How is you just can proving his to live in mental disease or in the world of plant person?

To the madman, perhaps think oneself are normal, exciting to the sense organ of the outside, verbal dialog can have a response that thinks logic is correct oneself, and oneself however muddy does not know like that, because he is all,acceptance information and the response to the outside do not escape to give oneself already the nerve organ of pathological changes, in this nerve already in the world of pathological changes, the outside transmits telecommunication of eye ear nose tongue the telegraphic date of date and oneself response, it is very reasonable.

To plant person, cerebrum also may fiction gives a logistic and regular world, fiction gives the telegraphic number of correct eye ear nose tongue, be similar to crock of medium head, there is charactizing a fine spring day in his world, the body that lies in on sickbed one pair of sleep deeply is nevertheless in the eye of alien, but the existence of all things in the world in oneself and the response to the outside are so reasonable with logic correct

This paragraph of time fears to see all the time all round colleague, be afraid of talk with them, fear oneself can be neuropathic by all round the person is derisive, and oneself however muddy does not know like that. How ability proves to oneself is not mental disease or it is plant person

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79 thoughts on “How is you just can proving his to live in mental disease or in the world of plant person?

  1. This cannot from card.
    The IO because of all your current information passes cerebrum, anyhow you also do not have a law from card you are in in people look ” condition ” .
    If the condition allows, can follow psychological doctor a little

  2. @kop1989 dare not see psychological doctor, I feel also can my fiction comes out this psychology doctor, I am in the likelihood in reality and confabulate of a telegraph pole talks, I think that is psychological doctor, the person bursts out laughing to looking at me all round this fool

  3. One of philosophical logion that I feel the fiercest are I consider reason I am in. This logic cannot be refuted, the front ” oneself ” be existence for certain, no matter this kind of existence is biology or AI or other what configuration, no matter he feels,feeling thing is objective and true still be signal imitate, but without can deny have necessarily ” oneself ” in experiencing these.

    But regretful is very difficult from ” I consider reason I am in ” inference gives next proposition.

  4. @kisshere that with respect to can do nothing about it, in case you feel the reply on V station also is your fiction comes out do how.

  5. If @kisshere #2 can be passed with oneself the ” of ” psychology doctor in the heart is communicated, make happy written guarantee, perhaps say slow and intense sentiment, also be effective. Even if he is electrical wiring pole, can loosen, also be good. Others laugh laughs. “Others ” the social interest that the view won’t affect us again.
    Following psychological doctor to chat is not for actually ” treat a disease ” , it is understanding be puzzled however. Psychological doctor is below more circumstances actually a kind ” teach ” , want to put smooth state of mind so.

  6. Somebody is mentioned above ” razor of abstruse card Mu ” , this principle is first-rate also, special ground connection is fortunately angry, have real sense, helpful to the person, proposal original poster goes understanding.

    Do not know the original poster is programmer, there is a kind of thought to be called in process designing ” duck type ” , if an object goes to resemble a duck, make resemble a duck, then we regard it as the duck became good.

    According to this principle, for instance you and fellow say, if this works in the same place to resemble a colleague on foot, conversation works in the same place like, then you regard him as a fellow became nice. Can you become a telegraph pole suddenly as to him? This is not had not changed, you waited for him to change really (cast piece unusual) it is unusually good to go handling again.

    Process designing still has an idea: Be being optimized prematurely is extremely evil source. You want to do namely now optimize prematurely, manage of place to go produces the situation with extremely low probability one kind (the colleague becomes telegraph pole suddenly, because the mankind returns not broken Jie Yuzhou all truths, this kind of circumstance happens really likely, but its produce probability low to negligible not plan) .

    An idiom cries ” suffer from imaginary fears ” , those who say is a surname state-owned a person, he is thinking ” the day can collapse suddenly come down ” , because fear,this thing happens, all the day worry is heavy.

    You say the day may collapse, also be possible, the sun is lighted likely, but here mainest problem is: Produce probability too low. Accordingly we can regard as first won’t happen.

    Cite a case again, actually we go out everyday very dangerous, it is certain that the car that we take, subway has probability happening hits a car, there is certain probability to be bumped into dead by the car of out of control when we walk, but do we go out is need planted for this is traffic accident and vexed?

