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Greeting connection joins our group – if you are searching:

  • A high speed grows, successive 5 quarters battalion closes break up time high-tech company
  • One is full of working atmosphere of passion
  • One kind opens transparent communication culture
  • The staff with a flock of technology very strong background

Company brief introduction

Jerry Ai is a North America that has powerful technology background company of innovation of the high-tech that cross a state, be in Canada at present Toronto, american Silicon Valley and new York city all set branch. The company founds jointly by doctor of American name school, 3 combination author has rich Silicon Valley to achieve already produce the expected result continuously, the product below the banner uses big data and artificial intelligence technology and American finance orgnaization and insurance company to have data butt joint and collaboration, the artificial intelligence finance that makes the quickest advantage for the user thereby and platform of insurance product choose and buy. Since the product since us is released, in the past rapid growth got inside 15 months (grow 30% above every months) .

The technical group backdrop of the company extraordinary diversity, many Chinese engineer works remotely from China; There is branch in Toronto and Silicon Valley. Group member all has powerful technical setting and rich working experience, major member ever assumed office at enterprise of famous science and technology, for instance: Yamaxun, Ying Weida.

Latter, the company finished financing of on 100 million yuan of level, we are devoting oneself to new round group extend, the hope searchs outstanding software engineer and data engineer to join our rank.

If you join our group, also can handle official bussiness remotely in China, workplace is not restricted. Right the person that have fun at, we assist conduction job visa. (in the past inside a few months, we help 4 groups member successfully deal with immigrant visa of North America technology)

1.Position faces: Engineer of complete inn software (senior / this year\’s)

Our technical inn:

  • Javascript (with Flow) Codebase: NodeJS (Express) , react, react Native
  • GraphQL API (no REST)
  • PostgreSQL DB (transactional)
  • Redshift (warehouse)
  • Redis (session Storage, task Queue Management)
  • Sequelize ORM (exploring Prisma As A Potential Replacement)
  • Jest Test Runner
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes Cluster Hosted On AWS EC2 Nodes

Working duty:

  • Participate in products plan, development, test, deploy, safeguard, offer feedback and proposal to improve a product
  • Reasonable arrangement the priority of each projects, ensure the project is finished on schedule and realize target gain

We need such you:

  • Face senior or this year\’s graduates
  • Undergraduate course reachs above record of formal schooling, the computer, software project is relevant and professional, have solid software to develop ABC (data structure, algorithm is waited a moment)
  • Be familiar with contemporary Javascript (ES6+ : Classes, modules, arrow Functions, async/await, destructuring, etc. Etc..
  • Be familiar with Javascript tool catenary and commonly used library
  • Be familiar with Web front frame, be like ReactJs, vue.js
  • Understanding server carries apply colours to a drawing technology, and React Native shift carries development
  • The optimal practice that understands Javascript and a few commonly used design mode, have write efficient and concise Javascript code
  • Can be written and maintain normative test market, have the relevant experience that safeguard and manages large code Repo and know how to safeguard Repo the function to code and * but expansibility has deep understanding
  • Be happy to write the code of high quality and test part, safeguard comprehensive code to cover a test
  • Have good English to communicate ability

Add minute of item:

  • Apply React Native adroitly, graphQL and Apollo
  • Relevant product develops experience

2.Position faces: Data engineer (senior / this year\’s)

Your working duty

  • The core database of responsible corporation is built, enlarge data processing flow, in order to satisfy the data requirement of rapid growth
  • Improve data model and data to build a model according to the business of the company and technical demand
  • Raise the quality that systematic data tracks and consistency
  • Development defines small tool to manage in order to support a database oneself (ETL)
  • Use SQL and MapReduce exercise optimize data processing process

We need such you:

  • Record of formal schooling of full-time undergraduate course reachs above
  • Can apply SQL adroitly, can use Postgres Dilaect.
  • Can apply Python language adroitly to manage core database
  • Can apply Apache Spark and PySpark Library adroitly (can use AWS Extention With PySpark to add cent)
  • Can use BI software adroitly (Metbabse and Tableau)
  • Familiar Hadoop ecosystem (or similar)
  • Have in mainstream cloud platform (AWS) mid arrange and the experience that safeguard data base framework
  • But skilled data the analysis uses the demand for service that is in a company to go up
  • Have good English to communicate ability
  • Have good group collaboration mind, high responsibility heart and fight control capacity

What enrol post workplace:

  • Long-range

If you are interested, send your English resume to please: [Email Field of Protected] mail theme must include: Software Enginee-v2ex, we meet Date Engineer-v2ex get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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