How does wireless net card rectify old brother

The network limitation of the company is more, existence network is as follows:
1, inside net, DHCP was not opened, IP is one to one correspondence, because this job jotter is passed inside the wireless net of buy blocks the network inside visit of link firm in-house Wifi
2, check equipment network: DHCP is used, use an alone means by implement add China the 4G net that is Wifi gets stuck, it is OK that jotter hooks up visit outer net and test equipment
3, jotter takes finite net mouth oneself, can use reticle him connection the test equipment on the desktop

Present problem is, working jotter often needs outer net switch inside, so Wifi switch comes switch goes very troublesome. Below the premise that installs in unalterable company network, him plan draws out money from the dog east on buy check of a wireless net, that jotter carries card of 2 wireless nets oneself, can join at the same time net of inside and outside, OK azimuth Internet, OK also the net inside the visit, outer net, also can use reticle to visit the facility on the desktop.

Everybody old elder brother, is this my plan feasible?

The IT of the foreign enterprise is bound feet woman really, all sorts of manacling, cannot do real thing, installing the software that reduce toxin is the most active.

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9 thoughts on “How does wireless net card rectify old brother

  1. Connect two at the same time, mean baleful software to be able to visit the resource of the net inside you through your outer net, do you say but with?

    The trouble was indifferent to, gave advanced and other safe accident, this all one’s life and safe and relevant company dare not want you.

  2. Safe consciousness is done not have, if gave what leak event, discover you linked a network, then you have suspicion, then you are about to crouch a detention house
    Violate company rules system badly, direct discharge, avoided even compensation, yourself is weighed in the hand weigh in the hand

  3. @eGlhb2Jhb2Jhbw old elder brother says so that I am afraid of a bit to be afraid of. Fine think of extremely fear. Acknowledgment

  4. Thank everybody old elder brother, I abandon this plan, safety first. Did not have an accident to do not have a thing, having an accident is my boiler.

  5. A jotter can be visited already inside net, also can visit outer net, the net inside what does that make? Computer of the net inside my department is discharge drops wireless net card, reticle joins interior exchanges unit network. Outer net equipment does not allow to be received inside in the net.

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