IMac screen becomes dusky, be to should retire?

The IMac 27 that 13 the end of the year buy inch, used 6 years many, do not have hour of discontinuous and average daily 8~12 almost. At present systematic version OS X EI Captian.

Screen looks to resembled cheating a light mirage, hour of the one or two after switching on the mobile phone, still can return to normal, become clear.

This kind of circumstance has lasted lunar beyond, I think all the time is I use an eye excessive, the eye gave an issue, just knowing in light of others please today was to misunderstand his.

Is this IMac screen life arrived?

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15 thoughts on “IMac screen becomes dusky, be to should retire?

  1. This screen has bit of nerve, switch on the mobile phone half hours in the morning dusky, after just restarting, be normal. I suspect is hardware issue, be still systematic issue?

  2. Either, be bad, the monitor that passes 10 years I am useful still, a bit problem is done not have, you are not life problem this, it is quality problem

  3. @wclebb grey spot still was not solved on 2019 edition, I was used did not give this issue to a year, trade hold already freely, apple Care + has been surely option

  4. Talent use environment of compose a quarrel is concerned, but the person that this problem says on the net is too much, have domestic and internationally, the feeling is design flaw, I 2015 mix two 2019 to have this problem

  5. May voltage problem? Voltage of report of 1 examination town is stable: Usable vertical fan, open the slowest first gear to look to whether there is very big difference with the rotate speed in the evening by day next / or volmeter
    2 hold to hardware of computer power supply to whether give an issue
    Old before red rice also has this state. Dark, next the brim is flickering.

  6. Grey spot, the material that high temperature of electric equipment component volatilizes arrives outside screen on glass. Settle way, pull down the screen outside glass is clean.

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