How is the everybody that lends money encountered to you can be done on the road?

Encountered on the road today say purse is stolen, lend more than 10 travelling expenses the person that come home

Although know big probability is cheater, but always thinking in case it is true, the fatigue of oneself raise one\’s hand may settle a pressing need of others

Is this kind of idea silly kind-hearted still?

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82 thoughts on “How is the everybody that lends money encountered to you can be done on the road?

  1. When I attend a college, also had encountered say that I cannot find working pocket to do not have money very hungry, borrow 10 money to buy biscuit to eat

    We a few people say on the side bakery buys you to eat, he said to need not be bothered smooth

  2. Moment of junior high school has been come up against, gave the money on the body at that time, still wrote down mobile phone date to say to fill mobile phone telephone bill,
    What there still is money to give after going back is too little.
    Meet unexpectedly goes now, pay Bao Weixin at that time underdeveloped still, this circumstance did not think of to still have unexpectedly now, hundred cheater, I do not discriminate against beggar, but cheater is irritated really.
    Meet unexpectedly hopes to also go directly after, cheater cannot indulgent. For what cheater infestation, it is the heart of the compassion because of us, always thinking in case this thing is true. My be considerate thinks even if true purse was lost, the mobile phone also was lost, also can call directly connection family friend gives the person that rent aglow package directly.
    On put together, cheater is undoubted, do not want to be cheated again, do not have more be done not have and is ashamed in the heart

  3. A line of Shanghai connects a river two had been come up against over there new residential quarter female, probably 25 the left and right sides.
    Come up to say decline says to did not have money to have a meal euqally, borrow money to have a meal,
    I say to there is convenience store on the edge with them at that time, go together I pay buy biscuit and so on eat, issue the subway to be able to be come up against after all belong to solid the come across in be life is opposite
    Next this two people say demit is occupied still sneaked away
    Who can when be immersed in the predicament that does not have money to have a meal really, still insist to want money to passerby? Biscuit is it not sweet?

  4. Had come up against before, say to be about a few money take a car, when giving, became 20, very sad that day, brain is not online also, thinking also is the poor person with me 20 also gave.
    Urgent matter is broken out behind I should come home, the train should leave immediately, I am running to want to drive a car inside the railway station, the result still is made femaly say to have pocket money by two, the heart that I am Sha person really has, glare clutch again ran, within an inch of cannot catch a car.
    Expression is not hurried bar what to delay, I am being written all over the face anxious still call me to prepare to delay my time to prepare to cheat me, want to still be enraged now unbearably

  5. Progress of science and technology is small to this kind cheater fall dimension was hit.

    Want money, I also do not have cash.
    Have a mobile phone, are then you in charge of me does stranger lend money?
    The mobile phone does not have report, do I show convenience inn gives you?
    The mobile phone does not have a net, do I share heat to be used to you?

  6. I want this problem to answer carefully;

    It is OK that I belong to the sort of other people to glance decide the person that compares ” frank ” ; I do not know why to be met such, but believe everybody can meet the sort of person, looking is particularly fatheaded, particularly good look, special foolish, be decieved easily namely / (ㄒ O ㄒ ) / ~~

    The first job that I just graduated, the work is defended after the carry out that is mechanical equipment, the bussiness trip of all over the country; Magical is, go to a railway station every time, always can touch on ” lost wallet not carefully, be short of 20, 30 money buy the person of ticket ” ; At that time still is Nuojiya’s times, pay without the electron, without so much tall iron, did not take ticket chance automatically, small station is tumultuous, but the family always can find the person ~~~ that I agree this to lend money

    Anyhow graduates the first year, I am touched probably went up 45 times this kind of thing, money says Duobuduo, add up also 200 come piece, but to me in those days also be hold out the amount that feel distressed, oneself eat a face to add an egg to want a consideration one time outside occasionally, but be stupefied is not to refuse; I always am considering a possibility the family is need help sb to deal with an emergency really, every time I also leave a phone, but also do not have a response; The family takes the likelihood be worn to the patronage after Qian Zhi mock me egg of this kind of foolish; But tell the truth, I do not have the ability of resolution true and false really, that moment encounters the diversiform person that lend money, but or is neatly dressed, or is travel-stained, particularly true, plainspoken, I am careful after every time is decieved consider, also cannot find flaw;

    I worked a few years in Shanghai later, touch went up many times ” foreigner loses wallet / cannot find children / kin ” waits a kind interface a moment, I had grown this time heart: It is OK to take you to have a meal, go police station helps it is OK also to seek a person, cash does not give ~~~

    A few this years profit from electron pays gain ground, this kind of fraud had disappeared from the scene gradually; Nevertheless I think occasionally in those days oneself, it is so foolish egg, that him moment is away on official business to bring solid food oneself, long hair hate to part with lose, draw out money to be decieved however, the value is undeserved. . . .

