Graduation turns two years development, without project experience, with \” Xx store \” make diving board feasible?

The working experience before is developed from commerce too far, the development experience on resume has project of graduation design, individual only now (without technical content) , had dropped 3 two months, the interview that receives at present is very few, be willing the much of my interview is to inspect a foundation to talk about project experience again, to this pace I lived with respect to card, do not know completely what to talk about, how to call a little between SSM, in the time of this Springboot, do not have competition ability apparently.

I know \” Xx store \” this kind of project is very slow-witted before interview official, but to the person that I develop experience this kind without commerce, does the hale sex that is at least of this kind of project writing the project that play than myself want tall?

Not quite clear the feasibility of this idea how appearance, will ask authority so, interview a week can have 9 recently, time urgent task is heavy, more moment is to making up a missed lesson, JAVA interview involves an area wide, dare be not written easily between billow take time, have a thorough grasp eye of expenditures of a business.

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8 thoughts on “Graduation turns two years development, without project experience, with \” Xx store \” make diving board feasible?

  1. Want much project of this kind of store says big ask with respect to timidly.
    Him Oa Cms that suggests to see a few open a source again along write interview ability some is mostly after all a little additions and deletions changes tea and little business logic

  2. It is good to receive a work to make a money incidentally. Do not have project experience. . .

    Perhaps build handle to help to project opening a source of and so on. . .

  3. The dot that the store can ask went more, are you affirmatory can does payable come down?
    And the store is to groom the heavy disaster area of class water project, cause the vigilance of interview official very easily, adding cent is not very much

  4. Upstairs so look down on a store? Spu system falls or design technology of very much relevant professional work, I take over no matter the company still is,receive outside bag, have a store more or less project

  5. Never mention it store, interview person can say shopping car to understand to me, I this does not have what problem.

  6. The store is a classical project but the technical dot that can ask is too much the project that official of any function interview has an opportunity to ask you suggest to be nodded simply from the function goes (GitHub is very much) do not be confined to use frame to understand a principle even next

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