    You experience you carefully to treat the state of mind of sudden traffic accident, you arrive as a child big never because worry about traffic is accident and very pained, trouble, is the result still not to have a thing in safety.

  7. @cmdOptionKana considers reason by me I am in inference is knowable I do not have a law to know I am hanged, because I am absent I am not thought of

  8. @dxgfalcongbit was hanged won’t ask ” I exist ” this problem, once asked ” I exist ” , prove I was not hanged.

  9. You because you feel,kink is mental disease or plant person is abnormal, or you feel others is abnormal, and mental disease or plant person is normal. You no matter the sort of position did not affect, do not have a fault. Include oneself, include others, accept different, next well living, went.

  10. Cannot from the head in card crock and with respect to the head in be a crock you also are broken away from without method come out

    Living accept reality to not be immersed in ego suspicion

  11. You are not plant person but it is not quite normal that I want to say you have some of mind really the should not make harm other profit only nevertheless issue that dispersive and dispersive attention tries not to think these are farfetched your ego how OK it may not be a bad idea of person of plant of mental it may not be a bad idea your ego excitement

  12. Go doing the business that oneself fear.
    Be in only when facing fear, you just know who just is whose host. Upstairs the < hacker that carry is Caesarean > also be to discover " mankind just is batteries so stopped " .

  13. Do not need to ponder over this kind of problem

    Because you do not have method to prove you are not crock of medium head likewise the imagination to the head in the crock, if you are willing,you can continue to cover child infinite layer, this no point

  14. It is work to be in the world of others how, want oneself only ” happy ” good, who can ensure we are not the batteries in lucky gram car again?

  15. Can prove. The head in the crock and mental disease are different still, the premise of the head in the crock is a hen calculate force can imitate everything, and mental disease is no good.
    Mental cerebra can do everything input imitate? Cannot, cannot assure the absolutely validity of the input, can the partial input that imitate cerebra can accomplish, this is OK of proof and card bogus, for example: Calculate force. Communicate with true person and should proving you are is not the person communication that comes out with imitate, very simple, when you look for individual and you to communicate, use add close algorithm to undertake communicating, for example AES, had communicated a Key each other, undertake communicating with close article next. If the imitate in yourself cerebra comes out this individual, “He ” cannot communicate normally with you apparently, cannot undertake because of the cerebra of average person AES is added close, calculate force without this, and real person is OK, he is OK have the aid of is exterior calculate force.
    Again extreme a bit, you go glancing bit money is newest the Hash of area piece, learn how area of money of bit of test and verify piece the validity of Hash, next test and verify, your cerebra is done not have so strong consider force OK the mine that imitate gives so tall gouge calculating force to come.

  16. Do yourself, do not need to pay attention to others how to look, make he feel comfortable good, you give birth to existence this world is for yourself and the person that you love.

  17. @Levi233 however cerebrum does not need to be calculated really, it needs to give out directly only a result, tell you this is right answer next. More serious problem is, connect AES, add close these concepts can be false (for instance the hero in the novel can repair celestial being, xiuxian also is complete theoretically, it is OK really to come he is returned in the novel fly… )

  18. Is what consider oneself true mental disease be plant person how? There are the person that loves you and the person that you love in this world, have trifling life and passion interest, how does people say that is the thing of others, the time that has spent oneself is not over

  19. Yes. When I see this card actually I cannot help remind my this, publishing this text without another person at all, be in without so called netizen reply, I notice I am early cannot a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood is so called corporeal world is what enjoys meaning quanta soup or just depends on me after all of so called consciousness projectile. When me period of time noticed I know after this, I also answer the condition before going again, most those who make me intolerable is, even if be,I let me feel I meet joy and contented hour always also to think in certain time place with what domestic person gets along, all these is dummy. Next I can divert attention, let oneself look normal. But I know I am already mad actually. But do not have actually mad. Both does not have distinction. Mental disease this concept and the fear to him psychosis, also be I add nevertheless one kind at oneself lets myself go down continuously for a kind, to do not know a concept for what purpose after all. Nevertheless I arrived now a such phase, I go believing the regulation that I discover, since all these is my one dream, I can be accomplished very simply apparently, the thing that for instance major person worries about, go becoming the person with the most wealthy whole world, or vivid two 30000. All ” idea ” do not have practical the cent with covet. That is what prevented me, it is I am immersed in a kind of dissatisfaction intentionally to let me sufficient with anguish in. This resembles an inference novel same. I also am being searched lack the clew that break and method.