    Also do not have the answer to today;

  7. Had encountered those who borrow money to have a meal, you do not have money to have a meal go looking for a police, look for civil administration ministry, look for my doing, did not return than me definitely rich

  8. Transient and public transportation station has had encountered to do not have money to sit of the bus let me help him brush a 2 dimension to pile up 2 money to help on board he was brushed

  9. Without giving thought to, it is cheater.
    One intuition must be cheater before, do not pay attention to all along.
    Come up against to pushing what go-cart is adopting the child to want money to me in 5 road junction once, I hesitated for ages, cruel-hearted finally do not have, but had answered a god to come afflictive for ages, be afraid that oneself misunderstood a family really, which have those who holding the child in the arms to come out to want money. Go back next observed for ages, discovery is same set say decline, the money that wanted her to need really also can change a place to continue to want, a bit does not have the plan that leaves rapidly.

    Also did not believe again from now on.

  10. Why doesn’t he appeal with respect to a problem does the police ask to aid you? Returning big probability is cheater this hundred it is cheater

  11. I had encountered a quite strong still middleaged man in the village in Shenzhen city, say him thing was lost, want to borrow my mobile phone to call, still ask I want to go, live around. .
    I am strange, the thing was lost do not look for a police to help, look for passerby to borrow a mobile phone what to calculate.
    I let him look for a police, he with respect to avulsion topic, tell some of some to do not have with me. I made an appointment with a person to looked for excuse to sneak away rapidly at that time.
    Thought from the back, the door was not locked up with the key when going out, this person just saw.
    Feel a bit dangerous, want to lock up the door. As a result I discover he follows at the back of me all the time. . I moved round several rounds, had not swung him.
    I what frighten accelerate speed to be run back to, take the key quickly to open the door.
    I look in window edge secretly outside, this person still wanders outside unexpectedly. .
    Waited finally probably half hours, discover he is absent accessory, I just go out. .

  12. Be cheater for certain, don’t have money to come home are 10 money enough? Rent a phone first for certain. It is better to do not know I am looked at cheat, had encountered many times before. . . What the sort of wearing is once apparent better than me, outfit of the other side is disinclined to install, with respect to hypocritically say to want a few have a meal money, foolish gave two money foolishly, the other side is taken wore faint hear disrelish too little

  13. A few years ago I this a lot of, come up against have young men and women, have middleaged male belt an old Mom, have middleaged younger brother of one’s father a person, saunter basically around the university, student nice flicker, because of figure of my one face simple minded, came up against basic metropolis to look for me to want, come up against much, I see should do what, general glare they go person, excuse lazy audition

  14. 3 years many before an aunt has been encountered to block me in Guangzhou railway station, taking by the bag of lacerate, say purse by spirit away, let me give a dot money, I also was to give at that time 20, although the amount is not much, but remember later, it is very furious.

  15. @sriidtied does not give money next time, can buy eat, buy ticket, take police station to appeal, if buy,eat, also make him present open pack eat. Because the person was helping some buy those who eat, later he goes to small supermarket withdrawing fund.

    But do not give ready money.

    If you gave ready money, he can feel this still can continue all right. Can let more person be duped only.

  16. Because rape N of put in prison by turns,one is helped 16 years in Nanning year the train ticket that the child bought Home Zhang Hui

  17. Two old people had been encountered to say to look for kin or what when reading an university, purse was stolen do not have money to go back, ask I want 20 travelling expenses, I gave. . Passed probably 9 months, I see same place again they. . . . .

  18. Do not have a meal to eat really, do not have a law to come home, look for a police, can borrow a phone to use at least, give a box meal to eat, believe his lie.

  19. This kind won’t is in charge of commonly, just gave campus at that time or can give money, understood now, basic it is cheater, of kite.

  20. Look for a police. You say I help you call the police, perhaps send you to go police station, let a police contact you domestic person

  21. Amount is too little, do not go up quite bilk case

    So, should borrow, borrow directly 20 thousand, next one is pulled, call the police.

  22. Spend the New Year this year come home, native place is public transportation do not support a mobile phone to pay, the pocket money on the body has 2 yuan only, the eldest brother on ask the way wanted 1 yuan, say small letter did not want to him.

  23. Had encountered a few times near the subway, want money to say to take a car with all sorts of excuse, I say to buy a ticket to be done obeisance to with me to them directly did obeisance to.

