Fastjson explodes again Bug! Will quickly look to whether suffer an effect


Right is your business influential?

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76 thoughts on “Fastjson explodes again Bug! Will quickly look to whether suffer an effect

  1. Feel this library from before N is old various safe flaw. . .

    But the word of Jackson, do not support JSONArray and JSONObject abstraction.
    Do not think to certain Json redo the model is defined occasionally, the API that uses JsonNode next is too troublesome, whole journey is written with LinkedHashMap and ArrayList rise not quite good-looking also.

  2. @AngryMagikarp #6 can be used in parameter because of Json analytic on, can compose builds special Json to implement code remotely. . . .

  3. Spring takes Jackson oneself, I do not like again additional introduce depend on too much, use Jackson all the time.

    So flaw is repaired rise relaxed also, upgrade directly Spring goes.

  4. @GM forehead, I understand a fault, I think JsonNode is the grammar of the sort of Low-Level all the time, want analytic all sorts of Token, just looked carefully, the JSONArray with Fastjson and JSONObject are similar. . . . . . Nevertheless this API does not have GetArrayNode() or GetObjectNode() , must want first Get() gets male relative of a senior generation kind, can turn by force only (perhaps use Instanceof or GetNodeType() check is looked up)

    Begin from today, fastjson is right for me, used did not have! ! ! My responsible project the next has in Milestone is Get Rid Of Bugjson

  5. Last week 5 also by Bugjson hole, {“value”:1, “Id”:2} , turn in Bugjson output becomes {“id”:2, “Value”:1} , information was not lost, but in the setting that has sign one’s name this is two string completely. Do not know why so much person has blind faith in this to play meaning.

  6. @onikage #16 JSONObject is theoretic it is a haing rare watch, should be not to assure sequential, needing the setting of autograph is not commonly should do sort first

  7. @onikage is yourself has a problem to Json understanding apparently. Return can frame of make a false countercharge

  8. @onikage is done not have namely originally sequential, return some languages to request to be outputted orderly randomly every time. . .

  9. @onikage autograph wants him to do sort, this is common sense. Otherwise, making mistake is inevitable, the job is accidental only normally (scratch can regular job) .

  10. Alignment of this broken Json changes Fastjson and turn over alignment to change observe Json standard? Still so-called property is breathed out breathe out Da
    Use Jackson bad

  11. The powerful Node that @qwerthhusn Jackson supports ground floor likewise is operated (similar Object, array operation is very simple) , also support advanced Mapping, and still support XML Mapping. Still support other a few not quite familiar patterns. On Marshall/unmarshall operation, it is the function is the most comprehensive almost, in Spring it is acquiescent plan.

    Present JSON-P, JSON-B standard suffers Jackson, gson, the impact such as JAXB is very big.

  12. Do a bit is check autograph sort to should be done really but is your Json library act on one’s own go is sort poisonous can be this still washed?

  13. @AngryMagikarp
    For instance a cat, binary alignment is after alignment is changed. Binary does not have readability, look even if pile random code.
    At that time the hacker converts series of a dog into Binary alignment, replace feline array. After Json turns over alignment to change, with respect to the after turning over alignment code that can go carrying out a dog.

  14. I still do not understand @sayuria a bit, even if replaced content, that also is data (the attribute of the object) changed, the logic that code carries out is changeless still. OK and specific explain ” how to create safe loophole ” ?

  15. No matter whose Bug is much, whose Bug is little. Spring had taken Jackson oneself, then I am disinclined to introduce the 3rd Json, current business is contented also. Say in a low voice: Be in at most price Gson- – !

  16. The Jackson that conscientiously acquiesces with Springboot is bad, a Json tool does not need Chinese documentation again

  17. FastjsonHttps://
    Viewed next announcement of nearly one year, need pretty to upgrade often really…
    Jackson is not quite familiar, simple search below, the sense is not little also, cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinionsHttps:// Id=f3aa86acf2688e0e410dee9e6ab79bc1Https:// Id=1fe3b5ea888750006e0d64fb0df1e6eeHttps:// Keyword=jackson

    (complement, I understand flaw not quite, this is the article that search goes to and amount only, do not support on behalf of me or Diss aleatoric one party. )

  18. Those recommend Jackson all the time this plays meaning the flaw that also flaw turns over alignment to change can rebound through Bash control a server.

  19. @JasonLaw
    JSON map arrives the object is Build And Assign actually, first example changes a target, assign to member variable next, when assignment if the object has SetXX method,can call, the operation that possibly in SetXX method a few can achieve code to carry out for instance JNDI Injection
    For instance `com.sun.rowset.JdbcRowSetImpl` , the meeting when the `setAutoCommit` that calls it is automatic variable to the member `dataSourceName` undertakes JNDI Lookup, OK in low version JDK direct to load is long-range byte is piled up

  20. Oneself write the Class of @whoami9894 generation object, what is SetXX can be done complete decide by oneself? After example changes a target of Class, the content after can be being changed according to alignment sets different value to attribute. If SetXX method still was done besides assignment ” other issues ” , no matter be of what means,turn over alignment to change, can do ” other issues “

  21. What Jackjson also has a problem say not to know what psychology above.
    The person that lays wet to return leakage rain without umbrella house says you look next door also do not have an umbrella to go out (family house is whole) .

  22. @sagaxu JakeWharton is the closest introduce to have say, gson is belonged to basically abandon hole, the developer of 2/3 participated in Moshi development, moshi can consider as Gson3

  23. @murmurClient and Server end are in ourselves hand, can control, the service of the tripartite of a Http lived among. The problem is this service input output is abhorrent. . .
    Nevertheless this tripartite serves not to make mistake.

  24. @wobuhuicode
    The intermediate tripartite service that live becomes the issue, this problem discovers even family service again after the Client of ourselves and Server had been measured repeatedly continuously with Http.

  25. @stormsuncc does not know you are what psychology. Say to turn Jackson, put forward Jackson to also have flaw, what problem is there? Does foreign frame have flaw not to let say?

  26. He said @ZSeptember family house is whole, the specification is alternative blindness + break wisdom

    It is good to do not have what say

  27. @TomDuHttps:// S=19

  28. Confuse a bit, this is did not pay close attention to stronger than having attention. . . .
    Have a few old man particularly persistently critically also do not know to be what. .

  29. @JasonLaw
    Because ” the Class that produces a boy or girl friend is him write ” this word is incorrect below certain circumstance.
    Besides common ” standard ” outside Json, still exist ” labelled turn over alignment to spend target kind ” nonstandard Json. The major flaw that Json turns over alignment to change is to pass the type mark that changes this kind of Json, example is changed a few sensitive kind have charge.

  30. Where be to be able to see drawback of Fastjson all history, reach all history blemish of Jackson, want to sit down the contrast before type selecting.

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