directly, if be,ask specific use setting and necessity to wait for a copy kept as a record that derives a problem to be able to see whether this person is true quite.

  9. Can short time searchs a solution be close friends than mechanical memorizing, a lot of things should have only probably impression, when needing can it is good that ferret comes, not necessary what is carried on the back

  10. Written examination when, be absent interview person before invigilate, do not install a few to photograph beside him like the head, be afraid that he takes a mobile phone to check the answer?
    How does HR think after all? Without the method of method?

  11. Face knew, unless you are prophetic it what way other people asks the problem is placed next is good that what way other people asks the problem is placed next

  12. Online check general impossible!

    Nevertheless I have a friend is so of the operation! The knowledge a few concepts did an advantage to stick stick on square frame of screen behind the curtain!

    See advantage stick li of key to undertake replying next. . For instance structure of Redis bouncing watch won’t pay close attention to this kind usually, but the circumstance that total somebody can ask. . . .

  13. Girl a few days ago graduate student interview, also be the interview on the net, double seat number, one takes a person, one takes screen, must show a hand.

  14. Common company interview far from whether do you check Care data.
    The online examination paper that makes before me even is direct bright say, the browser is shut please have nothing to do page, protect examination questions page and a page that are used at examining a data only.

  15. If use the word that obtains from cerebrum according to the analogy from memory access, got data at least to pass Io 2 times from the webpage (search engine, webpage) , effective rate can calculate mechanical hard disk only at most.

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