How to since,answer \” excuse me you so understand, you will do \”

Often encounter work in the same place or the friend seeks a help to me, but become me one time to explain hind, can the other side always say: ? You come to? of E pay cook a meal do, it is vexed very

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26 thoughts on “How to since,answer \” excuse me you so understand, you will do \”

  1. I feel the most crucial is the meaning that should distinguish this word actually. Is this word satirize or literal meaning after all?
    Because if be literal meaning, I imagine its setting very hard actually.

  2. Tell those who give you to explain with the form of the proposal and mood, add finally: It is so OK to do not know?

  3. I feel the original poster did not say clear, since,say ” directly commonly you so understand, you will do ” is to sneer at apparently, but because be the other side,look for the original poster actively, should not be this kind of circumstance, hope the original poster helps him work however, namely ” since this you understand, I do not understand, then you help my doing fall the meaning of ” , your technology is bit higher, your work in the same placing is bit lazier, this kind of problem actually very common, solve normally went. “I help you do this, you help me do XX ” , “I do not have time, you yourself are written first, write me to help you see next ” again.

  4. Friendly reply: “OK, anyway not difficult, nevertheless you must ask my feed. Nevertheless you must ask my feed..

    Notice ten million cannot let them 0 cost get assistance, otherwise they can become aggravated only.

  5. . . . Say to do not have directly empty ah, I should go to see a movie in the evening.
    This is much simpler, the meaning is, I have my life, you fasten shameless make me free work. .
    I feel youth how. . . Learn to won’t refuse? ? ? With respect to education from pupil teacher we should help others, but saying to help is not compulsory, helping ability is devoir. . . I am not terrible reject me, so I must give compensation, such I set my mind at, the other side also sets his mind at. Take money to handle affairs, much simpler.

  6. Have a friend, he talks with me a lot of with: You understand for coda.
    “This is a subentry that Html writes, do you understand? Do you understand??
    I answer probably answer him:
    “You so understand, I do not understand anyway “

  7. Understanding of @kop1989 #1 individual is literal meaning, actually setting is the other side was not understood or feel very troublesome, and the clear and logical that also sees me say, think oneself make very arduous energy of life again
    @respect11 #2 has gotten following responses:” You help me try fall “
    @bagheer #5 is OK, nevertheless collaboration of work in the same placing says so not quite appropriate, also can leave bad impression to others
    Also want to get along after @jasonyang9 #7
    @raaaaaar #8 with a ha breaths out haing outfit foolish fill be stupefied acquired
    @coderluan #9 is a methodological fair and reasonable
    @x86 #3 can be acquired
    @Cielsky #10 with a ha is breathed out it is OK and OK to breath out
    Hahaha acquired @Jimmy2Angel #11
    @GM #12 is good what you say is very good
    How does @PbCopy111 #13 say also have a few with the other side friendly relations is bad to make both sides too ugly

  8. @blasphemy #15 refuses and can not make you ugly. . . How does that word say to wear, want yourself not to feel awkward only, so awkward is others.
    I say to you, come over, extend the face come over, let me beat you. Do you reject me to you can feel ugly at that time? Instead you send, I just feel you are sick. . So, how does he look not to refuse your? Has he rejected you? You think.

  9. @paradoxs #16 really
    @oatw #17 with a ha is breathed out breath out me to also should learn with you
    @PbCopy111 #18 also gives advice or comments to thanking I have deviation to rejection understanding

  10. Do you come?
    I do not come.

    Are you to have the right that reject, sell with what reject subway mouth euqally simple and easy. Be afraid of be sneered at, that is another problem.

  11. If be the rate that be on speaking terms dare drive this kind of fun, I say ” billow boils ” ;
    If be average fellow worker dare say this word to me seriously, I say ” roll billow “

  12. “All right, that work in my hand you can be gotten look for a person to receive, remember everyday plan signs up for me “

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