  24. @tdzs2006 #32 is, I should not call the police in the consideration at that time. Just landlord of that a week installed a few to photograph outside the house like the head, I feel the likelihood is concerned with this

  25. University when had encountered, say to cannot borrow. Let me ask him to have a meal next, have a board expense that carries me on the head several days.

  26. The year before last year was cheated, be away on official business to come home later, gave the subway to block me, say to want station of reduce internal heat, borrow travelling expenses, say to add a small letter to go back turn to me, return certainly. Taking malic mobile phone, small letter did not bind card, speak the door to forget to carry wallet, I say to buy piece of subway ticket to you, she still is no good, say insecure what, want to spell a car. Gave 38 finally. Did not return money finally, still pull black me. Think later, I am big old far be away on official business coming back also come back by subway from the railway station, you cannot sit how.

  27. Know this society why chill? Because have this kind,use the person of others benevolence bunco namely. This kind looks in me social harm is more abhorrent than grabbing than stealing, should be cheated only the heart that won’t have compassion possibly to alien all one’s life.

  28. Was cheated around station of subway of Guangzhou small post last year, a pair of mother and daughter, that daughter reckons 20 years old are controlled, said to wander away with father, purse is on father body, very hungry now, make me small the letter turns they buy bit of fund dot thing takes, I hesitated, they take out id card again, say person of him where where, just came to Guangzhou, do not deceive people, can return money, next small letter turned 30, money was not returned from the back, be cheated

  29. When the bus must throw money previously, I do not have pocket money, look for the stranger beside to change money, want to turn Zhang, stranger gave me pocket money, say to need not turn Zhang.

    If I connect a mobile phone to also was not taken, I can choose walk home.

  30. When the college attending before, be in a railway station, an aunt says purse was lost, want to borrow money to buy a ticket to come home, the telephone bill is filled to return money to me after still writing down helper engine order to say to come home, it is to be cheated of course.
    17 years when, mobile phone of a schoolgirl is encountered to do not have report outside subway station, cannot make a car, look for me to lend money
    I made a drop to her directly, also the thing with respect to ten money, wanting to want, add me in the evening small letter, give me money.
    Again later, encounter those who say to do not have money to buy a ticket, I say I buy a ticket to you, say those who take a taxi to do not have money, I take a taxi to you, want money not to give. Can avoid much cheater

  31. Had borrowed so 9 hind borrowed no longer, hundred cheater.

    Say additionally, my college roommate once lost wallet really and the mobile phone still does not have report later how dry:

    He looked for a Mcdonald’s to follow the case showed in inn, ask can let him do casual a long time, came back with the salary that wears next.

  32. Taking him to shop eat, if be willing to go, ability is true likely
    Chat to explore at the same time at the same time, look he himself can justify oneself

  33. Fasten, you want a side to give really buy ticket, be absent station? The person that wants travelling expenses is absent how possibly station, it is easy on the road to look for a person to aid financially fare to compare in the station after all.

  34. National Day has a holiday previously encounter, have a holiday go back see him still wanting money, really miserable 7 days did not want

  35. The route in 4 annulus goes original north that country on road of peony garden station installs a theater to have adopting the child femaly doing this thing all the year round, several months are encountered every time ask I want money, one day I eventually hold back did not live, you are facial blind, come over to ask one all over

  36. In those days undergraduate course when encounter in the station, say what to borrow to come home travelling expenses is insufficient. Thinking now is really oneself are too young…

  37. When letting me want to attend a college, cycle in male Hunan highway, ahead a flock of peasant worker worker, actually I did not care about them, suddenly one heads bar issue me to say foreman runs road, eat breakfast without money, want money with me, he wanted 5, although I draw out purse when more than 5 money are inside.

    At that time is one’s heart still fluttering with fear, think back to later, what lead him to say probably is true.

  38. After was being cheated oneself, take no account of, refuse directly. The sort of where wears the railway station of a notebook, regard as directly did not see.

  39. These are to contain cannot the broken bad element of the mission that character says, the intent feels black our country to do not have deliverance orgnaization, public security civil administration is very much perhaps which place otherwise comes to the pubic branch a meal has.

  40. When attending a college not sensible say to old husband and wife money is lost, let me help take a fare to him, say to did not have a meal still, I became foolish of spurt gave 50, the following day they are seeing me again in the evening. .

  41. I this kind of person is very abhorrent also had been cheated I am softhearted at that time give her the two come to an agreement or understanding that take money want 10 money only her two see there are many pocket moneys to ask I am much again in my purse want

  42. Had encountered in Beijing, one uncle says he became hungry do not have money to buy eat, my demur does not say,

    Go across the supermarket bought two loaf to him, uncle is touched bad, say to want money only, biscuit calculated. Next I eat biscuit to go away at the same time at the same time. . .

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