  20. Original poster go wrong. The proposal reads classic famous book more, foster literary feelings, be far from trival reflection.
    Cannot see Tuo consider appropriate Ye husband this base, we still can see pluvial fruit.

  21. @dcalsky also has considered fictitious plane issue before me.
    Can think so:
    System of 1, software has flaw certainly
    2, nonexistent ideal hardware system is existence

    Want to be able to detect only so the flaw of superstratum system, explain oneself are to be inside fictitious system?

  22. Carry incidentally, although this condition does not suit the original poster,see a movie ” beautiful heart ” , but if the play of beautiful heart is complete true, criterion the cerebra of the madman calculates force, at least, the imagination that exceeds me completely

  23. Such trouble can give greatly power of Buddha, understood Buddha to say all living creatures, be not all living creatures namely, be renown all living creatures looks.

    Of course, I discuss this to be said easily in V2 fool, but I feel right to the original poster has profit, and I also am from inside numerous trouble support power of Buddha goes, so I speak out, pay no attention to the view of others.

  24. Do not need a proof, actually you must enter the ability in doubt to find bigger true, this is not a dilemma that can solve with logic, the consciousness that needs you raises a level.

  25. Velocity of light is the upper limit of computer Cpu frequency of this world that you live,
    Gravitation limit is memory upper limit,
    Can this it is the prophet that sacred fiction gives actually especially, explore the world besides energy frame to do not let you namely.
    So you live in a false world, prove to end

  26. Much exercise, you are this kind to belong to thinking to go easily slant, when calm does not come down, can oppugn the world all the time, everything what him doubt sees oppugns oneself even. Do not have ran of issue much movement at ordinary times, such attention can be dispersed, tired when sleep well shut-eye, time grew, some day recalls present think of a way again, can laugh probably and pass.

  27. Do not have this trouble temporarily, I feel this world is true
    Because I feel the cerebra by me, construction does not go out so complex, so detail, so little Bug the world

  28. Why to want try every means ” does side original poster solve this problem ” ? Let the original poster continue to perplex go down to be no good? The likelihood was connected finally, the possibility arises old man of a philosophy, make many different person of this world bad? Do not look to give the original poster to endanger social madman like.

  29. Above all I want to encourage the original poster this kind of behavior, encounter difficulty to seek a help actively, on one hand the original poster can alleviate through pouring out this kind oneself psychological pressure, on the other hand, the original poster hopes to be able to obtain a help to solve oneself problem.

    The person of mentally health and the boundary line that have the person of the disease are not particularly trenchant originally, so I advocate all the time decide with whether affecting the life to be condition, if do not affect the life negligible, dan Reying noise lived, must use up oneself to be able to seek a help.

    Look now the original poster’s current condition had caused an effect to its life, so I suggest the original poster is a few braver, try go consulting psychological doctor.

    “Dare not see psychological doctor, I feel also can my fiction comes out this psychology doctor, I am in the likelihood in reality and confabulate of a telegraph pole talks, I think that is psychological doctor “
    Suggest the original poster thinks so: The possibility that goes trying Shang Youhe’s true psychology doctor talks, but if do not go,try to did not get remedial chance completely.

    A day that when expect you can be walked out of from inside predicament.

  30. Should prove ” either ” need to try to prove only ” be ” went, if do not have the evidence of authentic to be able to prove ” be ” , so natural namely ” either ” .

  31. Basic every provincial capital has have a hospital of a bit larger mental disease specialized subject, hang a date to let a doctor look to go. For instance the hospital of the 6th people of Hangzhou, the mental sanitation center of Shanghai. Common public hospital is invigorative also division, but doctor amount and quality say bad.

    It is very normal to see mental family, need not be afraid of. Angst, depressed, insomnia needs to go mental division looks, it is mental division just needs to go not merely mental division.

  32. Be not to have solution probably, it is good that he pass happily, although I am mental disease really or plant person can how, consider the death that arrives possibly at any time, the most important likelihood was recollected happily namely, even if I am the plant person that lies on hospital hospital bed really, I am everyday in my dummy world happy living, arrived to remove lung ventilator to wait to die that momently, I am very happy still.
    Do a normal person to make a person more than doing a plant person probably sadness.

