Excuse me, have equipment of time-lapse photography of extremely low cost to recommend?


Resemble photographing the thing that resembles a head, aim workbench, the record falls to be in recently the thing that do, everyday a few hours, condense to go in a few minutes. Cloud stage? Is monitoring photographed like the head? Can accept, professional camera, calculated, cost is a bit high.

My analysis:

Before photograph the monitoring outside the garage in the home receive like the head group sunshine in the system, group sunshine in monitoring service, have very good used time-lapse photography plan, the feeling suits very much, do not pass, a bit troublesome still. General monitoring is photographed be like like the head not oneself support time-lapse photography directly, perhaps say to change a keyword, do not call time-lapse photography so advanced? The word that uses a mobile phone has the feeling of bit of waste, and the mobile phone also has other utility.


Whether some monitoring photographs support resembling a head to derive automatically time-lapse photography?
Whether to have some software, can the complete kinescope monitoring, does output become time-lapse photography? (simple automation is best)
Whether to have other program?

Consult to everybody.

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20 thoughts on “Excuse me, have equipment of time-lapse photography of extremely low cost to recommend?

  1. You are gone after this kind do not call time-lapse photography, call monitoring
    Offer a piece of advice one does not enter hole lowest cost only
    Play delay time, be about to play slippery course, enjoy a time exposure, want to have facility not simply, have even time goes to pat everywhere pat

  2. You are patted pat, take a few hours everyday, final complex moment is put quickly, be the delay time that you say. . .

  3. You take a few hours next editing and rearrangement when move rapid rate to be over. Otherwise pats photograph joining together namely, otherwise records video to be put quickly namely, it is latter and simple of course.

  4. @JRay #1 tried helper machine, continuously kinescope hair is very hot. . . Still the mobile phone also has other utility. . .

  5. @LZSZ #5 acknowledgment, learned. Still basically pay close attention to box to be used namely, off-the-peg hardware software is given priority to.

  6. 300 are bought secondhand GPRO Hero+10 piece the small tripod of money is the easiest, other is so not reliable, picture quality cannot be compared with GOPRO photograph more, and GOPRO still has first-rate wide part.

  7. Those who support Mjpg photograph register Openwrt way like the head by implement on, rate of frame of 1 above HZ uses Ffmpeg kinescope, longer interval catchs Jpg to be assembled to Ffmpeg of this locality reoccupy with time task,

  8. Buy a Xiaofang or expert photograph like the head (before millet zoology that) , delay time is taken to film oneself inside, pretty good still, it is the picture pledges only not how.

  9. @2joe #18 cleaned out the search on treasure to arrive, say be supportive delay time, ask customer service customer service to inaccuracy is decided, beijing east without self-supporting inn. . . You are photographed with what expert too resemble a head. . .

  10. @whatv3 my size just has, it is to support delay time to get, what use now is easy, the picture still goes character. Film 3 seconds get interval, 8 hours, store probably 600M

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