In June 2020, whether is half price HomePod worth to buy?

To now the price of 1150, can broadcast music only, and the intelligent sound that video has delay, is the value undeserved buy? (actually mug-up is moved

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38 thoughts on “In June 2020, whether is half price HomePod worth to buy?

  1. If prefer,is bit of background music in the house, still hold out a value.
    Acoustic quality price compares highest intelligent sound box. Not one of.

  2. @codex #3 hears 2 generation went out quickly, be afraid of be aed string of 1 hit by new fund
    Hahaha buys @kop1989 #1 again smooth storehouse

  3. @locy #5
    @bubuyu #6
    @idealhs #7
    Let a talent the friend buys on sb’s behalf, seem to be held out continuously long, also ability just knows

  4. @linxiaoniao idle fish looked, it is activity of employee half price. The Apple employee of idle fish closes 100 buy on sb’s behalf expend

  5. How do I see @murmur #11 evaluation says is the skill that remnant acoustic quality takes
    Does @Eagleyes #10 still have such demands. . .

  6. 61 have price of a batch of Bug, the Bose C50 of 950. I was added in idle fish 200 bought.
    Be worth to buy more unlike Homepod?

  7. @linxiaoniao apple gives what to always media is blown, the sense that comparative evaluation gives me anyway is Homepod bass too much, arrive more burnt

  8. @BlackSas #16 utility is like not quite same, was inferior to be being bought
    @changhai #18 has the delay of 2 seconds allegedly
    @ihook2005 #19 has let friend side had been bought a few times, employee price is true sweet

  9. If if household of intelligence of one caboodle Homekit needs one each to move,changing pilot family centre, can go up

  10. The sells Homepod recently cheater on idle fish is much, add of 100 basic it is cheater, 350 similar regular price, seem not much also

  11. @Maskeney #28 Homekit has 2 bulb to follow a desk lamp only, but already family bucket still want to try HomePod so

  12. I buy on salty fish.
    1150 it is employee price, but proceed with is 1500.
    Government-owned net delivers goods, really quality goods.
    I use control family device, hear a song. The most pressing want to awake in the morning hear news (national condition all up) .

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