  33. You go reading mathematical book, you feel, the what theory that you learn not to understand, the brain that is you can if imitate comes out, you are qualified go mad. . .

  34. Your view mixes @20160214 ” you had deserved better life ” the thematic thought of this book is completely consistent. Think oneself are actually ” tall I ” (perhaps saying is a god, even cosmic itself) creation comes out to use an experience to live. Very interesting point of view.

  35. If OK and dummy, you ” think ” you this paragraph of time did not talk with the colleague, did not say really? Perhaps you had said, also by all round the person is derisive, but cerebrum fiction gives a logistic and regular world, oneself however muddy does not know like that.

  36. If divisional reality and unreality confirm,have an obstacle, avoid mind-blowing material certainly, for example drugs and excessive drinking; And experience / soulful is pounded strongly. If went not to come out really, prognostic and general very poor also.

    A simple case, you whether bona fide is experienced, although oneself made deadly conduct, also feel this is visional, won’t die truly? If had had,shake, take care certainly, before the act of great harm and death, connect mental doctor in time. Temporarily unworkable word also should find the person around. Do not want below this kind of circumstance excessive and credulous oneself intuition.

    If be philosophical only,discuss, or ” if Xx, my life can be how ” , put relaxed, vivid good instantly.

  37. Say the aspect is other, commonly this is planted hold the person that read aloud can be immersed in another thinking / information chrysalis room. Person head is to be able to be chosen to information filter, feel when oneself a kind of idea is logistic from be in harmony when, even if object the person is numerous, also can arrive alertly only a small him approve of, deepening his at the same time also is right think of a way.
    Arguing on the net anyway also is this truth, be hit the face is met instead be troubled Yu Huai. Even if spent period of time, see other information can strike back / it is sophisticated only even when, also can induce absorb, farther him aggrandizement self-identity.
    Oneself added a label to oneself, time grew, also became ticket with respect to work. Wish the original poster does away with chrysalis room at an early date, think afresh or experience the life.

  38. My idea and 60 buildings are similar, all sorts of clever algorithm on the world, creative design is not myself can be conceived come out. If be false, also be factitious creation comes out so, can be me this does not have strange lifetime flatly undeserved also others expends so great mind to consider, so we are in alive oh in the world. Available see psychological doctor, read a book, see nature.

  39. I give the original poster’s proposal, it is to be done to the person of plant condition nurse or show loving care for immediately before one’s death, go watching their unfavorable situation.

    Return able dot to be useful thing at least.

  40. Cerebrum fiction gives a logistic and regular world
    Is this to use mental creature to pledge?
    This calculates force is not plant person, it is God!

  41. Having this kind of problem is very normal, not be go astray, the proposal reads the book of philosophical respect, the thing big philosopher that you can discover you are interrogative people had had explain a lot of kinds or inference (not be to say these inference are ” absolutely and correct ” )
    Be interested in this kind of problem to just can regard an introduction as philosophical chance, recommend first ” the first your philosophy book ” , but do not get into a dead end, curiosity understands further, taking the problem understands

  42. Why to want a proof? Why should fear? I believe this all the time ” the world ” have my thinking only, someone else is my imagination, a thinking that is a center with ego is logistic.
    Encountering meddlesome situation is leading role aureola then, encounter bad thing to tell his again bad also have whole ” the world ” give me be buried with the dead.
    What is the proof afterwards? The sort of truth photograph after present world and hacker empire wake is compared, I can accept this world more, I do not want to wake.

  43. Feeling ” oneself ” existence is bad to prove, the thing of philosophical respect very cramped, and a lot of genre
    The work of respect of a few philosophy looks first, affected the life to see psychological doctor. Without concrete proof, regard as not unusually

  44. Do not need normally from card, from card sure abnormal.
    Either have Duan Zi early, a few normal people by coop bughouse, do not have disease for him proof, of argue, of quote be given or take an injection completely. Have a person only, the doctor says to take medicine, cooperate cure, have a meal on time, sleep, arrived to leave hospital very quickly.

  45. Indemonstrable.
    Anybody sees the hypothesis of the head in similar crock, think through reason, it is to do not have a law to deny this likely, this is normal, the proof is put in this is a final question, perhaps can prove one day. The indecipherable thing on the world is too much, having doubt is meddlesome, but need not be enmeshed in doubt, need not oppugn oneself.

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