How does newest Ubuntu 20.04 hang Home

Ubuntu system is it is a long story really.

Move in VM, it is first most of 19, died a few times recently, in VM if have,close out of order machine, icon of very possible network cannot be found, the net also is not connected on. Level of be confined to is finite, can reshipment, think then / Home makes a division alone.

As a result discovery goes far from, the tutorial that goes up by the net duplicated / Home catalog arrives new disk, add the Uuid of new developed area in Fstab next, hanging is to be hanged up, the input is right code when the result logins is direct resilient the interface that is defeated by a password, circulate indefinitely.

If do not change in Fstab, direct Mount past can be used again, everything is normal, suo Bing hind also can login normally.

Examining next possibilities is attributive problem, but looking carefully again is normal.

Has been somebody encountered? Is there still a problem on the operation?

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4 thoughts on “How does newest Ubuntu 20.04 hang Home

  1. Although offer information to be not worth judgement problem reason, nevertheless file Uid nots agree with and attributive problem possibility is larger.

    This boiler also cannot buckle Ubuntu head to go up. Linux still has bit of doorsill a little, have the capacity that solves a problem certainly, encounter a problem with respect to reshipment perhaps the Copy on the net very possible problem is more complex instead if the command runs…

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