If use Sql database to inquire data, cannot use Join statement, in application the layer undertakes Join, is that still necessary to use Sql database?

If data inquires the requirement cannot use Join in the database, can be only in the program Join, is that still necessary to use Sql database?

fractionation of a service many services, deploy is on different server node, if the database of every service stores when data only, be still necessary to use Sql database? If return useful, does that serve interior to still have Left Join demand namely?

Below this circumstance, if need not Sql database, that can consider documentation database, kv database, the database that list type?

Everybody has done the programmer of tiny service, does every service of your fractionation still use Sql database? If be, why is that used? Does the database inquiry that serves interior still have Left Join demand? Still use a convention with Sql database, do not understand other database? If used other Nosql databases, is what use then which?

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7 thoughts on “If use Sql database to inquire data, cannot use Join statement, in application the layer undertakes Join, is that still necessary to use Sql database?

  1. The Redis that sees you have money to buy A Liyun then or the Nosql database of Mongodb and so on
    Never mention it oneself are built, with respect to oneself actual strength of that bit of carry dimension saves a province later period blast was over completely

  2. The fractionation that serves so is very important, the consideration wants on the design namely additionally redundantly

  3. The use concern that there is interior management system only now database is more. What serve external is basic it is comprehensive Redis, the big data demand of in-house volume level basically ES, more designs that use wide list to avoid Join, use HBase for example or ES such.

  4. Mysql? Unless you first Join is good, otherwise oneself do not have a database in program Join fast, the database has kind of several kinds of Join at least, OK and best choose

  5. The database uses the means that disk page chooses as burl, it is memory resource, function, data is abiding the implementation way that changes each respect balance. But this develops special trouble. You go searching to Github can abiding the tree that change, or is Mmap means limitation is very big, or was to restrict K, the data of V or length, or Leveldb and so on is very flabby calm. Of Leveldb incorporate regularly arrange can take up when data comes up a large number of memory, with every the size of memory file has very big concern. At this o’clock I am taking the test and verify when the Tsm of Influxdb stores engine checks. And Redis and so on basically is memory memory only, do not accord with abiding change a requirement. Because of demand for service, oneself developed, the ability after costing Bug of many time rehabilitate is usable. When still be being deleted after Value of existence train in excess specified length, the Bug that the page cannot reclaim completely. Extra work support also is a lot of other memory is not certain some

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