\” interstellar pass through \” when lie between 6 years of cutback, look explode!

Have unripe year ah ~
Still going to school 14 years, go at that time the cinema looks is excessive is begged simply. . .
This must IMAX goes, the Top3 XD in memory
Forgot to say, 8.2 are shown.

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99 thoughts on “\” interstellar pass through \” when lie between 6 years of cutback, look explode!

  1. I still remember looked 2014 interstellar pass through, sit in the cinema very of back row left, when looking for the first time, element looked too much probably, detail is to was bought ” interstellar pass through ” then Ben Shucai understands slowly. Now eventually cutback, look explode!

  2. Had looked 14 years to also issue La Guangcun to wear.
    But if ask otherwise wants to look again? Can look again for socialization.

  3. Because of epidemic situation the cinema was not opened here, do not know can the film can hold out my here cinema to open.
    If do not look to go up to want really again,regret this all one’s life

  4. The IMAX that first show looks the following day too was worth is I had seen best IMAX movie this time cutback wants to taking the child to go together look

  5. Where can look? Changsha here, 10 thousand amount to App, cat eye, all did not show 8.2 have new shown filmHttps://i.loli.net/2020/07/27/gHeoJdPf8DznOj3.jpg

  6. And see news say recently ” beautiful magnolia ” also because of certain reason, defer showed, feeling ” interstellar pass through ” a bit dangerous also…

  7. 1, much before New Year favour has looked interstellar the IMAX that pass through, interstellar nevertheless the IMAX that pass through is 2D, although also very shake, but also do not want too expect too, the individual feels main or phonic effect shock slants much
    The experience of the cinema is not quite 2, good really now, beverage eats take do not go in, outside letting compulsively put the door. Cancelling beverage not to enter the arena before this regulation, oneself are not to plan to continue.
    Shenzhen of 3, coordinate a certain large market, IMAX brightness is moved very lowly, the brightness of the IMAX below normal circumstance is done not have so low, because cost is controlled during epidemic situation,the feeling is, key became low brightness, the experience is not quite good.

  8. When at first view this is asleep in the cinema.
    From science fiction piece in light of angle, this film not how good-looking, just make very excellent.

  9. This kind of film is in @fe619742721 to the home looks and go the cinema sees IMAX is not one and the same completely, of the universe vast basic sense sees in the home less than…

  10. The word feeling that more before New Year favour has seen gravity Imax consider the effect is in this interstellar pass through over
    Interstellar of course pass through the meeting is heavy brush

  11. Final regret is this an university on at that time did not go the cinema looks, looked to be astonished directly on computer from the back foolish drop, see IMAX this surely so

  12. University and roommate look together… the movies looks mistily, but ” Cornfield Chase ” it is good that I circulated for many times

  13. Remember see Imax 3d in those days
    A small window is being passed below tremendous Saturn is cosmic cabin when
    Special shake

  14. Should be close 10 years the most arrogant the science fiction film that force, had looked before, also can look this again
    The experience that excellent movie looks in the cinema is to exceed what look in the home far [there is domestic movie theater in the home]
    I just went last weekend the cinema saw wild animal city and will knock when happiness, although had looked, but the experience is very good still!
    And in Beijing common field 20, imax50, it is gratuitious simply

  15. @nnqijiu #19
    Has been @a4854857 #30 cinema shown ” interstellar pass through ” IMAX 3D edition?
    The film of the Kelisituofunuolan in impression does not have 3D version.

  16. Interstellar pass through the most arrogant place should be inside the film the concept time and space is shown faultlessly came out.

  17. @whiletrue #25 this very subjective, pilfer dream space of Nolan I also was asleep, the likelihood is me not quite get used to him narrative style is slower. Rhythm of science fiction film compares difference too slow to my impressions, contrary honest engraves Er to overcome me to feel very pretty good.

  18. Regard science fiction film as insufficient division, but atmosphere is pretty good really. Suit to look in the cinema very much.

  19. @Track13 is interstellar pass through or hold out of the division, after all the scientific guidance of backside is Kip Thorne
    And the student of department of a physics that there has been research in additional dimension respect as looks, it is more rigorous that I feel his set is returned

  20. @leeolsen hum, bird not the earth that the heavenly body feel well with the poisonous air of shit has a plant to must nod disease only, exceeding rigorous

  21. Still expect to direct edition of editing and rearrangement quite compared with this ” roam about the earth “
    Tell when looking in those days really, feel ” interstellar pass through ” Bug is very much… U1s1, black hole that specially good effect or very assist

  22. I say @leeolsen is insufficient division it is to show film centre of gravity is absent science fiction. Division the share that hold is too little, relapse instead answer namely so a bit thing.

  23. Set is very arrogant force. But the story does not like.
    Science fiction piece blew a long time, final it is an extraterrestrial

  24. Do not count on general collect masses to be able to enjoy the movie that understands this layer class

    Include the person on V2EX, basic also be general collect masses

    With a ha breath out breath out

  25. @Vegetable can say you are not an aerospace confusing only, some are dull before before half paragraphs of God, second half paragraph wonderful frame cannot be missed

  26. @KevinChan is done not have, if you had seen laser IMAX and CINITY won’t so said, IMAX because cinema and of different

  27. Itself still is not masses film, tell about also be affection not merely, a few implied idea or need had seen the movie ability of a few writing is comprehended to

  28. @Hucai #76 aerospace confuses the too wide also extensive of what, compare in my eye interstellar pass through the film that is worth to look became much went, even if be to attack,I feel of the street ” An De’s game ” also compare interstellar pass through to be worth to look more. The film of aerospace subject matter is too much, everybody taste is different, gravitation of heart of touchdown of Martian rescuing work this kind of film, I looked 45 times. Perhaps return somebody to like Shanghai fort

  29. Either, where to have after all look? ? ? See one lot the person is saying, didn’t I find shown cinema how? ? ? ?

  30. I also like not quite, story sex is not quite good, effect of seeing and hearing is not very important to my individual. Favorite person likes, the advantage of itself of boast boast film is compared say others ” look not to know the motion picture, cannot admire ” a lot of. The film action that does not like to oneself is black.
    Express oneself view, do not make assault and battery. How to return flagrant did different sound appear? Be group of rice of adjoining small gain garrison did V stand?

  31. A movie that loves most, the greatest science fiction piece, had looked not to fall 5 times, can go this for certain the cinema looks

  32. My bar, saying is good science fiction, do not have what science basis actually, it is apply mechanically only a few scientific names just. .

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