How will secure program a depressed place be in in two monitor border on?

Mbp is in on the right side of outside received a screen, I like to place program a depressed place in left (put in bottom I feel to wide screen monitor very occupy a space) .

How to secure program a depressed place now outer is those who receive monitor left (is the border on of two screen in) ?

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19 thoughts on “How will secure program a depressed place be in in two monitor border on?

  1. Can install inside program a depressed place, left below right please optional. Additional, inside indication setting can set program a depressed place is in which screen. Union rises, can achieve the original poster’s goal.

  2. @xuanbg ” indication setting ” in cannot the position that set program as fortified building.
    “Indication setting ” can set menu column is in which screen. However menu column appears on a screen only before; All now screen has menu column, what does this set still have to use, why not take out understood not quite.

  3. Step1: the program setting of a depressed place is left show; Step2: In monitor / in arranging, monitor receives outside pulling that white vitta go up.

  4. @SuperMari0 is specific how to operate, I had tried to be Mbp setting deputy screen, but the brim place of the big screen that program a depressed place can rise in whole joining together only, cannot be in joining together place

  5. @chendy separates a person, conceal come out to still get delay, and concealed me to do not have safe feeling, be afraid of miss message and so on

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